Calorie gelatin: benefits and harms

Gelatin is a mixture of protein components of animal origin. It is obtained from products including collagen - bones, tendons, cartilage - with prolonged boiling with water. Bovine gelatin is produced. This substance has no taste or smell.

Edible gelatin is used to prepare various dishes. It is indispensable in creating ice cream to protect against sugar crystallization and reduce protein coagulation. Many are interested in what caloric content gelatin has. This will be described in detail in the article.

Making Edible Gelatin

This product is natural. It is obtained by denaturation. It is used in the food industry, construction and pharmacological. Not every gelatin is made from livestock products. It is obtained from algae (agar-agar) and pectin found in vegetables and fruits. They have a lot of magnesium, which favorably affects blood vessels. From plant pectin, such a product is less useful, but it eliminates radiation from the body.

calorie gelatin

Not everyone knows what calorie gelatin has, and whether it is useful. Due to production technology, many find it not entirely useful. But given the naturalness of its origin, it has value for human health. It is believed that the product helps restore joints and ligaments. He really helped many people. If you choose it for treatment, you should remember that its daily rate is 10 g in dry matter. As a preventative measure, 2-3 grams per day will be enough. You only need to eat foods that have gelatin.


To determine which gelatin calorie content is, you should familiarize yourself with its composition. The product includes 86% protein, it contains no carbohydrates. Such a composition is useful for the body of all people.

gelatin calories

The product is rich in amino acids - glycine, lysine and proline. They are needed by a person for the synthesis of connective tissue, which is required for the brain to work, relieve nervous tension and stress. The composition includes calcium, phosphorus, iron, which is why gelatin products are good for health.

Calorie content

What calorie content per 100 grams gelatin? She is 350 kcal. Although this is a lot, but it should be borne in mind that it is added to dishes in a minimal amount. The substance per 100 g includes the following components:

  • 87.2 g of protein.
  • 0.4 g of fat.
  • 0.7 g of carbohydrates.

The composition makes gelatin useful. Calorie content per 100 g you need to know for cooking. The product makes beautiful jellies, cakes, jellied meat and much more.

Beneficial features

Calorie gelatin is normal. It is also appreciated for its useful properties:

  • It takes part in the synthesis of collagen in the body. Thanks to him, a person improves the condition of each organ.
  • It is required for joints, ligaments, tendons, so it is recommended for people with joint diseases, osteochondrosis, with injuries to the ligaments and tendons.

gelatin calories per 100

  • It is necessary to improve muscle growth, as it has a lot of protein.
  • It improves blood coagulability, and is also effective in case of vascular rosacea and vascular "stars".
  • Dishes with gelatin have a beneficial effect on the stomach, as they are perfectly digested and absorbed. Thanks to its enveloping pain disappears. Since jelly is very light, it can be used as the first food after surgery.

The caloric content of gelatin in each product is the same. Mousses, marmalades, jellied meat, aspic jelly, especially from fruits and berries, are useful for the body. The caloric content of such products is not more than 90 kcal per 100 g, so gelatin-based diets are perfect for losing weight. You can eat such food without restrictions, if not mixed with sugar.

Harm and contraindications

Since the calorie content of edible gelatin is moderate, then it should be consumed in moderation. Although there is no harm from it, there are still several limitations:

  • Do not use for allergies to animal protein, as well as for a disease such as oxaluric diathesis.
  • With urolithiasis, it is necessary to monitor the amount of food consumed.
  • Since blood coagulation is enhanced, it should not be used for varicose veins, thrombosis and thrombophlebitis.
  • With chronic constipation, you can not eat a lot of gelatin dishes. Jelly with prunes, figs and other laxative ingredients is also contraindicated.

How to breed it?

The packages do not contain a description of the procedure for dissolving gelatin. You can learn to do this according to the following recipe. Powder (1 tbsp. L.) Is poured with cold water (1 cup). The composition should stand for half an hour to swell.

gelatin calories per 100 grams

Then the solution must be put on low heat, slightly heated, stirring until the powder dissolves. Just do not bring the product to a boil. Then the solution must be filtered and then it can be added to the broth, desserts.

Gelatin is used in the preparation of canned meat, fish. It is also indispensable for jelly, ice cream, jellied dishes, mousses, creams, cakes, pastry shops and other products. Yoghurts, chewing gums and sweets are prepared from it. Gelatin allows you to make any dish more thick, which looks very nice.


To lose weight, you can choose one of the presented options for losing weight:

  • Use jelly as the main product.
  • Use jelly as an additional component.

If the first method is chosen, then jelly should be consumed throughout the week. Keep in mind that this is a tough version of the diet, but also effective. Because of the intake of gelatin, hunger will not torment you. It will turn out to prepare jelly from broths based on vegetables and meat, milk, yogurt, stewed fruit, jam. You can cook a variety of dishes.

calorie edible gelatin

The second option is considered easier. With such a diet, it is necessary to exclude the use of sweets, using jelly desserts instead. Just do not need to purchase store mixes, it is better to cook them at home. This is due to the fact that in such products there are many supplements that will not help to lose weight.


Calorie jelly with gelatin is difficult to determine, since it depends on the composition. For example, if it contains pork, then 100 g of product contains 180 kcal. This dish can have up to 350 kcal if fatty meat was used in the preparation. Such a product is not suitable for those who want to lose weight.

Calorie chicken jelly with gelatin is 120 kcal. The most delicious treat is a dish based on old chicken. It is low in fat, so this product is suitable during a diet. Moreover, almost all chicken is considered dietary.

calorie chicken jelly with gelatin

A more useful dish for losing weight will be jelly from chicken legs. Just use it often should not. How many calories are in beef jelly? 100 g of product contains 80 kcal. The dish can be consumed during the diet.

To reduce calorie content in jelly, the broth should be mixed with water, and also add less meat. Reduce calories in a beef product by using a language that is recognized as dietary. In pork, you can add vegetables - carrots, celery.

Thus, the calorie content of products with gelatin can be different, it all depends on the ingredients. The product itself makes the dishes much tastier and more attractive in appearance. If you use it normally, then there will be no harm to the body.


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