Ecological propaganda team: scenario. Ecological fairy tale. Earth's Environmental Code

Ecological propaganda team. A scenario for high school students and gymnasiums with the participation of elementary school students.

Most dialogues are written in verse form, which makes it easier for students to remember the text. The script is written in the form of a play or an ecological fairy tale.

It is proposed to decorate the stage for performing in the style of the court and the planetarium. Photos with the image of planets and photos of environmental disasters on Earth as an evidence base for a court are well suited. A mandatory attribute will be a table at which there will be judge planets.

Ecological Tale "Intergalactic Arbitration: Planet Earth vs Responsible Residents"


  • The sun is the head of the court;
  • Mercury is the first judge;
  • Venus is the second judge;
  • Uranus is the third judge;
  • Saturn is the fourth judge;
  • Jupiter is the fifth judge;
  • Neptune is the sixth judge;
  • Pluto is the seventh judge;
  • Earth is the plaintiff;
  • The commander of the environmental propaganda team for high school students is the defendant;
  • Participants of the Green Patrol environmental campaign team;
  • Participants of the younger environmental propaganda brigade (grades 1–4);
  • Air seller;
  • Water seller;
  • Pupils.

Act One: Greeting

The song “While the planet is still alive” sounds.

The “Green Patrol” appears on the stage (they pronounce the text according to the script).

Ecological propaganda team "Green Patrol":

Good morning to trees and birds!

Good morning to all joyful persons!

The commander of the propaganda team:

Ecological propaganda team "Green Patrol" welcomes all gathered!

Young lovers of nature, join our ranks!

Speech by the environmental propaganda team. Marching out loudly speaking words.

environmental campaign team scenario

All participants:

Our land is our mother, beautiful, big.

Protect it from troubles, the white light will become more beautiful!

March after us

Repeat further yourself:

“Our motto is always the same - we won’t give the Earth an insult!”

The commander of the propaganda team:

He who saves beauty will save the Earth! Do you agree? Then we are on the way.

They march beautifully and leave the stage.

Act Two: Intergalactic Arbitration

Planets are sitting on a round table stage. In the center is the head of the arbitration Sun. Around him the rest - Mercury, Venus, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto, Neptune.

The song by Vladimir Vysotsky performed by Ekaterina Guseva "Song of the Earth."

Behind the scene, the Earth groans: "SOS! SOS! SOS! SOS! SOS!"

The sun:

Tell me, friend Mercury, who can moan so hard?


This is a signal of disaster and a request for help. And they are from planet Earth.


Just a moment of silence! Let's listen to her carefully.

Act Three: Earth says

The Earth appears on the scene, groans and, limping, approaches the judges table.

Earth's environmental code


Planets, help, judge judges!

Protect birds, animals, plant trees in the forests!

People, do not be silent!

Do not destroy animals, do not trample the fields, do not dry the seas!

Everything lives on earth, everything living grows ...

The sun:

Citizen Earth, state the essence of the claims.


Millions of years lived, and now in the earliest I am!

Man submits nature, invents chemistry.

Insects are killed, the oceans are poisoned.

I washed with rains with acid.

And nanotechnology ... what they did to me!

Enough, people! Take a look around! Come to your senses! Stop!

Conceived in nature was clever! All live according to, and there will be good!

The sun:

Attention! I declare a planetary gathering. The citizen of our solar system - planet Earth - is in danger! You need to figure out who is right, who is to blame. Call the defendant immediately!

All planets leave the scene. According to the scenario, an environmental propaganda team for elementary school (pupils of grades 1–4) go on stage and perform a song.

Action Four: Children Speak

Junior Environmental Campaign Team:

Treading flowers and breaking trees. What they do do not understand.

So you can destroy all the beauty. What about our children? How can they live?

They don’t have a soul, since they break everything, they throw garbage, they pollute the seas.

People, come to your senses! Nature is dying! Where there are no birds, there will be no people!

