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The Uchi.ru online platform is a unique all-Russian portal that allows children and their parents to study school subjects without leaving home. The interactive school is freely available, and specially designed programs are ideal not only for students, but also for workers in the field of education. What do the reviews and reviews about Uchi.ru say and is it possible to improve knowledge thanks to the online platform?

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A bit about the service

Uchi.ru appeared on the World Wide Web relatively recently - in 2015. The platform symbol was funny dinosaurs, which can now be seen in the educational animated series "Zavriki". The service itself is a place where courses and methods are developed that allow children to pull up the school curriculum.

Statistics conducted by the project organizers show that today the online platform is very popular throughout Russia: more than 10,000 schools and 1,000,000 students study with Uchi.ru. This is not counting those children who work together according to the methods of the project.

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How to register?

If you want to register on the site, then you must be either a teacher or educator, or the parent of one of the students. Unfortunately, for the sake of interest, access to your account will not work. To avoid overload on the server, the project administration checks the data of registered teachers:

  • Parent. In this case, in order to register at Uchi.ru and gain access to the parent account, you need to contact the child's class teacher. The teacher should give out a special key (code) that will help you to complete the registration, and then monitor the progress of your children and deal with them according to the proposed methods.
  • Educator and teacher. First of all, teachers must register at Uchi.ru in order to give the key to parents. To do this, enter in special cells information such as email address, real name and current phone number, city of work and the full name of the school, indicate the class to be taught and choose a program, for example, for grades 5-9. After this, it is important for the teacher to create a list of his class, where such data as F.I.O. Thanks to the smart system, the Uchi.ru platform will generate non-repeating codes. It is these keys that will allow parents to access educational courses.

Participation in Olympiads

The main feature of the Uchi.ru project is that it gives you the opportunity to participate in both internal and national competitions. This allows not only to test your knowledge, but also to earn the title of intellectual and educated student. For example, the Uchi.ru Mathematics Olympiad is very popular, with more than 100,000 schoolchildren participating in the country. Children who have proven themselves and have shown the best results receive a certificate, diploma or diploma that can be used on admission - although these awards are issued in electronic form, they are easily accepted at many educational institutions.

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What subjects can be studied?

Another feature of the online platform is the ability to study the entire school curriculum. Uchi.ru specializes in creating and developing courses in specific subjects. Therefore, it is required that teachers necessarily indicate their class, qualifications and education. The main subjects in Uchi.ru are mathematics, Russian, English and other school disciplines.

It all depends on the curriculum - the older the student, the more subjects are opened for study. All methods and courses are developed in accordance with state standards.

Service concept

The learning process with Uchi.ru has become easier and more fun for children, because the service has a bright design with funny characters. Cute illustrations encourage children with interesting tasks, and the color scheme does not strain their eyes and does not cause fatigue among schoolchildren.

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Uchi.ru is a unique and smart system, because it is able to analyze the success of a student and develop a further program for him. That is, all tasks can be obtained when the test work is completed. The peculiarity of the project is that it does not cause negative emotions in children when they are not able to solve any problem. For this, the system prompts the correct answers, guiding the child and developing his logical thinking.

More recently, a special plan has been devised that would motivate children to gain knowledge. For this, the developers have created a unique animated series, which can only be viewed after passing a specific task. However, there is a minus to the project: you can study school subjects at Uchi.ru for free only until 16:00, while the children are in the classroom at the educational institution. In the evening (after 16:00) you can perform only 20 exciting tasks, and to get endless access it is important to purchase a subscription, the cost of which does not exceed 150-300 rubles per month. Reviews about Uchi.ru prove that this amount completely covers the cost of teaching a child at tutors, whose classes cost 500-1,000 rubles per hour.

Why is the platform perfect for teachers?

Teachers, however, like students or parents, can improve their skills through viewing webinars from project managers. As a rule, they cover issues not only regarding the subject itself, but also help the teacher become more competent in the issue of information transfer.

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In addition, the unique service "Uchi.ru" analyzes the success of each student and tells the teacher what emphasis needs to be done to tighten the knowledge of their students. All this is presented in the form of statistics, where you can see the success of the child, the number of completed tasks and perfect mistakes.

Reviews and Opinions

Reviews about Uchi.ru prove that this online platform helps to improve knowledge in many school subjects. And the game form of training makes the process fascinating and interesting. With the all-Russian service, children become more diligent and interested. Statistics prove that the desire to learn the system on the site only increases every day - this is an excellent indicator of progress.

Reviews and reviews about "Uchi.ru":

  1. Parents are delighted with the experiment with a motivating cartoon - children are more willing to do.
  2. The platform is developing and becoming more popular, new courses, webinars and seminars are appearing.
  3. The only minus of the service is a paid premium account that allows you to engage on the site without restrictions. However, many parents forget that this project was created by interested parties, without any support. And 300 rubles a month is not such a big amount to help the child get full knowledge.
  4. Children enthusiastically learn on the platform. The materials are written in an accessible language, so it is easier for students to master the information.

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What is the difference between the platform and similar ones?

  • Firstly, the developed service individually processes the data of each student. Thanks to this, the platform offers completely different teaching methods. For example, if a child often makes mistakes, then the process of learning subjects changes - tasks and games are modified, explanations and additional help appear, and thorough work on mistakes is carried out.
  • Secondly, the symbol Dino (funny dinosaur) constantly leads a dialogue with the child, prompting him where to click and how to start the tasks. Everything is adapted so that the student feels as if he is in an educational institution.
  • Thirdly, students in grades 1-2 can learn in a playful way, with the help of which they get acquainted with the outside world.

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Despite the fact that initially the Uchi.ru online platform relied on the study of mathematics, many students fell in love with it. Therefore, new courses began to be developed and now students of grades 1–9 can be fully prepared in such subjects as Russian and English, the world around them. Numerous and regular Olympiads develop in children a craving for knowledge, perseverance and determination. We can safely say that the service encourages kids to strive for leadership, and for this it is necessary to constantly develop their abilities.

Today, children in all cities of Russia are engaged in this platform, starting from Moscow and ending with Vladivostok and Surgut. At holidays, the mascot of the service often appears - the red-yellow dinosaur Dino, attending schools, giving kids toys and an exciting show program.

Now parents can watch the progress of their children, and the children will learn how to do their homework on their own. It is definitely recommended to register in this service, because numerous positive reviews prove that Uchi.ru is one of the best places for developing the child’s abilities and intelligence.

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