How to invite people to the network business: simple and effective ways

The society has developed an ambiguous attitude towards network business. Someone considers this a scam and stupidity, and someone - a real discovery and a real opportunity to change your life for the better. Those who have accepted this phenomenon and have taken a great interest in it strive to involve as many people as possible in their activities. How to invite people to the network business? What tricks to use? How to succeed?

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What is MLM? Decoding abbreviations

Before you engage in network business, you need to study in detail the theory and practice relating to this area of ​​activity. First of all, you need to be interested in decoding MLM. This abbreviation comes from the English phrase Multi-Level Marketing, which in a simplified version translates as "multi-level marketing." If we consider this concept in more detail, we get the following:

  • Marketing is the promotion of services.
  • Multi-Level is a multi-level payment system.
  • Thus, MLM is a system of promoting goods with a multi-level reward system.

How does a network business work? It all starts with creating a network of distributors who sell products. They also have the right to attract new partners with the same responsibilities and powers. Each network member receives income in the form of commissions for products sold. Depending on the sales volume and the number of agents involved, bonuses and bonuses may be awarded.

Why are people doing network business?

To achieve success in attracting agents, you need to understand why people go to the network business. Here are the main reasons:

  • Additional income. Few people are satisfied with the size of the salary at the main job. Therefore, many see the network business as a side job.
  • Free schedule. In the network business, a person can independently develop a rhythm, mode and schedule that is convenient for him. No one will control you and force you to be active. The best motivation is the amount of earnings.
  • The ability to work remotely. The lack of attachment is not just to the office, but even to a specific locality. Well, of course, you will be spared the need to follow the dress code and listen to the claims of the authorities.
  • Priceless knowledge and experience. In the process of training and work, a person receives a lot of useful information and acquires professional skills. Even if he does not stay long in a particular network, this knowledge will be useful to him in the future.
  • Friendly environment and partnership. Most networking organizations have a warm atmosphere where everyone supports each other.
  • Fair reward. Profit is proportional to the amount of work performed. Salary is not limited to fixed sizes.
how to invite people to the network business

Why do people not like network business?

Before looking for people in a network business, you should know that not everyone treats this type of activity positively and approvingly. Some people do not like MLM for such reasons:

  • The lure. Some networkers are dishonest with their potential partners. They invite for cooperation, but when a person comes for an interview, they impose paid tuition or purchase of any goods.
  • Zombies. In the process of training network business, novice agents are so intensely inspired by the concept of the importance and usefulness of what they do, that they themselves begin to sincerely believe in it. They are so obsessively offering goods that this leads to conflict situations.
  • Manipulation. In the 90s there were a lot of networkers. They possessed an amazing gift of persuasion and virtuously “stunned” people nonsense under the guise of super-useful goods. Despite the fact that today network marketing is conducted in a completely civilized manner, negative associations have survived.

Recruiting formula

Recruiting in the MLM business is based on the fact that you, as a networker, must have some specific knowledge or skill that you will teach others. This is the so-called core of the business, selling it many times, you will receive material benefits.

The formula for successful recruiting in the MLM business includes several components through which you will attract partners. Namely:

  • Passion. You have to “burn” with your business and your idea. This is the only way you can attract partners. If you are indifferent to what you are promoting, you will not interest anyone in this matter.
  • Interest. A potential partner should see that you are interested in expanding and deepening your knowledge, and then sharing it.
  • Awareness. You must be well versed in what you are promoting. So good that without hesitation and difficulty to answer any question. This is a guarantee of trust from potential partners.
  • Idea. The townsfolk believe that the main idea of ​​the MLM business is to encourage people to buy unnecessary goods and services to anyone and get benefits from it. You can attract partners only if you inform them that the essence of MLM is to promote quality products on mutually beneficial conditions.
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Who to work with?

Most networkers, thinking about how to invite people to the network business, make a strategic mistake. They believe that they should inform the maximum number of people about their company. As a result, the recipient receives a lot of similar offers from different networkers. Thus, information is not perceived by a person as spam.

To understand how to attract people to the network business, you need to know them, understand what motivates them, what problems they have and what they want from life. That is, you must present information about yourself in terms of the benefits that a person can get from working with you.

According to statistics, 80% of people are completely not interested in any super-beneficial offers. They are satisfied with the position of employees and the stability that it gives. You should not convince and re-educate them. Your task is to contact those 20% who want change and are ready for it.

Search for partners in the immediate environment

Many networkers prefer to look for partners among old friends, relatives or just acquaintances. As a rule, they write down all the contacts from their phone book in a column, after which they approximately evaluate the prospects of cooperation with a particular person. Next begins the dialing and meeting.

This approach has undeniable advantages. Collaboration with well-known people guarantees a warm atmosphere and mutual understanding. You can be frank with such partners. And, of course, it’s easier to start a conversation with a friend, to accept his refusal.

But there are also negative points. If you decide to work in your environment, you will have to be content with the abilities that your friends have. You are depriving yourself of the opportunity to find more active and promising partners. Working with friends, you take root even more in your “comfort zone”, relax, blocking your path to new achievements. Well, of course, before acquaintances you will experience an increased sense of responsibility, which is accompanied by unnecessary experiences.

