Why and how do they drink green coffee?

As you know, black and green teas are completely different drinks. If the first reassures, the second, on the contrary, invigorates. But what is the difference between black and green coffee? The grains are the same. But for a traditional black drink, they are fried and then ground. How do you drink green coffee? The technology here is a little different. Harvested grains immediately goes to the grinding and prepacked. Then the beverage is brewed from the powder. It would seem that the difference is small, drink coffee pre-roasted or, so to speak, raw. Indeed, for fans of an invigorating drink, there is not much difference, since the taste sensations are almost the same. But for the body ...

How to drink green coffee

Our body immediately reacts to the unusual composition of the drink, losing from two to four kilograms of excess weight per month. What is the secret and how is green coffee so different in chemical properties from its black counterpart? Raw grains contain large amounts of chlorogenic acid. Entering into interaction with caffeine, it perfectly breaks down fats. Alas, during the thermal treatment of grains, this acid disappears without a trace. The remaining caffeine invigorates and energizes, increases the pressure of hypotension, but only that. Consider how you drink green coffee for weight loss.

Can I drink green coffee
To place all the dots on the “i” at once, it must be said that this drink is not a panacea. If you drink it in liters, lying on the sofa and eating high-calorie foods, your weight will not decrease, but only increase. To achieve the desired effect and become slimmer, it is important not only to know how to drink green coffee, but also to lead an active lifestyle. By the way, you can prepare a drink by all known methods. It is brewed in a cezve, in a cup, in a coffee maker. You can make espresso, macchiato, cappuccino and americano. It is important to observe only one condition - do not add sugar. If you cannot stand the taste of bitter coffee, put a spoonful of honey in a cup.

Fans of a classic drink will surely notice that green grains give it less strength. The supply of caffeine in a cup can be increased by taking three tablespoons of powder per 200 ml of boiling water. Let the drink brew. Many are probably interested in the question of how often, when and how to drink green coffee? Drink drink ten minutes before the main meals. That is, to successfully combat overweight, you need to drink at least three cups of coffee per day. But after eating it is undesirable to use it, because caffeine does not work very well on the stomach. It leads to the fact that not yet digested food is sent to the intestine.

There is another slimming tool based on raw coffee beans. This dietary supplement is sold in pharmacies. It also includes guarana, green tea, spices, bitter orange, bromelain, pectin, L-carnitine. All these components increase the body’s energy consumption by preserving the temperature, cleanse of toxins, saturate with vitamins, and destroy fat cells. How to drink green coffee in such a mixture? According to the instructions inside the package. Before taking dietary supplements, it would be worth consulting with your doctor.

how to drink green coffee

And what are the contraindications of regular green coffee? Exactly the same as traditional black. That is, it should not be used (at least often) for hypertensive patients suffering from insomnia and nervous irritability, children, pregnant women and ulcers. Can I drink green coffee in combination with other diets? You can, but not with salt-free. Caffeine prevents the elimination of fluid, which leads to edema. And with all other diets, the drink only enhances the effect.

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