Fortune telling on an egg - ovomania

Fortune telling on an egg, or ovomancy is an esoteric way of reading information about the future, a method of recognizing silhouette symbols and geometric configurations placed on the contents of a raw egg. To obtain reliable information, the egg must be fertilized, so those bought in the store for this purpose will not work. Most often, eggs of domestic chickens are used (as the most affordable remedy).

fortune telling on an egg

From time immemorial, the egg carries a deep symbolic meaning, preserved in many world religions and beliefs. In ancient Egypt, the egg was considered the basis of all things, in Slavic mythology it was an obligatory attribute of holidays and ceremonies, and in the Christian religion the egg is a symbol of Easter. In many cults, priests were forbidden to eat eggs because they were believed to have sacred meaning. Fortune telling on an egg has special meaning in understanding the world. Differing in the bright red color of the yolk, it carries the meaning of the energy of the Sun and blood, and the protein in it symbolizes the shell between two worlds: the outer and the inner.

Fortune telling on the egg interpretation

For the correct reading of information it is necessary to use a fresh egg, because it has the ability to absorb the surrounding energy, so it is best to use it directly from under the hen. Fortune telling on a raw egg is one of the most reliable ways to determine fate and make predictions. There are many ways of ovomancy, but the general meaning of the procedure is reduced to three main stages:

1) collection of information ;

2) conducting a rite to process it inside a closed universe;

3) reading information by combining the contents of the egg with water.

For fortune telling, only protein is used. According to the same scheme, only with the use of yolk, negative energy is rolled out and the aura of a person is leveled.

fortune telling on a raw egg

Fortune telling on the egg is as follows:

1) A fresh egg must be washed under running water. You should hold it for several minutes between the palms in the solar plexus, thinking about what interests you.

2) It is necessary to make a small hole with a needle in the convex part of the shell, continuing to think about what is bothering.

3) Release the protein into a glass of water so that the yolk remains inside. By the location of the protein in the water and the figures formed by it, fortune-telling is performed on the egg, the interpretation of which is reduced to determining the meaning of the symbols.

If the protein sinks to the bottom, this portends all sorts of troubles (illness, death, fire), depending on the further reading of the characters. Typically, the protein is located in the center of the glass, taking the form of various shapes, which have the following meaning. The systematic practice of divination on an egg leads to one's own vision of symbols and the determination of their meanings.

The basic meaning of the symbols for beginner soothsayers:

- watermelon - a joyful life;

- butterfly - dreams;

- broom - quarrel, contention;

- camel - work;

- mushroom - a useful experience;

- mountain is an obstacle;

- tree - family, protection;

- star - patronage;

- cross - fate;

- book - knowledge;

- fox - a cunning person;

- face - news;

- bear - profit;

- nose - a hunch;

- cloud - rest;

- horns - confrontation;

- heart - love;

- the dog is a friend;

- owl - wisdom;

- ear - news;

- church - a young woman portends a wedding, an elderly woman - death;

- flowers - happiness;

- anchor - certainty.


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