Beautiful design with gel polishes: ideas for fashionable manicure and photos

It has long been customary to consider manicure an important part of the female image. Almost everyone is trying to make their appearance more attractive and well-groomed. Not every lady can have long nails: for some this is forbidden by a working dress code, while for others it is simply inconvenient to walk with them. But a beautiful design for short nails with gel polish can also be organized. It will be unforgettable and spectacular.

Design on short nails

beautiful gel polish design

Masters of nail art have developed a wide variety of design options. You can choose any one that matches the taste or even the mood. Gel varnishes are famous for a large palette of colors, so they can make a manicure unforgettable. Having chosen the desired design, you can safely go to the salon to bring it to life.

Each man first of all pays attention to how a woman takes care of herself. So that your husband is proud of you, and others only envy him, you need to monitor not only the face and hair, but also manicure. After all, accuracy indicates that a person loves order and cleanliness in absolutely everything. At the first meeting, a manicure is always noticeable. Only after that will an opinion be formed about the girl.

Inimitable nail art

Beautiful design with gel polish can be done in different ways, the choice depends on personal preference. Regardless of whether the manicure is catchy or not, everyone will pay attention to you if it is done by a professional. Nail art can be of various types:

  • monophonic;
  • gradient (smooth transition from one color to another);
  • French manicure;
  • moon manicure;
  • thematic (it is done on the eve of any holiday, for example, on the eve of the New Year or Valentine's Day);
  • drawings;
  • various patterns.

In order for the varnish to hold well, it is necessary to use a base coat, and cover the top with a fixative. An important role is played by high-quality varnish. Also, a beautiful design of manicure with gel polish will turn out if you combine harmoniously the colors. It is worth noting that the design on short and long nails will definitely be different.

It is very important that the nails are healthy before the procedure. Remember that you need to remove gel polish with high-quality means, otherwise you will cause great harm to your nail plate.

Classic manicure

gel polish beautiful design photo

For girls who prefer minimalism, a solid option is a plain manicure, lunar or regular jacket. It impresses with its tenderness and lightness on the nails.

This season, fashionable tones that are close to natural - nude or pastel. They can be suitable not only for the holiday, but also for everyday life. New items of beautiful nail design with gel polish impress with their originality. Some masters combine lunar manicure with a French jacket, and delicate and discreet drawings can be an addition.

If we talk about monophonic coating, then this design can be both glossy and matte. It looks equally beautiful on both long and short nails.

Patterns and drawings

A beautiful gel polish design made with additional patterns or drawings will always be very popular. This season pleases girls with various original drawings, they can decorate the nails of any lady. Monogram patterns, all kinds of stickers and art paintings are especially popular. To create a special design on the nails, many manicure artists use a technique called stamping (drawing on nails is transferred using stamps).

Unusual looks and is considered spectacular painting on wet gel polish. The beauty of the blurry pattern will make your nails unforgettable and unusual. After all, it may not be possible to execute the same pattern later, therefore it is considered to be original and unique.

Matte manicure

manicure beautiful design gel polish

This gel polish design looks simple and beautiful. It is also considered very popular all over the world. Matte manicure is combined with various coatings and patterns. It is performed in different colors. The idea looks gorgeous both in pastel shades and in any bright ones. It looks incredible even in a white palette.

Inimitable Ombre

beautiful nail design gel polish news

This season, not only the classic ombre is fashionable, but also diagonal, as well as with a graphic gradient. The originality of this design speaks for itself. It is done not only on long, but also on short nails. The shape for it can also be different. Some experts came to the conclusion that the ombre looks best on the shape of the nails called the โ€œsoft squareโ€. The surface can be made as glossy or matte.

Gloss in gel polish

The cat's eye manicure looks attractive and noticeable. Most often it is performed in dark colors. The most suitable shades for it: green, black and blue. The salons began to offer beautiful designs with gel polish called "chameleon". He is able to change his color from a temperature drop or light.

Do not ignore the unusual design made by gel polish, with the application of craquelure. A peculiar effect will make your nails unusual and spectacular. Also it will be a unique drawing.

If you have been tired of monophonic manicure for a long time, then the above decor will make your nails especially beautiful and original.

Rhinestone Manicure

beautiful design on short nails with gel polish

A simple and beautiful nail design with gel polish can be supplemented with several beads or rhinestones. You can add these elements on one nail or several. Here the design itself and the size of the rhinestone play a role. If a manicure is done for everyday life, it is advisable to add a small amount of pebbles, and if for a special party, then it is allowed to use them as much as you like.

Camouflage gel polish

This new product appeared not so long ago. Kamifubuki are sparkles, only large sizes. They are very similar to confetti, but they can be found not only round. A manicure made by gel polish, which is decorated with kamifubuki, will be original and unusual. If they are laid out in a certain order, then a chic design will be provided. They can be decorated as all nails, or several. Originality from this will not become less.

Velvet in manicure

gel polish design is simple and beautiful

To create this incredible and beautiful design will help acrylic powder. Velvety drawings can be done on all nails or on several. It is also important to cover the entire area of โ€‹โ€‹the nail plate with velvet or just depict strips, other patterns. This design with gel polish is simple and beautiful, very often girls make it in the cold season.

Geometry in manicure.

nail design simple and beautiful gel polish

Geometry in manicure is gaining more and more popularity every year. According to forecasts, she will be in fashion next year. It is because of the geometry that various patterns and flowers have faded into the background, girls have become more fond of fashionable nail design. The geometry on the nails looks attractive and unusual. You can draw it yourself, but when using gel polish it just seems so simple. Better to go to the salon. There, the master will draw you any geometric patterns.

To make a beautiful design with gel polish that complements the geometry, follow these steps:

  1. Sealing the edge of the nail plate, apply the main color of the varnish.
  2. Dry in a UV lamp.
  3. If the layer requires a second application, then repeat the procedure.
  4. Dry again.
  5. For drawing you need a thin brush. Use it to draw various stripes, figures or zigzags. If you do not like to use a brush, then you can purchase various stencils. You can use scotch tape at home.
  6. Dry it.
  7. After drawing the picture, cover the nail plate with a protective varnish.
  8. Finally, dry in an ultraviolet lamp.

It follows that such drawings are not too difficult to complete. You can not draw them on all nails, just do it on a few. Optionally, the lines must be the same. If they differ, this will make the manicure special. It is important that all nails are in the same style. You can see a photo of beautiful design with gel polish above.


Each girl chooses for herself a design that she likes. Most can make it thematic, that is, for any holiday or event. If you perform a manicure in the summer, then the limits of imagination, as a rule, do not end, because almost all colors and decorations can be suitable for this time of year. It is also necessary that not only nails are an important link in the overall image. Makeup also plays a role.

Gel polishes give you the opportunity to go with a manicure for up to four weeks. It is convenient for many girls. For example, on vacation you will not have enough time to complete a regular manicure. The main thing is to choose good manicure professionals and quality coating material.


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