Search server: what is it, list, advantages and disadvantages

Search engines help Internet users find the information they need. In the search bar, a person enters his query: a search keyword or a collection of keywords. And he selects the site he likes from the list, which best reflects the essence of the question asked by the search engine. Internet search engines are convenient and modern.

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Search Engine Overview

The search system processes hundreds of gigabytes of information and gives the user the necessary sites in a convenient format for the list of found pages. This list may consist of hundreds of thousands of pages where these words occur. From all this, you can already find the information you need, it can be problematic at times. And sometimes you immediately find the right site with relevant information.

The AltaVista search server is the most unknown search engine on the Runet. It was popular with an English-speaking audience during the launch of Microsoft's Vista system. Its base is only five hundred and fifty million pages. Four million articles from 15,000 newsgroups inside the Yuzenet aggregator. And search is available on images and other media files, such as videos and sounds. Images are displayed in a slightly inconvenient format. They are all displayed with a description of the size when you hover the mouse over the picture.

Open Directory Project - this service is more likely to be related to directories than to search engines. But through it, the search is carried out only on high-quality Internet resources. For the convenience of users, the work is carried out by about 38 thousand editors who daily select sites for their catalog.

WebCrawler Search Server - The number of search service index is about 1.6 million indexed materials. The project catalog has about 100,000 categories, where you can define almost any site. The search engine has a common database with another Internet project called Excite, but this project specializes in entertainment traffic, indexing chats and horoscopes.

Lycos - this server has information about 50 million pages. You are presented with queries to the search server. You can write, for example: "How to write an article for the site", and the search engine will provide the necessary information. They are sorted relevant to your request. Perhaps among them you will find the right one. Queries to the search server for each search engine are given below.

HotBot - contains information on 55 million pages from all over the Internet. Among them, you can find the information you need. For convenience, you can specify the desired geo-position. For example, you are looking for a cafe in a certain city and ask the appropriate request. The search engine also searches for sounds, graphics, website scripts, and other non-trivial things that you may need. The server has recently connected to Yusenet, and a search can also be performed there.

queries to the search server are given

"Google" and "Yahu" - search giants

Google search server (Google) - for the entire time of operation, about 2 billion pages have already been indexed, which search for the content of interest to the user. β€œRunet” was indexed quite well, but Google didn’t get better than Yandex, because it takes into account the individual characteristics of the Russian language, spelling and spelling of words when searching.

Yahoo search engine (Yahoo!) - has a developed news service, collected from the media around the world. About 3,000,000 links are indexed in it. The service is fairly well structured. It is one of the first in the world. But did not become as popular as Google.

The search engine queries for each


In addition to the classic search engines, there are metasystems that search immediately across all systems at once. The results will be presented in a form convenient for you. The Yandex service is the largest in Runet and the first of its kind. After the search engine spread to the CIS countries, since it takes into account the morphology of the language. Copernic 2001 has been running for a long time and is constantly updating its database from various services. Search can be carried out by category or by geodata. Issuance can be tied to the locality from which the request comes.

internet search engines

There is a free and paid version of the service, which is used by more than fourteen million people. The server uses Google, Yandex, and others to search.

Rambler and Yandex - the largest site directories

Rambler is a Russian site that provides services for finding the necessary information on the Internet. The search engine is quite young, but already gaining popularity in Russia and the CIS, there is its own catalog and news aggregator, which presents a huge number of Russian-language sites. It is the largest in the CIS, followed by Yandex, which bypasses it in quality. Getting into Yandex is difficult enough for little-known sites. In Rambler, registration is free for all portals that satisfy the conditions for accepting a project into a catalog.

File search

"FTP index". It contains information about FTP servers that are used to store and distribute information. But the information is in the form of files.

Filez - with its help you can view more than 100 million files located in the file search index.


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