How to choose the right one and how to put the braid on the steering wheel of a car

Now a steering wheel without a braid is like a man without clothes. After buying a car, every car enthusiast seeks to give the interior the best design. And the steering wheel sheath is one of the most prominent criteria of a cozy and comfortable cabin. To top it all off, as motoring polls show, the thicker the steering wheel, the more convenient and easier it is to twist it. In our article we will analyze how to choose the right one and how to put on a braid on the steering wheel of a car.

So different braids

Different braids

Braids vary in color, texture, materials, width and design. And on the steering wheel, different models can hold in different ways. Some are made on a rubber basis, others on a lacing, others even require that they be sewn from the inside. Further we will consider how to put on the steering wheel braids of various modifications.

Why is it necessary to buy braids for steering wheel size?

If you buy a braid that is not in size, especially one that does not tighten around the steering wheel rim, that is, on a rubber basis, the driver may have the following problems:

  • Too small a braid will result in you being unable to pull it physically onto the steering wheel. Will have to go back to the store and change to a larger size.
  • Too large a braid will cause the steering wheel to slip. If you suddenly need to sharply maneuver, a quick turn of the steering wheel can lead to the fact that only a braid will turn instead of the steering wheel, and this threatens to create an emergency.

The braid should be firmly pressed against the outer rim of the steering wheel or tighten it completely. Therefore, before learning how to properly put the braid on the steering wheel, you should first figure out how to buy it in size.

Measure the size of the steering wheel

If you do not know the diameter of your steering wheel - no problem. You can measure it with any tape measure or sewing centimeter. When buying, it is important to know two main parameters:

  • steering wheel diameter;
  • rim coverage.

In order to find out the diameter, we measure the distance between two points of the steering wheel, mentally drawing a line through the center.

To measure the width of the rim, measure it by coverage.

Now that we know all the quantities we need, we can safely go to the store for a braid. You can learn more about how to choose a braid for a car from the next video.

Security Rank Selection Criteria

The safest type of braid is one that will need to be stitched along the inner edge of the steering wheel rim. Such a braid will be akin to the steering wheel itself and will not turn over at any jerks. In addition, the inner ribs of the steering wheel will interfere with the rotation. Lacing will not allow to braid them physically.

The second for safety, but at the same time the most budgetary and widespread type of braid - is on an elastic band. That is, the braid is not that rubber-based. It is simply elastic and can stretch for a certain number of centimeters. Such a braid is also safe, but only on condition that it will be purchased in size.

We put on an elastic braid

Elastic braid

Now we come to the question of how to put the braid on the steering wheel. Let's start with a simpler option - elastic. Since you can put the braid on the steering wheel without lacing, without resorting to any improvised means and tools, we just sit behind the wheel and take out our new braid from the cover. Further instructions will be as follows:

  1. If the steering wheel has a lock lock, put the car on the handbrake, turn off the engine and, taking out the ignition key, turn the steering wheel until it locks. If the lock on your car model is not provided - no big deal. The main thing is not to let the steering wheel spin in your hands when we begin to pull the braid over it.
  2. We find a seam on the braid. It is unique and should be located exactly in the center from the bottom. We put our new braid to the steering wheel so that the seam is exactly opposite to the front central part.
  3. We put the braid cover on the steering wheel in the upper (front) part of it and then pull it symmetrically on one and the other side.
  4. We make sure that the seam is constantly even in the back of the β€œdonut”.
  5. At some point, the braid may stretch so that it appears to be small for your steering wheel. Nothing wrong. Here you just have to make some efforts, and it will certainly be pulled if it was purchased by size. This tension will provide you with safety when maneuvering. The tighter she sits, the lower the risk of slippage.
  6. Then we align the braid so that its inner cut falls exactly in the center of the inner part of the circle.
    Worn braid

All. The process is completed. You can hit the road with a new braid.

Put on a braid with lacing

Steering wheel braid

Now we’ll figure out how to put a braid with lacing on the steering wheel. Here you will have to be patient and tinker longer. Complete with a braid should go your nylon cord and needle. If not, you can choose the needle at your discretion, the main thing is that it be long enough. 7 cm is the most optimal option, the main thing is that a nylon cord can climb into the ear. It is better to blunt its tip so that it does not damage the braid material.

Usually braids with lacing are made of leather or high-quality leatherette. Such material will further increase the safety of driving, and not just because of the lacing. The skin does not slip in the hands themselves, and driving a car will become more comfortable.

Retraction process

Here's an instruction on how to wear a leather braid with lacing on the steering wheel:

  1. Lock the steering wheel.
  2. We have (put on) the braid on the steering wheel. It will look ugly, but that's only until we pulled it off.
  3. We make sure that the seam, as in the previous case, is at the rear of the steering wheel. To do this, we put the braid on the steering wheel and begin to pull on the back (from the driver's side) side of the "steering wheel".
  4. We align the braid so that its joint, which we will sew, is exactly in the center of the circumference of the inner rim.
  5. We put the cord into the needle and make a knot at the end of the nylon thread so that the thread does not slip at the beginning of sewing through the hole in the braid stitching.
  6. We begin to tighten from the side of the seam in the back of the steering wheel, and we make the first seam from the back of the braid stitching, passing the needle only once through one of the stitching holes so that the bundle remains inside the future cover and snaps tightly there.
  7. All subsequent stitches are done only through stitching stitches and the first thread the needle under the stitching stitches of the upper and lower edges of the braid, located strictly opposite each other.
  8. We drag the thread, tighten. And then we proceed in a similar way. Next stitch. We insert the needle under the next line of stitching from above and below. We are tightening. Until we get to the inner β€œrib” of the steering wheel.
  9. We skip the thread under the rib and continue to sew (tighten) the edges of the braid further, behind the rib.
  10. When the entire circumference of the braid is tightened and we again returned to the lower part of the braid to the longitudinal seam, we tie a knot. Everyone can do it differently. The main thing is that it is not very noticeable. After tying, the edge of the kapron thread should be sealed inside the braid by inserting it there with the help of a needle tip.

That's it, the tightening process is completed. Those who are interested in looking at the process from the side can see the video.

We hope that our article on how to choose and how to put the braid on the steering wheel was useful to you. Good luck to you.


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