Is Mocachino coffee or cocoa? Mokachino recipe

True chocolate lovers prefer to feel its taste in everything: cold desserts, pastries, drinks. And of course, coffee in this case is no exception.

Traditional mokachino coffee - what is it?

A coffee drink with a pronounced chocolate flavor - this is Mokachino. He gained particular popularity on the North American continent. However, in European and Asian countries, fragrant coffee with chocolate is loved no less.

Mokachino is
Mocachino is a coffee with the addition of milk and hot chocolate or cocoa, reminiscent of the taste of classic latte. That is why many consider this drink its variety. However, there is a difference between them: hot chocolate is added to Mokachino , but not to latte.

Not everyone adheres to the traditional recipe for the preparation of this drink invented by the Americans. But, despite this, Mokachino is prepared in all countries, which is why its popularity is only growing.

Mocachino or mocha?

The word "mocaccino" ( mocaccino ) has Italian roots. The same name for the coffee drink is still preserved on the European part of the continent. However, the homeland of Mokachino coffee is actually considered America. And yet its name here sounds different.

Mocha - this is what Americans call this drink with a rich chocolate flavor. Such an option for making coffee, they loved it so much that no breakfast is complete without his participation. But the moka with the same name has one of the varieties of arabica, which causes some confusion. In fact, there is not much in common between natural coffee brewed using ground mocha and a coffee drink made from espresso, milk, and chocolate.

Mokachino coffee
So what is mokachino? This is not coffee or cocoa, but a coffee drink with a pronounced chocolate taste and aroma.

Serving mokachino

Traditionally served mokachino in tall glass thin-walled glasses on a leg or a transparent glass. In appearance, it is very similar to an exquisite cocktail or drink. This is explained by the fact that the components of the Mokachino coffee in an ideal design should fill the container in a certain sequence, so that some layering is obtained.

Just as there are several recipes for making this drink, there are different options for serving it. Subject to the exact classical recipes, Mokachino is poured into a glass, alternating layers. Otherwise, all the ingredients are mixed at once, and the drink can be served in a cup, like a cappuccino or latte.

Composition and calorie content

This wonderful invigorating drink contains only three main ingredients: coffee, milk and chocolate.

Mokachino coffee what is it
As for the first component, it is ideally better to use espresso brewed in a coffee machine. No less delicious is the Mokachino, prepared in Turk from natural ground Arabica beans. What certainly does not fit the recipe is instant coffee. You will not be able to enjoy a real tasty drink with it.

You can use any chocolate in the recipe. A richer taste has a drink made from real dark chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa. Those who prefer a soft and delicate taste of the drink, it is better to use milk or even white chocolate.

Mocachino, which includes only three ingredients, can optionally be supplemented with whipped cream, chocolate chips, cocoa or cinnamon.

The calorie content of Mokachino directly depends on the type of chocolate that is used in the drink, and is about 270 kcal per 100 grams. You need to focus on the number of calories that is indicated on the package of chocolate.

Classic Mocachino Recipe

For traditional Mokachino, it is necessary to prepare 50 ml of freshly brewed natural coffee, 100 ml of milk and 50 ml of hot chocolate in advance.

how to make mokachino
First, chocolate melted in a water bath is poured into a glass. For a milder taste, it is necessary to add a couple of tablespoons of cream to it. Then warm milk is gently poured over the wall of the glass. If everything is done correctly and slowly, then the layers will not connect together. Milk can be taken 20-30 ml more than indicated in the recipe. From this, the taste of the drink will benefit.

Espresso from a coffee machine or natural coffee brewed in a turk serves as the last layer in Mokachino. If desired, the drink can be decorated with whipped cream, grated chocolate and even half a marshmallow. Anyone who loves latte should definitely try a mokachino. It is not only quick and easy, but also very tasty.

Cocoa Turkish Mocachino

When making Mokachino, chocolate is sometimes replaced with cocoa. The drink from this does not get worse, but its taste is slightly different from the traditional recipe.

How to make Mokachino in Turkish? Such a drink is brewed in a Turk, and the ingredients are not prepared separately from one another, but are mixed immediately in one container.

mokachino composition
So, mix 2 teaspoons of coffee with 3 teaspoons of cocoa powder, add sugar to taste and 50 ml of water. After the mass warms up, it is necessary to pour 200 ml of hot milk and 50 ml of cream. Simmer until frothy. Turn off the fire, let it brew for several minutes, until the foam settles, and you can pour it into glasses.

Since the drink does not have such an interesting layering as in the previous recipe, you can pour it into ordinary cups. In any case, all coffee lovers will be able to enjoy the amazing taste of a real Mokachino. This is truly a divine and unique drink! And most importantly, it is easy and quick to prepare for breakfast and throughout the day.


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