Numerology of a name of a surname of a middle name in Vedic culture

Numerology as a phenomenon has become very widespread among different peoples. In addition, it is such an ancient cultural phenomenon that it is even impossible to roughly indicate when it came to us.

One of the earliest sources is the Vedic system, in which entire sections are built entirely on the magic of numbers. Both in the Western and in the Vedic system, numerology of a surname is most often ensured by carrying out various kinds of actions on the numbers of letters. This is understandable, because, as a rule, people are known and self-identifiable, primarily by their surname or by their first name.

A feature of the Vedic tradition is that it usually takes into consideration the name and surname together, at the same time. To explain this is also quite simple, since ancient times, the name of the Indians was made up of the name of their own and clan (clan), therefore it was assumed that these two words contained the concentration of one’s own destiny and a devotee by inheritance. Later, as the Upanishads mention, one more word was added to these names, which was either a nickname or a nickname that was given to a person in accordance with his social status or recognition of his position in society. By the way, this tradition also existed in Europe, for example, in Ancient Rome, where the most distinguished citizens were awarded the right to a triple name - Titus Lucretius Car, Gaius Julius Caesar, each of which corresponded to the above value.

Thus, for the numerological procedure, we get three words - first name, last name and middle name.

In Vedists, the influence of these words is manifested individually, that is, in one case a person can be called only by first name, in the other - by last name, in the third - by middle name. And if the numerology of the name and date of birth already contains the initial numbers, then the Vedic tradition implies the need for the initial assignment of a numerical value to word-names.

For Vedists, the numerology of a name, surname, patronymic comes from the universal recognition of the fact of human rebirth - samsara, which is noteworthy in that each subsequent life cycle contains something from the previous one and is transmitted from one cycle to another with the help of vibrations of fate - karma. These vibrations are manifested in the fact that the generic name carries the hereditary fate of your ancestors. The proper name is active and symbolizes your personal will in this world. Patronymic is passive, it symbolizes your immediate dependencies and traits.

Vedic numerology of a name, surname, patronymic distinguishes “Number of Souls” and “Number of Fate”. These numbers are determined by the middle name and last name. The main one is the “Number of Name”. It determines the social life of a person, for example, among the Indians, this was manifested in the fact that the name of the husband was added to the name of the bride after the wedding.

The importance is attached to the Vedists and the first letter of the name. This letter, or rather its karmic meaning, is directly associated with Rashi - the corresponding sign of the Zodiac, or with Nakshatra - the corresponding letter in the constellation.

Vedic numerology of the name, surname, middle name draws attention to the differences that exist between people and which are determined by the parity / oddness of the Number of Name. Those who have an even number, as a rule, are mysterious, gifted, prone to philosophical exercises and bohemianism. The holders of the odd Number of Name are shy, their creative potential, as a rule, is hidden, calm, these are people who need to be “revealed”.

The name of a person, as already noted, contains in itself, and at the same time emits vibrations. It is important that these vibrations are in harmony. This can be verified by comparing the harmonic correspondence of the Numbers of Soul, Name and Fate.

The harmony between the first and second creates excellent conditions for the development of friendship and friendly relations. One whose Numbers of Name and Fate is in harmony will have a good memory of himself from other people, even after death.

But, as the Vedic numerology of the name, surname, middle name says, if you find disharmony between the Number of the Name and the Numbers of the Soul and the Fate, then you should think about what should be changed in your life, and changed immediately.

That is the Vedic tradition says.


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