How to remove stains from dandelions from clothes?

With the advent of spring, children rejoice at every blooming leaf, and even more so - a flower. Spring bright yellow dandelion glades often attract the attention of babies. After a long winter, families go out for walks in the park and have picnics in the clearings. This is the perfect time for spring fun. A prerequisite for such entertainment is often becoming a hand-woven wreath of dandelions. But the consequences of the assembly process of this headgear are often spots.

how to remove spots from dandelions

Despite the beauty of these flowers, playing with dandelions can bring not only pleasure, but also annoyance. The juice from their stems leaves marks on the skin and clothing. Dealing with them is quite difficult. After all, ordinary washing with the usual powder often does not get rid of these impurities. Traces of pollen and “milk” remain on the fabric. What to do? How to remove stains from dandelions?

Household chemicals

Many mothers know that you can remove stubborn stains using special cleaning products. The assortment of modern household goods stores is diverse. Often, ordinary powders cannot cope with dandelion stains. Almost every woman knows how to remove such impurities. It is enough to choose a reliable and proven stain remover.

Remember, when handling a thing with chemicals, caution and care should be exercised. After all, some things can be spoiled by the aggressive action of the active substance. Therefore, before applying the stain remover, you should check its effect on a tissue site that is not visible from the outside.

how to remove stains from a dandelion from clothes

Liquid stain removers

In the house, every mother has such funds, because babies often stain their clothes. Such stain removers do an excellent job with soiling, both on colored and white clothes. Often on the packaging of such a chemical agent indicate this information. It is necessary to select the composition of the stain remover, taking into account the type of fabric.

How to remove dandelion stains on colored clothes? To do this, use stain removers marked on the package “for colored laundry”. When choosing, be careful, because excessively active agents can spoil the bright things of the child.

how to remove dandelion stains on colored clothes

According to the instructions, the product should be applied to a stain or dissolved in water. In this condition, clothes should be left for several hours. After that, the thing is washed with the addition of powder and rinsed well.

Plumbing Cleaner

Cleaning products for plumbing - an ideal and powerful tool to remove various stains without much difficulty. To do this, apply a small amount of the substance to the stain and grind it. The thing is left alone for 15 minutes, after which it is washed in warm water with any powder.

Special pencil

Special stain removal pencils can be purchased at various hardware stores. Such a pencil copes with pollution of various origins. How to remove stains from dandelions with this tool? First of all, the thing is soaked in warm water, the place of pollution is rubbed with a pencil until a thick foam forms. In this condition, the thing must be left for approximately 20 minutes. After this, the foam must be thoroughly washed off. If contamination remains noticeable, the procedure should be repeated.

Soap with bile

You can buy such soap in any supermarket. It is used to remove complex contaminants. How to remove stains from dandelions with soap? The thing should first be wetted with warm water. Further, soap should be rubbed into places with contamination until foam is formed. After, the thing should be washed in the usual way.

how to remove stains from dandelions

Folk remedies

There are many popular ways to help get rid of various contaminants quickly and efficiently. So how to remove stains from a dandelion from clothes using improvised means?

how to remove stains from dandelions from a jacket

  • Potassium permanganate and laundry soap are an effective tool. In a pinkish solution, potassium permanganate should soak clothes. Then the stain is rubbed with laundry soap until foam is formed. Wash in warm water and rinse thoroughly. Dry washed clothing away from sunlight.
  • You can squeeze lemon juice onto the stain and leave the item in this condition for 10 minutes. Subsequent washing of clothes is done using laundry soap.
  • Toothpaste is best used on white things. For this, bleach paste should be applied with a thick layer to a pre-soaked cloth (on the wrong side). In this condition, clothes should be left for 30 minutes. After the paste, it is necessary to rinse with a stream of water and rub it with a soft sponge at the place of contamination. This procedure should be repeated 2-3 times, and then wash the thing in the usual way.
  • The peeled onions are cut in half and squeezed in the palm of your hand so that the juice comes out. The inner and outer sides of the fabric should be rubbed with a bulb. After the thing is washed with powder and rinse aid.
  • Tablets "Festal" (it is possible and stitched) perfectly cope with spots from dandelions. How can such stains be removed quickly and effectively? Crushed tablets to be applied to a damp cloth. In this place you need to carefully rub the item with a stain. After the procedure, clothes should be washed well with the addition of washing powder.
  • A mixture of hydrogen peroxide, dishwashing liquid and bleach in a ratio of 2: 1: 0.5 should be applied to the stain and washed off after 20 minutes.
  • Gasoline or lighter refills should be applied with a cotton pad to the stained area. On top of it, pour a little ammonia and leave it for 10 minutes. Now you can send the contaminated thing to the washing machine with the addition of powder and conditioner.
  • Turpentine can be used for various types of fabrics. This tool effectively dissolves the acid-fat mixture, so it is actively used to remove complex stains. Use a cotton pad dipped in turpentine to dab the stain. Then squeeze the place of contamination with paper towels nested between the palms so that the turpentine is well absorbed. This procedure should be repeated 3 times. After that, a landscape sheet of paper should be put on top of the stain. The surface of the paper should be walked with a heated iron for 1-2 minutes. Now the stain can be washed with soap and rinse.

how to remove stains from dandelions on jeans

Stains on the jacket

How to remove stains from dandelions from a jacket? During the flowering period of these plants, children often have light jackets, which suffer in the first place. As practice shows, mother's outfits are not infrequently affected.

Dandelion stains can be removed from leather shoes or jackets with vegetable oil. Having moistened a cotton pad in refined oil, it is necessary to carefully rub the contaminated area. Then the thing needs to be cleaned with special cleansers for the skin. After this procedure, the material will be elastic, and its surface - attractive to shine.

how to remove stains from dandelion juice

You can get rid of dirt on a thin fabric jacket with an iron. Soft paper should be placed on top of the jacket, over which it should be held with a heated iron. The stain from the plant will remain on paper. So iron the jacket several times until the stain completely disappears.

Stains on jeans

How to remove stains from dandelions on jeans? After all, everyone has such an element of clothing: both children and adults. It will be easy to cope with such contaminants if the spots are “fresh”, that is, set no more than 3 hours ago. In order to remove them, it is enough to send things to the wash, with the addition of liquid or dry stain remover.

Aggressive chemicals should not be used to remove stains from such clothes, because they can shed. On jeans, stains can be easily removed with lemon or onion juice, as described above.

how to remove spots from dandelions


Now you know how to remove stains from dandelion juice. It is quite simple. Most importantly, proceed to remove contaminants as soon as you can. After all, fresh spots will quickly disappear from the fabric than old ones.

Stains on children's clothing is more the norm than the exception. The child learns the world, learns to appreciate everything that surrounds us. And most importantly - the children remind us adults to enjoy every little thing.


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