Navy pasta. How to cook this popular and simple dish

Any Soviet housewife could, even being raised from bed in the middle of the night, tell you what navy pasta is, how to cook this dish, and how long it takes to wait in line to purchase food for it. Now the lines have long been firmly forgotten, and they began to forget this dish little by little. But in vain. Let's try to remember it and cook.

naval pasta how to cook

Navy pasta, photo, recipe and little tricks

The history of the appearance of pasta in naval style in our country goes back to the distant 17th century, when Tsar Peter cut through his famous window to Europe. Through this window pasta gushed to us.

It is commonly believed that this dish owes its sea name to the fact that the ingredients needed for its manufacture can be stored for a long time. Now I will be killed by those who know the classic recipe for cooking pasta with overcooked minced meat, proving that the meat could not be stored for a long time, not only in the 17th, but even at the beginning of the 20th century, on ships, due to an acute shortage in ship galleys of refrigerators. Yes, "Indesites" were then in terrible shortage, but coca did not use forcemeat in the recipe, dispensing with stew or corned beef. And the shelf life of pasta is not in doubt.

It was difficult to transport cereals and flour in large quantities, and it was not safe, since when wet, cereals could just break the ship, and flour after wetting was generally useless. In addition, the flour could explode if open fire was brought into the room with a torn bag. And dried pasta did not lose much from getting wet, since they can be dried without great difficulties. So they cooked pasta with corned beef or stew in ship's galleys. And then the sailors, having written off ashore and yearning for glorious days, ordered this dish to their wives. The latter only at first did not know how to make pasta in a navy manner, but domestic ingenuity quickly came to their aid. Instead of corned beef, they started using minced meat. And they answered all questions that they were preparing a special naval dish. So the name "navy pasta" went for a walk. How to cook them, we will now tell.

Navy pasta photo recipe

Already from all of the above, it becomes clear that we need pasta, minced meat, water, oil, onions and spices. And, of course, a stove and kitchen utensils.

First, pasta is boiled. It is not for nothing that our dish bears such a proud name - "Navy Pasta". How to cook these flour products can be read on any packet in which they are sold. We will only say that it is desirable to use not spaghetti and not curly ears, tubes, spirals and other bows, but the classics - tubes with a hole in the center.

Stuffing can be absolutely anything, except perhaps fish, and here no one will bother you to experiment. Meat can be either boiled or raw. It must be laid out on a hot frying pan with oil and fry until a delicious brown crust, carefully making sure that the minced meat does not stick together in large lumps.

how to make pasta navy
Separately or in the same skillet, chopped onions are fried. Then the minced meat with onion is salted and peppered to taste, poured with a small amount of hot water or broth and stewed for about five to ten minutes. While we were engaged in the meat component of the dish, pasta arrived. They are thrown back into a colander and, in accordance with the recommendations of the strict but indulgent science of cooking, are doused with cold water. Then again put in the same pot where they were cooked. Combine them with minced meat and add some more water or broth. We put the bay leaf and simmer for another five minutes, waiting until all the water has been absorbed. Now everything is ready. The resulting dish is navy pasta.

How to cook it, you now know firmly, it remains only to serve. Just remember to remove the bay leaf first. He has already given all his useful substances, and we don’t need him anymore. Serve this dish with ketchup.


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