Contract service for girls in the army: is it possible?

One of the varieties of service in the armed forces is contract service, which combines both state and personal interests. In the first case, this is a voluntary contribution to strengthening the defense of the state, increasing the combat readiness of the armed forces. In the second case - this is an increase in their well-being and an impetus to future stability. Contract service in the army is not an easy job. A serviceman who has concluded a contract, in addition to fulfilling his duty to the state, also has obligations to the people, as he is a professional defender of the Fatherland.

Contract Service for Girls

contract service for girls
At the request of the fairer sex, they can also serve in the armed forces. Upon reaching adulthood, girls along with boys can become contract soldiers. Russian women serve in the ranks of privates, sergeants and foremen. The conclusion of the contract is possible in almost all troops, military districts and units. The contracted service for girls, in principle, gives good results, it is noted that the best results are observed among soldiers in instructor positions. Most of the Jane soldiers today serve at headquarters and are involved as specialists in medical and economic services.


army contract service
The contractual service for girls requires some prerequisites from them. First of all, the age of the soldier "Jane" at the time of conclusion of the contract should be from 18 to 40 years. The candidate must comply with the medical and psychological standards of military service, i.e. must be suitable for health reasons. To determine compliance with medical requirements, an examination and professional psychological selection are carried out. According to its results, a conclusion is issued on the suitability for military service. In addition, the girl must have professional and physical training. If all the requirements are met, the contract will be signed and the contract service will be activated. Jobs should be clarified in the military commissariat of the Russian Federation.

How to get

job contract service
A girl who wants to enter the army under a contract submits an application to the military commissariat at the place of registration or to the nearest military unit. The application shall include personal data: name, date of birth, place of residence (residence) and estimated life. Under the law, it is possible to conclude a contract for a period of three, five or ten years, as well as at the time of training at a military educational institution and five years of service after its completion. In addition to the application, presentation of identity documents and citizenship, copies of documents confirming education, marital status and employment record will be required. You will need to fill out a questionnaire, which is an autobiography, drawn up in arbitrary form and written by hand. The application is reserved, and from that moment the citizen becomes a potential candidate. Before applying, you should carefully consider and weigh everything. Dear, remember that the contract service for girls is not only uniforms, shoulder straps and honor, but also decisiveness, endurance and overwork.


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