Beige manicure with sparkles: ideas, fashion trends

One of the components of a beautiful appearance is the perfect appearance of nails. Today, any woman knows that to achieve dazzling gloss and maximum wear resistance was made possible thanks to gel polish. A manicure made in this way is not only beautiful, but also helps protect your own nails. Due to this, girls with brittle nail plates have the opportunity to grow them a little more than their usual length. Beige is my favorite color. In the article, we will tell you which options for beige manicure with sparkles choose modern stylish girls.

Why beige

With the beginning of a new decade, namely 2010, the whole nude color scheme has become firmly in fashion. Gentle, as if weightless shades were so loved by women of all ages, which to this day, are the most frequent in choosing the color of the nails. The whole palette from milky to powdery also refers to nude shades.

Beige nails with sparkles

Beige manicure is universal and does not require the choice of a particular style. However, in order to somehow diversify beige nails, the girls choose a brilliant design. After all, iridescent elements refresh and make nails brighter. That is why beige manicure with sparkles is an ideal option for those who want to combine naturalness and chic.

Beige Gold Glitter Design

If you are looking for an original design of nails in a minimalist style, we offer a beige manicure with gold sparkles, diluted in black. The combination of light and dark shades always looks advantageous and stylish.

To make a manicure gel polish, you will need everything you need for this procedure.

beige nails with glitter

1. Having prepared the nail plates and degreasing them, proceed with applying a thin layer of primer. This fluid is needed so that the gel polish is better in contact with the nail and more evenly applied to the surface. Apply a small amount and allow to dry. The primer does not need drying under the LED lamp and dries in air in a few seconds.

2. Now take the base gel polish. Shake it to make the consistency uniform and apply to the nails. Apply as thin a layer as possible, otherwise the varnish will not dry out. Then bring it under the lamp and dry for 1 minute.

3. Apply three colors of gel polish to your nails: shiny, beige and black. Apply a thin layer as well. Now dry in the lamp. And cover your nails with a second layer. Dry it.

4. On the index finger in this design is a straight horizontal black stripe. This choice is quite popular today. A manicure with even shapes and stripes looks stylish and unusual. Take a thin brush with a long nap and get some black polish. Now draw the most even strip. Dry in the lamp.

5. As you can see, the nails in the photo have a matte finish. This can be achieved thanks to the topcoat with a matte finish. By applying such a gel polish, you will achieve that the glossy effect changes to matte. Cover them with all but the shiny nails. Do not forget to seal the free ends of the nail plates. Just swipe the brush with the top along the edges, as if framing them. It is this secret that is fundamental to a quality manicure. Dry the manicure in the lamp. Cover the nail with shiny gel polish with a regular top.

Shiny patterns

Another beautiful option for nail art is a manicure with shiny patterns.

beige nails with a pattern

The combination of pink-beige gel polish and black sparkles looks especially beautiful. To create a design you will need shiny finely ground powder for manicure and a special flat fan brush.

The entire technique of applying gel polish remains the same, but the design requires special attention. To apply a glitter pattern to an already prepared nail, you will need a dry thin brush and a top coat. Draw a pattern on the nail, trying to repeat all the lines in the same way as shown in the photo. Now take a fan brush and draw some sparkles right from the jar. Sprinkle the sparkles with a shaking motion on a translucent pattern. Next, dry the nail under the lamp for a minute. When the gel polish hardens, take a dry brush and brush off the excess sparkles from the nail plate. The brilliant pattern will remain in place.

To make the nail completely shiny, apply a layer of top gel polish on its entire surface and, without drying, do the same procedure as described above. The main rule of this design is to never crush loose sparkles with your finger. Otherwise, you risk spoiling the manicure.

Delicate nude manicure with large sequins

If you prefer something more calm, then we recommend you the following idea of ​​beige manicure with sparkles. For such a design, you will need a gel polish with large gold sequins and a foam sponge.

gold glitter nails

How to make beige manicure with sparkles? To achieve this effect, you need to apply a little gel polish on the sponge. After that, drive the sparkles into the nail with a driving motion. The sponge absorbs an unnecessary amount of transparent gel polish and leaves only shiny elements. After application, dry under a lamp and cover your nails with a topcoat. This design is perfect for the average length of the nails.

Striped manicure

Recently, beige gel polish in manicure with sparkles and stripes is quite fashionable. Unlike the first option with a horizontal strip, in this type of nail art the stripes are not drawn with a brush.

beige nails with stripes

In order for the strips to be even and of the same thickness, you will need a golden gel polish and a ribbon for nails. Apply gold polish to your nails and dry. Next, cut a small piece of tape and stick it on the nail so that a few millimeters of length remain on each edge. Next, cover your nails with dense texture beige gel polish. After drying, carefully remove the tape and apply a top.

Brilliant ballerina

As you know, the fashion for the form of nails is changing as rapidly as the fashion for certain types of decor in the nail industry. Trends in recent seasons indicate that the most popular form is the "ballerina". It got its name because of its similarity to pointe shoes. If you make nails of this type, you will need the same stylish manicure. We offer ideas for beige manicure with sparkles. For it you will need: gel polish with fine sparkles and a dense texture, rhinestones and transparent velvet sand. In the photo there is a gentle beige manicure with sparkles.

long nails

How to make a decor with sand

Apply one coat of beige dense gel polish to the nails and dry for 1 minute. Next, apply the base on the nail and, without drying, place rhinestones on it. You need to do this with tweezers. Dry in the lamp. Take a thin brush and, having gathered a little top varnish, circle the rhinestones around. Then dry again under the lamp. Cover the nails with another layer of beige varnish, without touching the rhinestones. Now sprinkle on them transparent sand and dry. When the sand grasps with your fingernail, brush off the excess and enjoy the beautiful manicure with glitter gel polish.


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