French multicolored - new trends in nail design

Fashionistas became even happier with the advent of the classic French manicure, and all thanks to its harmonious combination with any images and a fairly simple technique. Nothing stands still in this world, and the standards of fashion and beauty are no exception. Developing at a rapid pace, they mutate everything in their path.

So the French manicure, having undergone changes, became even brighter and acquired more spectacular features. The usual light and neutral tones change to a diverse range of colors and their various combinations. There is no limit to fantasy. French manicure today can be performed in a variety of options. A multi-colored jacket on nails (a photo of which can be seen in any fashion magazine) is a clear confirmation of this.

multicolored french

Position change

This is a new kind of nail design. This multi-colored jacket on nails has broken all stereotypes. Between the classic colors there was a change of places: the plate is white, the tip of the nail is brown, pink, beige. Now completely different combinations are possible, even of such a Gothic character as a combination of black and pink colors.

Lunar manicure, or F rench multi-colored "inverted"

The base with this design is considered the tip of the nail and it is at the base that they draw a β€œsmile” (hole) in white, and the surface is painted in black or any other color that you like.

multi-colored jacket on nails

Classic french multi-colored

Several varnishes of the same color (but different shades) are used when performing this type of manicure. The edge of the nail is covered with dark varnish, the remaining surface is lighter, or vice versa. Another version of this design: one of the fingers (or rather its free edge) is decorated with rhinestones or a pattern. It is advisable to do this on one finger, so as not to overdo it.

multi-colored jacket on nails photo

Holiday option - millenium-french

Shiny and sparkling materials are laid out on the tip of the nail, it can be mica, rhinestones, micro dust and shiny dust, sparkles. French multicolored with shiny decorative elements is perfect for a festive manicure.

Wedding or funny-french

This type of design includes a huge number of various decorations: dried flowers and fresh flowers, fimo in the form of fruits, art modeling, etc. French traditions with this design are preserved, since only the tip of the nail is decorated. Small parts remain outside or are sealed under a layer of gel. French multi-colored wedding - this is unlimited scope for imagination.

New form

With this type of design, the "multi-colored french" line-border separating the tip of the nail from the rest of the area is drawn not only in the form of a "smile" and a crescent, a new shape appears - beveled, and in any direction, both left and right. With this design of nails, vertical and triangular borders, and even zigzag lines, can be used. The author is left with only a choice of color scheme.

Extra French

The color scheme of the tip and the base can be completely different and even contrast. This style is based on a simple solution, the free edge line is drawn in a radically different color. For example, the entire surface of the plate was painted yellow, the tip blue.

The nail industry literally reached a new level thanks to French manicure, and it also has its own rules and aesthetics. Now the main rule of the service has become the complete absence of any rules. Any fashionista can afford to create and give vent to unlimited fantasies.


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