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Own brand

Another way to invite people to the network business is to promote the project through your own brand. A brand is your reputation and the totality of associations that you call other people. Your name will work for you, you will not have to convince and persuade potential partners, they themselves will be interested in cooperating with you.

But in practice, not everything is as simple as it sounds in words. A brand is not created in one day. This may take years, during which you will earn your good name and good reputation. It’s pointless to lie about the fact that you are successful, because the deception will quickly reveal itself and will not play into your hands.

The process of creating a brand includes such moments:

  • Search for a central idea around which brand building will take place.
  • Search for a successful environment. You should get as close as possible to people who have a specific name and weight in your field of activity.
  • Speak to the public. Seminars, webinars, lectures, presentations - your direct path to fame.
  • Position yourself as an expert. Naturally, this statement should be supported by knowledge.
  • Look for ways to stand out from the competition.
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Traffic sources

The Internet is a powerful mechanism for developing a network business. It allows you to find potential partners and share information with them. There are four main sources of traffic through which you can attract people to the MLM business:

  • Youtube channel. One of the most effective ways to promote a business through the Internet. By recording and publishing videos, you maximally allow the potential partner to assess the essence of the activity as clearly as possible, and also create the effect of involvement and direct contact. Both short introduction videos and longer informational videos can take place.
  • Social networks. A powerful source of traffic that provides maximum audience reach, because today almost everyone has accounts on the networks. Although there is a minus. Business accounts are periodically blocked.
  • Personal blog. This is a fairly powerful source of traffic, but it is relevant only for those who already have some weight and experience in the field of network business. Creating a blog requires considerable time and financial costs, because this is your face and business card.
  • Bulk mailing. The most common and fastest method of disseminating information about yourself and your business. But, as a rule, numerous letters arriving by e-mail cause negative for most people. Therefore, the formation of a list of contacts for mailing should be approached with special attention and thoroughness.

Useful Tips

How to attract people to the network business? There are some helpful tips to make this easier:

  • You must delicately learn about the needs and needs of the person. Thus, you can position the network business as a means of resolving its problems.
  • People want to do some useful work. Therefore, you must convince the interlocutor that your business is not nonsense, that it is of real benefit to people.
  • Consider in advance what objections a person may have; work out arguments that can refute them.
  • Do not show the person that you need him. Make him think that it is he who needs you.
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8 steps of Eric Wor

Eric War is a network marketing genius who has authored several successful books on the subject. Eric War has developed a formula designed for an invitation to work in the network business through personal contacts. It includes 8 steps:

  1. Be busy. People at a subconscious level have confidence in those who are constantly busy and in a hurry somewhere. Therefore, communicating with someone, make a psychological maneuver. Pretend that you have little time, but you are ready to take a few minutes for the person you are talking to.

  2. Give compliments. At the beginning of the conversation, tell your interlocutor something pleasant. So, you immediately position it towards you and make it more accommodating.

  3. Invitation to cooperation. This can be done in three ways: directly offer cooperation; Ask for help sorting out issues related to network business; ask if the interlocutor has old friends or relatives who would like to receive additional income.

  4. "If I ... then you ...?" When offering something to the person you are talking to, you should use the clause "If I ... (ask, send, do, tell)". That is, you not only make a request, but also demonstrate your importance.

  5. Setting the time frame. War claims that a small percentage of people end up doing what they promised. Therefore, you should specify the time frame within which your interlocutor should study the information provided to him or perform some action.

  6. Confirmation and control. Agree with the interlocutor that you will somehow find out if he fulfilled your request. For example, call or meet in person.

  7. Specify the details. Agree on the time and method of re-communication.

  8. End a conversation. Remember the first step and demonstrate your busyness. Saying goodbye, be sure to mention that you have an urgent matter.

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Obsession is your enemy

In developing a plan to invite people to the network business, many make an unforgivable mistake. They believe that at all costs they should persuade a person to cooperate. But this is an obsession that is perceived extremely negatively and cuts off the path to partnership.

Your task is to present the person with information about yourself and your business in the most favorable light. But if the person you are talking to says no, it means no. If you treat with understanding and respect the person’s unwillingness to cooperate with you, you will part on a “good note” and leave the likelihood that the interlocutor changes his mind. But, being obsessive, you will finally close the "window" to cooperation.

What is an NL networking business?

Since 2000, the network company NL International has been operating in Russia, which is engaged in the production of goods for health, beauty and home, and also offers partners turnkey turnkey business projects. You are not forced to develop goods, engage in production, packaging, organizational issues. Your task is to create a customer base and ensure sales (turnover). You can make purchases for personal use or distribute in your circle (personal turnover) or engage in attracting new partners (group turnover).

Many people have already managed to find out what the NL network business is, what are its advantages. The positive points are as follows:

  • New acquaintances, interesting communication.
  • Self-development and struggle with complexes.
  • New useful knowledge and skills regarding the development of blogs and business accounts on social networks.
  • An opportunity to receive additional earnings.
  • The ability to independently build a schedule and work intensity.
  • Quality products.

Of the negative aspects, it is worth noting the following:

  • Without registration it is impossible to find out all the details and "pitfalls".
  • Too pathos presentation of both the product itself and the business system.
  • Overpriced for certain items.
  • During training, there is a zombie effect.
  • The established monthly minimum activity, which in monetary terms is about 10,000 rubles.
  • To earn at least something, you need to work full time, or even more.


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