Children leave the stage. All planets headed by the Sun return to the scene. Ponuro walks the Earth. The environmental campaign team is proudly striding. The script continues. The sun casts a stern look at those present. On the judges table they put the Environmental Code of the Earth's inhabitant.

Action Five: Intergalactic Arbitration. Meeting

The sun:

Planet Judges, you are experts. So what about the beautiful Earth? Report.

ecological fairy tale


Earth is in danger. Procrastination threatens death.


On Earth, the ecological balance of the natural environment is disturbed.


I did not want. I tried to stop them.

I warned. I was threatening.

They do not hear. I'm tired.


Rapid production growth

The release of waste into the air.

The atmosphere is polluted.


All sources of water on Earth are poisoned. Urgent cleaning required.

Conclusion: the hydrosphere is contaminated.

environmental propaganda team for high school students


Ecological disasters have become more frequent. Nature has a nervous breakdown. Suicidal.

Help is urgently needed, otherwise it will destroy itself.


Animals are suffering. Some representatives of the animal fauna became extinct, others are on the verge of extinction. Help is urgently needed. Otherwise, there will simply be nobody to save.


Earth has an increased radioactive background. The ozone holes are to blame.

They urgently need to close. The effect of radiation cannot be stopped. It can only be prevented.


People are in danger. The process of population aging is growing rapidly. Older people over 60 are more and more in number than the younger generation. If this process is not stopped, humanity runs the risk of extinction.

The sun:

And now the main question: who is to blame?

All planets at the same time point to the Commander of the environmental propaganda team for high school students. The sun looks at the culprit displeased. He blinks confusedly and looks around, looking for the support of other participants in the environmental propaganda team. According to the script, they are not on stage.

nature does not forgive mistakes

Action Six: Seller of Air and Seller of Water

The Air Seller and Water Seller appear. On the chest of the seller of water is a tray with umbrellas and eggplant, which says "Environmentally friendly air", the seller of water has bright bottles of "Clean living water."

Air seller:

Clean air from the mountains of the Caucasus! We buy clean air!

Water Seller:

Pure living water! To whom? Hurry, it ends. But this is the last batch from planet Earth.

Air seller:

Mountain air is the key to health! Take until it has risen in price! And do not forget umbrella protection. From acid rain, from heavy fogs. The best defense is an umbrella!

Air seller:

Only for you! Living water! Stock is limited! Hurry up!

Seventh action: sellers and buyers

On the stage there are students - buyers.

Air seller (rejoices):

Buy as soon as possible! Don’t spare money!

How suddenly trouble comes - evil water from the sky!

Only an umbrella will protect it from rain!

Water seller (interrupts the rain seller):

You buy some water! You wipe her eyes!

You swallow a sip! Joy you stretch out!

After all, the last one! Tomorrow everyone will need!

First apprentice buyer (surprised):

Clean air from the mountains?

Second apprentice buyer (alarmed):

Umbrellas from acid rain?

Third student buyer (non-understanding):

Last living water?

Seller of air and Seller of water (in chorus, chanting, trying to shout at each other):

performance of the environmental propaganda team

Only here! Exclusively for you!

All products are now!

Hurry up - it’s not even an hour! Someone will overtake you!

Smog handkerchief! Look what I have in store!

And we have a gas mask! Hurry up to buy now!

First student buyer:

But who needs your living water and clean air?

Second apprentice buyer:

Yes, these are all fairy tales! The product is junk.

Seller of water (sad):

Well done, brave, I have to upset you:

This fairy tale has become true, now it is called "true".

All sources of water disappear from the Earth,

All green gardens leave clean air.

Acid rain pours from the sky.

Here is such a leader in the brigade!

He points to the commander of the environmental propaganda team. The scenario with their participation is completed. All participants of the seventh act leave the stage. We return to the courtroom. At the table of the judge planet. Opposite them, the plaintiff (Earth) and the defendant (Commander).

Act Eight: Judicial Debate


People! Come to your senses! After all, this is your future!

Do you really want to give such a land to your children?

