Do-it-yourself spinner: simple and effective

Spinners are very popular with spinners because they are very catchy. But their main advantage is the simplicity of the design, so many people make such baits with their own hands. Moreover, the spinner allows you to fish in any conditions, even specific ones.

Features of homemade bait

Many fishermen prefer to use just spinners, because they can catch not only roach and bream, but also predators. These metal plates weigh 0.5-20 grams. To catch large fish, it is not necessary to use spinners of enormous size, quite often they manage to catch it on small spinners. The thing is that predators are attracted not by the size of the bait, but by fluctuations during posting.

do-it-yourself spinner on a perch spinner

Varieties of spinners

Turntables are divided by location into the following types:

  • Rear loaded . The pear-shaped weight in them is on the axis and moves to the edge of the bait with a thickened part.
  • With central loading. The load in such baits is strictly symmetrical or has the shape of a bell, it is located on the axis.
  • Forwardly loaded. In these turntables, a load is placed in front.

However, the do-it-yourself spinner made by hand with the sinker located in front, which is most often made in the form of the head of a small fish, is in greatest demand. In addition, such baits add up during flight, which allows to increase casting range. Moreover, the asymmetric shape of the load-head eliminates the twisting of the fishing line during the wiring process, and even overwhelming it for the tee. Another indisputable advantage of front-loaded spinners is that they begin to spin as soon as they are in the water.

how to make a spinner do it yourself

In order to make the bait made by your own hands catchy, it is necessary first of all to study its composition in detail. Indeed, the oscillation frequency and the game depend on each element of the turntable. For example, spinners with front loading, as a rule, consist of a central axis, a load-head on a steel wire, a clamp, a bead, a petal, a tee and cambric.

Methods for making a turntable

There are two options for making your own spinner . The first method involves assembling the bait from the finished parts. For this, special spare parts are purchased and spinners of various shapes and colors are created. But another way involves making a turntable from scratch.

Of course, the first option is easier and even more fun, since there are all the parts for assembling the spinner. The second method will require a lot of effort from the fisherman and a lot of free time. In addition, for work, you will need some needlework skills and a special tool. If there is experience in creating things with your own hands, then problems with the manufacture of bait for perch, pike or other predator should not arise.

DIY spinner spinners

Necessary tools and materials for work

Do-it-yourself spinner is assembled from such elements as:

  • petals that can be made of brass, copper or tin;
  • beads for supporting the petals;
  • lead
  • shrink tubing approximately 5 mm in size;
  • clamps, threads and tees;
  • steel wire with a diameter of at least 0.5 mm.

And also for work you will need nippers, pliers, pliers, a hammer and an emery cloth.

do-it-yourself spoon spinner

How is a spinner made with your own hands?

When creating all the elements of the bait, great attention must be paid to the size and shape of the petal - since this is the main part of the turntable. The narrower it is, the smaller will be the angle by which the spinner deviates from the axis of symmetry, and its rotation will become faster.

To attract predatory fish like a pike, it is better to use oval petals that slowly rotate, and for catching perch, on the contrary, narrow, exciting high-frequency vibrations.

Making do-it-yourself spinners with your own hands also involves choosing the shape of the petals, which are different:

  • "Indiana" - a bait that has an average range of indicators;
  • "Colorado" - baubles with great lifting power;
  • "Mepps French" - a universal elongated pinwheel;
  • "Willow leaf" - a bait for posting in stagnant water and fast flow.

The turntable petal is cut with special scissors for metal from brass, sheet metal or copper, with a thickness of not more than 0.5 mm. Then with a round hammer give this part a bulge, bend and shape.

do-it-yourself spinner

Making a clamp for baubles

When the petal is ready, it should be fixed to the axis, for which you will need a clamp. Of course, you can make the bait without it, but then the spinner will turn worse. If you do not want to do it, remove the clamp from the unnecessary bait or buy it.

This element of the turntable is made of a thin plate of brass. A narrow billet from 1-1.5 mm in size is cut out of it, in which holes are then made and all burrs are removed. Then it remains only to give the home-made collar a shape. Basically, it is made semicircular or in the form of a bracket.

Some make such a piece of wire, exceeding the diameter of the axis of the bait, by winding the edges. It should be remembered that the rotation of the plate depends on the shape of the clamp. Moreover, on one bait, you can immediately make two options for turning the petal. Suppose, when it has a triangular shape, it rotates slowly and for a long time, and semicircular - quickly.

Then, using round-nose pliers, it is necessary to curl the free edge of the wire into a ring, after which a fastener is hung on the tee. The plumage of lurex or woolen threads is knitted on it, which is securely fixed with glue.

Next on the forend of the tee should fit a thermofit tube. They sit her on the fire of a lighter, acting carefully so as not to spoil the plumage. Such a rigid fastening is done to reduce the number of lures of the spinner, as it flies head first, and there is a weight. Thus, it turns out an excellent front- loaded spinner spinner on a pike with your own hands.

do-it-yourself spinner on a pike

This rotator can be improved if desired, just equip it with a screw. After all, the spinner made with a do-it-yourself propeller is capable of attracting predators to itself with the movements of the blades. The screw behind the bait creates a whirlwind flow, causing it to flutter. At the same time, movements are uneven, similar to a swim of an injured small fish. The propeller does not have to be mounted exactly on the rotator; it can be fixed on silicone or the oscillator. It turns out a beautiful spinner spinner.

Spoons for making spinners

Making rotators with your own hands is more difficult than making them from finished parts, but many spinningists find this activity very exciting. For assembling the bait on large fish, time flies by unnoticed. Quite often used when spinner spinner is made, spoons. With your own hands, the bait made from these cutlery is very catchy. True, for their manufacture you will need a small workshop.

This do-it-yourself spinner is made of the following materials: swivel, tablespoon, grooved rings under the fishing line and for fixing the tees. In addition, for work you will need:

  • vise;
  • grinding wheel;
  • pliers;
  • hacksaw for metal;
  • drill and hammer.

Using this method, you get a good do-it-yourself spinner for perch. A pinwheel attracts this predatory fish to itself by vibrations.

Before starting work, you should first saw off a small portion from the spoon with a hacksaw to create a spinner, namely the end of the handle about 8-12 cm. The resulting workpiece must be processed on a grinding wheel to get rid of sharp edges and round it a bit.

do it yourself do it yourself with a propeller do it yourself

Then you will have to drill holes in the workpiece, through which it will be possible to pass through the through rings. You also need to slightly change the shape of the future turntable so that its game attracts predatory fish. One edge of the cut handle must be clamped in a vice, and the other slightly turned with pliers. After these actions, the bait should acquire a helical shape. Access rings are attached on both sides of the workpiece, and where the leash and fishing line are fixed, a swivel is attached.

Some recommendations

Do not use a turntable in too cold weather. Remember that for a perch in winter there is nothing better than a live bait. Inexperienced fishermen are advised to use spinners with oval petals, in addition, take a few pieces with them.

As you can see, there is nothing difficult to make a turntable, and anyone, even a novice fisherman, will be able to make it with their own hands. The main thing is not to be lazy, and then you will definitely get catchy baubles.


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