Party in the style of "Hipsters" - the most original scenario!

dude party
To hold a party in the style of "Hipsters", you need to pay special attention to the walls. One of them should be bright red and decorated with colorful scarves and ties. As well as photographs of the American dollar and saxophone. The second wall is gray, with Soviet badges, a tie of pioneers.

Clothing for the event party in the style of "Hipsters"

The photo from this event clearly shows what clothes should be. Girls in bright skirts with colored belts at the waist. You can tie a scarf around your neck or put a bezel on your head. Guys in checkered, bright jackets, shirts, colored ties are the hallmark of a dude.

Party in the style of "Hipsters": a scenario of a competitive entertainment program

It will be necessary to purchase ribbons in advance - red and colorful, the length and quantity depend on how many participants there will be. It is important that there are enough ribbons for everyone (two). Ties should be bright and made of dense fabric. Putting on ties and ribbons, the presenter devotes people to the style.


The host chooses 4 guests. It will take 4 ties, necessarily bright, which are tied in the simplest way. The leader acts as a commissioner. He will have to cut a piece of tie for those who do not have time to answer the question. At the end, the length of the ties is compared - for those who have longer, the motley ribbon, and the rest - red. Thus, the final initiation into dudes takes place.

Party in the style of "Dandies" - questions to the quiz from the same movie

The commissioner asks who will answer first - the tie will remain intact.

1. Fred gave Mels a book, which one? (Kamasutra)

dude party script
2. Mels worked part time to get his own clothes. How did he work? (He unloaded the vogons)

3. Mels bought himself the first style thing, which one? (Tie)

4. What is the name of the film was proposed to choose initially? (Boogie on the bones)

5. The name Mels - how is it decoded? (Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin)

6. What was Bob's nationality? (Jew)

7. The dude Drin was taken to the service. Where to? (On the sub)

8. What is a phaser? (The father of one of the dudes)

9. β€œBreak” - what does it mean? (Walk along the Boulevard)

The results of the quiz are summarized.


Find and prepare the following music in advance:

1. "Boogie Woogie" from the movie "Hipsters."

2. Soviet and American rock and roll.

3. "I am what I need" - Syutkin.

3 guys and three girls are invited to dance. The best pair gets colorful ribbons, and the rest get red ones.

Styled translators

dude party photo
The host chooses 7 people who have not yet participated in competitions. They will have to translate the lines of the songs.

1. Hatok fell to the floor! (Hat fell, fell to the floor)

2. My blue-eyed girl! (My blue-eyed girl)

3. And I am in orange shoes folk style! (And I dance lezginka in orange shoes)

4. I became a loyal dude orange style hijack! (An orange tie became my faithful companion)

5. Tachila - tachila, take it away - bring it! (Taxi, taxi)

6. I throw and heal break in the capital! (I am walking in Moscow)

7. Oh, stand on Bob, dudes are joking! (Oh, Wan, look what clowns!)

The 3 people who translated the most receive colored ribbons, and the rest receive red ones.


When the party in the style of "Dandies" comes to an end, the ribbons are counted - whoever has more colorful ones, then gets a prize at the discretion of the hosts (for example: a discount coupon to a brand store; invitation cards to a restaurant; theater ticket). The rest of the consolation prizes - a box of chocolates or a bottle of champagne.


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