Effective Hygiene Procedure: Medical Pedicure

Currently, foot care, as well as hand care, is considered a mandatory procedure and good manners for both women and men. Female and male medical pedicures are today one of the most common hygiene procedures performed exclusively in specialized clinics. This type of pedicure includes professional care not only for the skin, but also for the patient's nails.

medical pedicure
Therapeutic pedicure is performed by a qualified doctor, whose task is not only to conduct the procedure in a qualitative manner, but also to assess the condition of the legs from a medical point of view. It is far from uncommon for a patient to be unaware of the onset of a disease, while an experienced specialist will be able to immediately notice it and prevent its further development. Thus, medical pedicure is an absolutely painless and not at all traumatic procedure aimed at solving not only hygienic, but also medical problems. Due to the fact that during the medical pedicure the skin is not cut off, but only peeled off, its healthy areas are not injured, and after the procedure, its softness and tenderness remain for a long time. Toenails after cleansing of dead cells become much more susceptible to various caring and medicinal products.

medical manicure
Medical pedicure performed in modern medical centers with the help of special grinding nozzles allows you to process any areas that may not be available during a classical pedicure in a regular salon. In addition, it is worth noting that this type of pedicure is completely safe, since all the tools that are used in the work undergo mandatory multi-stage sterilization.

Medical pedicures, like medical manicures, are performed without the use of water - only with the help of emollient creams, liquids and special gels. This is especially important in cases where there is a fungal disease on the patient's legs (skin of the feet or nails), because due to the lack of water infection does not spread to all other areas. These products provide excellent disinfection, antiviral and antifungal protection, and also perfectly cope with dead skin and keratinized cells.

therapeutic pedicure
Separately, it is worth emphasizing that during the session, the doctor will not only carefully check whether there are signs of any disease on the patientโ€™s legs, but also be able to remove warts, corns and corns. In addition, a medical pedicure is recommended for nail deformation, dry skin and the treatment of ingrown nails. Experts also advise him during the treatment of many fungal diseases of the foot - to reduce the period of therapy.

It is very important to remember that legs are not only a means of transportation, and care for them should be timely and professional. In this case, medical pedicure is a great way to keep your feet in perfect condition.

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