The sun:

Commander, stop! And look around you!

What have you done to the beautiful Earth!

Its fields are wide, its seas are deep -

You turned everything into a dump, dear!

Stop, listen, you hurt right in the soul!

The earth was beautiful, naive and clean!

She was stubborn, she was you mom!

And what will the children answer

To all these questions!

The commander of the environmental propaganda team (making excuses):

But me, but we ...

We have developed a scenario of regional environmental campaign teams ...

We held rallies! We were going! Sang! Marching!


And how much garbage remained after your rallies?

You do not need to write scripts, but save the Earth!


Animals, birds - they want to frolic!

But how to live in a landfill?

You do not mind nature? I will answer you directly

Who led us all into the pit.

Who wants to destroy everyone - of course, man!


The water runs out, even thuja dry.

Yesterday's wonderful garden will turn into a desert!

Act Nine: Awareness

The sun:

Where are you from? What did he do to his stepfather?

Well, look me in the eye, liar-man!

You took everything and a lot. I didn’t know - you will answer strictly.

You yourself are responsible for everything, a criminal man.

They did not cherish wealth, created a pseudo-brotherhood.

You can’t fix it forever!

The commander of the environmental propaganda team:

I get it, I get it!

All rivers are shallow, all leaves are circled, animals have disappeared in the forests ...

Let's be together to save animals and birds,

Plant forests and walk along them, sing songs.

Bonfires do not burn from branches, those that are still alive.

Do not take revenge on us, mother nature, because we are dear to you!

Before it's too late, we get up in orderly rows

And we will protect the Earth, we will save it ourselves!


What happened to you people? What if all will not be?

There will be no song of birds and the noise of a brook?

You will not meet the beast, do not catch a fish!

This is not what you all sought for sure!

There will be no flowers, grass and rivers on the planet.

What will you do then, a little grain of sand?

'Cause I can die, burn like a match in the sky

In outer space you do not saturate the Earth.


Animal extermination is an environmental issue.

The script of the propaganda team of our young ecologists urgently needs to be changed.


Hey commander, do you hear?

You sit quieter than a mouse!

Keeper appointed YOU Mother Earth.

Love the water you drop, love the old woman heron,

Save the animals in nature.

Do not be extravagant!

When you save the earth

You yourself will become noble!

Action Ten: A proposal for the inhabitants of the Earth

Sun (referring to the commander of the environmental propaganda team):

Earth's Environmental Code

You take yourself home.

And remember for life:

Before it's too late, wake up!

Nature does not forgive mistakes

You will understand for yourself.


Appreciate all the wealth

What did you get for nothing -

Fields, forests and mountains.

End the contention!

Create a Temple of Nature:


Kids will be yours

In nature, a wonderful Temple!

All students go on stage and bow to the Earth.

Final song

The commander of the environmental propaganda team begins to sing a song. The participants of the "Green Patrol" join him, from the third verse in front of them the younger agitation brigade enters the stage. They all sing in unison.

The commander of the environmental propaganda team:

Go to nature with good.

Her you, as a mother, appreciate!

She will answer kindly:

Forest turn into a house!

green campaign patrol scenario

Participants of the Green Patrol environmental campaign team:

The birds will sing to all the voices

And the dew will shine on the grass.

The skies above you will be clear.

Bringing love and peace to the souls of all!

Participants of the elementary school propaganda team:

Nature is your family

Animals and birds are relatives.

You give them peace

Save the earth, Commander.


Let's be with you

We will become worthy of the sons of the Earth:

We clean every pond

And in the new world, as in the house, let’s enter.

We protect all the smaller brothers,

Earth health back!

Everyone will answer, everyone will say

Our planet is the best!

After all, she has such children -

And they are responsible for her!

Everyone holds hands and bow. Planets-judges come forward, bow. The earth comes out separately and also bows to the audience. Then comes the green campaign "green patrol" led by the Commander, bowing. Following them are the students of the younger agitation brigade.

The applause of the audience.

A curtain.


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