Installation of mechanical anti-theft systems. Review of the best models

Mechanical anti-theft systems have been in great demand for motorists for quite some time. The Russian market today provides an extensive range of mechanical anti-theft devices from a wide variety of manufacturers. However, not all products are of high quality, good technical equipment and authority of the enterprise.

The review of the best models of anti-theft devices includes an individual anti-theft system "Dragon" and a fundamentally new security device "Interception".

Mechanical locks "Dragon"

DRAGON or "Dragon" - anti - theft mechanical blockers of domestic production. In the automotive market - since 2000 .

The main distinguishing features of anti-theft devices DRAGON are considered:

  • Individual development of locks for each make and model of the car, taking into account the features of their designs.
  • The ability to use a mechanical anti-theft system, consisting of several locks.

There are several types of DRAGON mechanical locks that are designed to lock:

  • gearboxes (automatic transmission, manual transmission) and transfer case;
  • steering shaft;
  • the hood.

The installation of DRAGON mechanical anti-theft systems eliminates the possibility of the vehicle moving when it is hijacked, and also prevents access to the engine compartment due to the mechanical blocking of moving parts and assemblies of the vehicle.

Installation of a lock on manual transmission, automatic transmission and transfer case

Installation of mechanical anti-theft systems

The mechanical anti-theft device "Dragon" on the gearbox is mounted under the console and with the help of a special pin does not allow you to shift gears.

In order to block the manual transmission, it is necessary to move the lever to the "reverse gear" position. For automatic transmission, the lever should be moved to the Parking position. Then the "lock" mechanism with a special pin.

To unlock the device, just turn the key and remove the released pin in the holder.

A DRAGON mechanical lock mounted on the transfer gearbox prevents access to the gearshift control mechanism on all-wheel drive vehicles. When trying to hijack, DRAGON will not allow the vehicle to tow, blocking the transfer gearbox in the neutral position.

To secure the transfer gearbox, you need to move the lever to a lower gear (to the "L" position) and then close the mechanism with a special pin. To unlock the device, turn the key and remove the released pin in the holder.

The manufacturer recommends installing this type of lock as an additional to the mechanical lock of the main gearbox. For some car models, even single locks for the main and transfer gearboxes are even produced.

Installing the lock on the steering shaft

Anti-theft device Dragon

The DRAGON mechanical anti-theft device (on the steering shaft) is designed to lock the steering system of the vehicle.

When trying to hijack a mechanical interlock creates an obstacle for turning the steering wheel, which makes it impossible to control the car.

In order to block the steering shaft, it needs to be turned into the position of standard fixation and secured with a special pin with a larva. To unlock, use the key that you need to turn to remove the pin. In this case, the freed pin must be removed in the holder.

This type of mechanical interlocks reliably resists all technical means of dismantling, as they are made of carbide materials and high-strength steel.

The design of DRAGON anti-theft devices is compact and designed with an individual approach for each type of vehicle. Locks do not change the interior design and fit perfectly into the interior of the car.

Installing the lock on the hood

Anti-theft system Dragon

The DRAGON mechanical lock is designed to eliminate malicious attempts to gain access to the engine compartment. The cable structure lock blocks the standard hood unlocking mechanism.

Locking is carried out using a special button-larva, built into the car interior. Unlocking is possible only with a key.

DRAGON mechanical anti-theft lock for the hood of a car, as a rule, creates serious interference with the hijacker:

  • does not disable the standard and additionally installed alarms;
  • does not disable the immobilizer;
  • does not allow electric circuits directly related to starting the engine;
  • does not allow the theft of aggregates and components of the engine compartment hood.

The highest degree of protection is provided in combination with hood locks with an immobilizer or an alarm.

Advantages of the Dragon Anti-Theft System

  • Multilevel protection. The main advantage of DRAGON locks is the possibility of more reliable protection of your car, thanks to the simultaneous use of two or more anti-theft devices. The owner of the anti-theft master kit DRAGON has the ability to manage the entire security complex with just one key.
  • Individual design for each type of car. DRAGON is suitable for equipping many car models, both passenger cars and minibuses of foreign and domestic production. Both left and right-hand drive.
  • Increased stealth. DRAGON locks are difficult to detect in the cabin, as they are practically invisible and are located in places that are hidden from prying eyes (inside the center console of the gearbox, under the dashboard or in the glove box).
  • Stylish design. The thoughtful appearance of the external elements of the anti-theft locks is ideally combined with the interior design of the car. A large selection of fittings allows you to choose the right gamma to match the interior color.
  • Reliability. Serial production of DRAGON mechanical anti-theft systems is carried out on modern equipment, using unique technologies and high-quality materials.

"Interception" - anti-theft device

Anti-theft mechanical locks

Ninety percent of the cars where the mechanical anti-theft systems were installed are, according to statistics, opened by bumping, master keys or coils by penetrating the keyhole.

As a result, fundamentally new anti-theft mechanical blockers were invented - without a keyhole. One of these security systems is "Interception" - an anti-theft system.

"Interception-Universal" is a mechanical anti-theft device of domestic production. It has been produced since 2008.

The main distinguishing feature of Interception-Universal is the absence of a traditional keyhole, which guarantees reliable protection against the main types of tampering (master keys, bumping, convolutes).

The principle of operation "Interception-Universal" is that the installation of mechanical anti-theft systems on the steering wheel of the car in the closed state does not allow the steering wheel to rotate and blocks the operation of the pedals.

Installation of security systems "Interception-Universal"

Interception - anti-theft device

"Interception-Universal" has a complete set consisting of a housing and a removable mechanical lock. The housing is mounted on the steering shaft and without a fixed lock does not create obstacles to control the steering wheel and pedals of a car. When the interlock is inserted into the housing, interference is created for driving the vehicle.

The housing has a detachable design that covers the steering shaft. Inside the case there is a space for inserting the lock. There are also screws securing the housing to the steering shaft, access to which is blocked by a lock installed in place.

The mechanical interlock is a basic locking device, the basis for the Interception series of locking devices. The lock is made on the basis of unique developments of the company's specialists. It consists of a secret section of the original design, a thickened case that protects from rough exposure, and a gripping part that is firmly fixed to the bow of the case.

Locking the anti-theft system is easy and fast, in one motion, by installing the lock in the housing with the gripping part and turning it a little around the axis. To close the lock, a key is not required.

Advantages of the anti-theft mechanical device “Interception-Universal”

Mechanical anti-theft system "Interception"

- Unique lock design. There is no keyhole.

- Reliability. The lock is made of stainless steel, which prevents it from rusting.

- Original key. Non-standard equipment of the key does not allow forging it.

- Easy to install and remove.

- Additional accessories. The device can be equipped with a Taormina Testa Di Moro genuine leather case, and this:

  • installation of noise insulation on the car (the lock will not rattle in the pocket of the door);
  • comfortable installation of the lock in the winter.

- Undemanding in leaving. Not afraid of dirt, sand and dust. Needs no maintenance and lubrication.

- 5 year warranty.

- Low cost. The price of the device is lower than that of other mechanical locks available on the Russian automobile market.

- The best blocker according to the magazine “Behind the wheel”.


A detailed description of the two most popular mechanical locks should help the motorist make the right choice. We hope that the installation of mechanical anti-theft systems will protect your car from intruders.


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