Wet manicure is an easy way to care for your hands.

Every woman wants to always look irresistible and delightful. Sports, proper nutrition, good cosmetics and stylish clothes will always help. But do not forget about hand care. After all, hands have always been a calling card of a woman. Men when acquaintance always pay attention to female pens. They must be neat and tidy. And in this, of course, a manicure will help. Nowadays, in order to put your hands in order, there are many options. One of them is a wet manicure. Its pros and cons, execution technique and design, we now consider.

What is wet manicure?

This is one of the varieties of traditional manicure, at the initial stage of which a bath of warm water for hands is made in order to soften and soak the tissues with liquid. It is also called "maceration." Hand baths are usually made in glass or ceramic containers in order to retain heat for longer. Disinfectants must be added to the water. You can also add aromatic salt, lemon for a whitening effect or substances that moisturize and nourish the skin. This is the most common type of nail treatment and cuticle. Thanks to its simple execution technique, such a manicure can be easily done at home.

Baths for hands

Pros and cons

To decide whether to do a wet manicure for yourself or not, first you need to find out all its positive and negative sides. Pros:

  • It is a low-cost procedure, because for its execution you need water, a container and some of the most necessary tools, such as tweezers, manicure scissors, cuticle sticks, cutters and nail files.
  • To perform this type of manicure, it will take a little time, even if you do it yourself.
  • If you have not done a manicure for a long time or if your cuticle is growing very much, then only a wet manicure can help you.
  • This procedure is suitable for everyone, without exception.

What then are the disadvantages of maceration?

  • if you do not know very well the tools for manicure, then there is the possibility of injury;
  • non-sanitized instruments can cause infection;
  • poorly sharpened tools cause burrs;
  • rapid regrowth of the cuticle.

Maceration Technique

So how do you make a wet manicure? The procedure for performing the nail processing procedure is quite simple. For her, you will need a minimum of time, money and physical effort. Judge for yourself, everything is simple:

  1. To start, wash your hands with soap.
  2. Prepare the necessary tools and a bath for hands, the water for which you need to heat up to 38-40 degrees. You can add soda, salt or soap to the water.
  3. Steam the handles so that the skin softens and it is easier to remove the cuticle.
  4. After that, gently push the cuticle with an orange stick or spatula.
  5. Use tweezers or manicure scissors to cut off excess dead skin around the nail.
  6. After removing the cuticle, trim the nails to the length you want with scissors, and give them a nail file.
  7. If necessary, apply nail polish.
  8. At the end of the process, apply oil to the cuticle, and nourish cream on your hands.

You can see in the next photo a wet manicure in progress. Go to the next step.

Manicure process

Wet manicure design

So, your hygienic manicure is ready, the hands and nails are in order, they are fresh, delicate and neat. Now it’s worth returning to the seventh point and taking care of the design. If you do not like varnishes, you like naturalness, then you can simply cover with a transparent varnish and finish this. But if you have some kind of event or date, you want to complete the image and add color to your nails. Then you have to choose what shade your varnish should be. And now there are just a huge number of them. But in addition to this, there are various top coatings that perform important functions in creating a manicure.

  • Protect the coating from external influences.
  • Keep the aesthetic appearance of manicure for several days.
  • Tops have some effects in which the same varnish will look different.
  • An important feature of some fixers is the drying effect, which greatly speeds up the drying process of the coating.
wet manicure

Now we will consider what types of tops have which you can supplement and complete your manicure.

  1. Colorless top with a glossy sheen and with a protective function.
  2. Top with drying effect.
  3. A very popular among many is a matte finish that evens out the nail and makes any glossy varnish matte. But the minus of this top is that it quickly chips off.
  4. The effect of wet nails. This coating dries longer than others.
  5. To add shine to the nails, you can use a top with multi-colored glitter.
  6. For a rainbow effect, apply a holographic option.
  7. Top with sugar effect will make your manicure texture.
wet manicure photo

As you can see, only a few tools will help to decorate a regular manicure and make it beautiful. Experiment and make your pens even more attractive.

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