Negotiation. How to increase efficiency?

The art of the negotiation process leads to success in various fields of human activity. Rules for conducting business negotiations guarantee success in business.

Skillful negotiation involves the consistent implementation of the following steps:

a) contact is first established with negotiators;

b) the "rules of the game" are determined;

c) the position of the partner is evaluated;

d) one of the previously thought-out scenarios develops;

e) โ€œbargainingโ€ is conducted, concessions are made;

f) negotiations conclude with a mutually acceptable decision.

The methods of conducting business negotiations are aimed at developing a result that would suit all parties. Such negotiations can be called fundamental and constructive.

So, the search method for a common solution determines the comparison of the opinions of negotiators with personal interests, the allocation of a common solution zone.

The compromise method offers partners to make concessions in the event of insoluble disagreements.

The method of separation of the problem will help to solve the problem not in general, but in part. In this case, agreements are reached on certain issues that make up this problem.

Negotiating should be aimed at reaching an agreement. However, success is not always easy. The art of communication communications involves the use of various tactics for responding to actions and statements of the interlocutor. The ability to adjust their behavior depending on the behavior of the partner is the ability to predict possible โ€œif ... then ...โ€ in the process of communication.


If excessive demands are made, then I will make it clear that such conditions are not discussed.

If they rush over time, Iโ€™ll explain that I can accept the offers of other partners.

If facts, arguments, unknown to me, are given, I will ask you to indicate the exact source, read the original.

If unknown terms are given, I will ask you to clearly explain their meaning.

If they interrupt, I will persistently ask you to complete my speech.

Effective negotiation depends on who is participating in the negotiations: one representative or team. And in fact, and in another case, there are advantages. In the sole negotiation, the responsibility lies with one person, the interlocutor cannot weaken the position due to disagreements in the team. However, a team of specialists from various fields will form a stronger opposition if necessary. In any case, at the very beginning of the negotiations, it is necessary to submit the credentials of each party in writing.

Business negotiations are, above all, an equal dialogue. Therefore, extreme is considered the desire to make a partner discuss only their own positions and listen only to your opinion.

Negotiating involves a departure from interpersonal relationships (likes, dislikes) and focus only on business matters.

Some details may increase the efficiency of the negotiation process. So, for example, in the case of protracted negotiations, it is worth taking a break or postponing the discussion for some time.

It is necessary to avoid the desire to convince the interlocutor, to prove the fallacy of his position. Assignment of a partner should not be regarded as a weakness, but a desire for cooperation.

A mistake is the occurrence of "internal negotiations" between members of the same delegation. If you need to discuss some issue, it is better to ask for a break.

Making a decision depends on specifying how the solution can be implemented. There should be several ways to implement the solution.

It is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of communication and behavior of a partner in another country.


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