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Even those who have repeatedly visited this country and who seem to know it well do not usually take into account the simple fact that the Iberian Peninsula in Europe is not all of Spain. She has other territories.

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Located in the Mediterranean Sea, the Balearic Islands are an autonomous territory of Spain. Majorca's largest island in the archipelago has long been a center of attraction for tourists from all over the world. This is due to a number of reasons, and especially climatic. In the Balearic Islands, luxurious, evergreen tropical nature and the rich heritage of the European Middle Ages, most of which are well preserved and successfully survived to our days.

Mallorca monthly weather

When is the best time to go to Mallorca?

The secret of the popularity of this Mediterranean island is due to a combination of natural and historical factors. A beach vacation of the highest level is successfully combined here with the opportunity to join the historical and cultural heritage of the peculiar province of Spain, of which the island of Mallorca is a part. If the weather is different here for months, it’s not so that the island has lost its attractiveness. There is simply no such month in the year in which you should not plan a visit to the Balearic Islands. Even considering the fact that the beach season lasts from April to October, one should not forget that it is Spain. Majorca, the weather on which remains quite comfortable even in the winter months, is an island territory of this country, and it is good at any time. And to get acquainted with its cultural and historical heritage this season is even better.

Majorca weather in September

Mallorca on holiday in high season

The traditional concepts of "high" and "low" tourist seasons in the Balearic Islands exist, but they are not expressed here as noticeably as on the continent. This is typical of many Mediterranean islands, and Majorca is among them. The weather for months here is so different that it was possible to choose the most acceptable temperature regime to your taste. In the summer months, the island is quite hot, the average temperature is close to thirty degrees. At the same time, it is impossible to call such a temperature exhausting. It has long been noticed that the same air temperature is completely differently perceived by people in the depths of the continent and on the sea coast. The tropical humid climate of the western Mediterranean makes this temperature very comfortable for a person accustomed to the climate of the middle zone. The weather in Mallorca in June and other summer months is just perfect for a beach holiday. Water warms up to 25 degrees Celsius.

weather in October in Mallorca

Mallorca in the spring

In early spring, the air temperature on the island warms up to plus 20 degrees. At this time, the tropical nature of the Balearic Islands gradually wakes up after a winter holiday and experiences a period of lush flowering. Majorca is literally buried in flowers. And it deserves to be seen at least once. Moreover, the weather in Mallorca in April is quite conducive to the beginning of a full beach season. This period of the year is also characterized by the fact that on the beaches, in hotels and restaurants it is still not very crowded. The main stream of tourists arrives in the Balearic Islands in the summer months. And with their arrival, prices are rising in all enterprises of the service infrastructure. This is already noticeable in late spring, because the weather in Mallorca in May is already really summer.

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The Velvet season

This period lasts about two months in the Balearic Islands: from mid-September to the first decade of November. It is the velvet season that should pay attention to weather-sensitive people. The average air temperature at this time drops by about five degrees, but the weather in October in Mallorca continues to be comfortable, especially for those for whom the heat is contraindicated for medical reasons. Among other things, in the velvet season on the beaches of the island, noise and hustle and bustle becomes noticeably less: a significant part of tourists return to their places of permanent residence. Correspondingly, both the price level of trips and daily expenses are reduced. The Balearic Islands in this period of the year are especially beautiful, and the evergreen nature acquires the features of a characteristic autumnal expressiveness. Among other things, tourists at this time expect an abundance of tropical fruits at the lowest prices. Many of those who were fortunate enough to visit these shores note that summer lasts much longer than on the continent. Indeed, the weather in Mallorca in September is almost no different from the summer. The border between the seasons can be drawn here very conditionally.

Majorca weather in May

Some climatic features

Tourists purchasing permits for popular beach resorts cannot but be interested in the question of how often precipitation occurs in the area where they are going. But an interesting climatic feature and a significant positive moment of a beach holiday in the Balearic Islands is the fact that rainy days are extremely rare here. Only a little more often than in the nearby African Sahara desert. Of course, precipitation does occur here, but they occur mainly in the form of short-term rain showers. Which how suddenly they fly in, just as suddenly and end. And after an hour, the sky is usually clear, and the sun shines again. This is the climatic feature of the island of Mallorca. The weather here is quite stable for months, and the level of precipitation is approximately the same. Most of the days here are sunny, and nothing prevents beach vacations.

Majorca weather in June

What to see in Mallorca

The total length of the coastline of this island exceeds five hundred kilometers. Here abundant beaches are long with clean sand, coastal cliffs, large and small bays and bays. But the highest level of beach vacations is far from the only thing Mallorca is famous for. Monthly weather here does not vary as noticeably as on the continent, and it does not hinder the acquaintance with the historical and natural sights of the island. Even during the so-called "low season". It is low mainly at the prices of tourist infrastructure services. A unique combination of vibrant tropical nature and historical architectural heritage gives the island its unique expressiveness. Much has been well preserved here since the Middle Ages and the Moorish period of Spanish history, but monuments from the Roman Empire survived in Mallorca. A characteristic detail of the landscape on the island are terraced mountain slopes overgrown with lush gardens and vineyards. It is easy to guess that Mallorca, among other things, is also famous for its winemaking. You can try and evaluate it both in the capital and in small villages inland. A very good option for traveling around the island are two railway lines connecting the capital of Mallorca with two other cities. Both routes pass through picturesque places and are traditionally used for excursion purposes.

Mallorca weather in April

Capital of the island

But most of the historical and architectural attractions are concentrated in the capital city of Palma de Mallorca. It is a fairly large city with more than a thousand years of history. Particular expressiveness is given to him by such outstanding examples of Gothic architecture as La Seu Cathedral, founded in 1229, and the Palau del Almudaina Palace - the traditional residence of local monarchical dynasties. In the architecture of Palma you can see traces of both Aragon and Moorish influences. The entire central part of the city behind the cathedral has preserved its original historical layout in the Moorish style. Of particular note is the church of St. Eulalia located here, it is one of the oldest religious buildings not only on the island of Mallorca, but throughout the south of Spain. One day to get acquainted with the historical center of the capital of the island is often not enough.

How to get to the island

In the midst of the "high" tourist season, you can fly to Palma de Mallorca by scheduled flight from Sheremetyevo. In other seasons of the year, only charter flights from this airport are carried out to the island. Therefore, you will have to get with a change in Barcelona or Madrid. Flights are also being made from a number of other cities on the European continent. But the island can also be reached by water. Regular connections to the port of Palma de Mallorca are from Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Menorca and Ibiza.


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