Setting up the Tricolor receiver. "Tricolor TV"

Analog television with confident leaps and bounds is a thing of the past, and IPTV and satellite broadcasting systems are replacing it. All of them are in great demand among the population, as they provide excellent image quality, allow you not to depend on natural and weather factors (weather has a slight effect on the signal), and also provide hundreds and thousands of additional services and subscriptions.

Of course, our consumers first of all pay attention not only to the quality of the services provided, but also to their cost. It is advisable that the latter be as low as possible. The excellent ratio of price and quality of services in the field of digital satellite television is characterized by the domestic company Tricolor TV. Surely many of your friends or acquaintances are connected to their network.

Tricolor’s equipment and channel packages are very cheap, and therefore most of the potential subscribers can afford it. However, our users would not be such if they had not made any attempts to somehow save. Today we will consider the configuration of the Tricolor receiver, which is normally carried out by specialists.

There is nothing particularly complicated about this, and therefore you are sure to handle it.

tricolor receiver setup

Satellite dish assembly

Referring to the attached instructions, assemble the antenna as carefully as possible. Firmly fix the base at the selected point (preferably on an elevation). On the loggia or balcony, the device is mounted only on the outside of the wall using anchor bolts. On the upper floors, installation on the roof is possible. If you live in a private sector, do not mount the antenna under trees or massive structures that could adversely affect signal reception.

How to install?

Once you have assembled the antenna, it should be fixed to a suitable base, turned in the direction of about 4-5 hours, and then tilt the device four to five degrees down. Once again, make sure that in the selected direction for at least fifty meters there are no massive objects that can adversely affect the accuracy of positioning.

The probability of this is not so high, but sometimes even window glass can significantly degrade the reception quality. In this case, you can’t set up the Tricolor receiver with all your desire.

On the bracket, the antenna is mounted so that it can be rotated only under the influence of a certain force. Under the device mount, you can install the simplest clamp. If you do so, simply loosen the mounting bolts as much as possible: the antenna will be very convenient to rotate based on the aforementioned device.

tricolor tv receiver setup

Some misconceptions

Often you can hear that the antenna with the receiver should only be connected with a copper cable, since it conducts the signal better. It should be immediately noted that this kind of misconception has remained since the days of analog television, when the type of cable actually had a significant impact on signal quality.

The fact is that digital information is transmitted from the satellite. A digital signal is completely indifferent to what quality cable it will be transmitted over. If everything will be completely bad, then you simply will not see any picture on the screen. There will be no lanes, "snow" and other things, as it was during the time of analog TV towers.

How to prepare the cable?

For the signal to pass, you need to properly prepare the cable. You can often observe when users clean up their contacts very sloppy, tearing out half of the metal braid, and then they are surprised at the absence of any reaction from the equipment. How to avoid this?

  • Starting from the edge, gently strip 15 mm. It is very important to try not to damage the shielding layer.
  • We refuel the braid, again trying not to break it.
  • Following the cable you need to screw the F-connector all the way

tricolor tv receivers full hd


However, there is one exception. If you use a good copper cable with double shielding and a powerful central core, then the antenna can be located at a distance of one hundred meters from the TV. This is especially important if you have Tricolor TV Full HD receivers that are very demanding on data transfer speed.

In the case when you bought a Chinese product, where the finest threads of an incomprehensible metal are used as a braid, and the core is iron, slightly covered with a layer of copper, you will have to purchase a good amplifier in addition. If this is not done, then no adjustment of the Tricolor receiver will help.

It is also often thought that to ensure a good signal level, the antenna needs to be raised as high as possible. This opinion also remained from the time of homemade wire receiving devices, which actually showed the best result if they were fixed on the roof of the house.

Raising a satellite dish to an unattainable height , you do not guarantee a good reception at all. Just the opposite: if it is closer to the ground, then the folds of the terrain can act as a prism, improving the directivity of the signal.

how to connect a tricolor receiver

Getting started setting up

Before you configure the Tricolor receiver, you need to perform certain manipulations with the antenna itself. First, connect the receiver to the converter using a cable, after which it can be configured.

Consider the procedure in which you can connect to the Bonum 1 satellite. To do this, you need to enter the data of the transponder into the device with which you are going to find the satellite.

The data is as follows:

  • Frequency - 12226.
  • The polarization parameters are horizontal.
  • The flow rate is 27500.

Basic receiver settings

So how is the Tricolor TV receiver set up? First, go to the menu by pressing the appropriate button on your model of the remote control. We go to the item "Installing the antenna" or "Search for the transponder", and then enter the data that we provided above in the appropriate fields. If you do not know where and which menu item is located, simply read through the instructions for your equipment.

tricolor receiver firmware
It is very important to know what type of converter you have in your settings. Select the "Single" option. In the local oscillator settings field, enter 10750.

Watching TV without a receiver

Is it possible to watch Tricolor without a receiver? Oddly enough, but it is possible. The fact is that modern TVs often have tuners that support DVB-S2. They will receive a signal from the satellite. But! Only accept, about speech decoding does not go.

Most likely, you can watch “Tricolor” without a receiver on such a TV if it comes to basic free channels. However, even this is very doubtful.

Configuring satellite signal levels

Further settings should be based on the item “Signal strength” (Scan). Almost all modern tuner models display two positions. Pay attention to the “Level” scale, as it displays the inverter parameters at the input. Accordingly, the “Quality” parameter displays the level of the useful signal (frequency, speed and FEC). In the first case, the full signal is displayed, including broadcasting noise, “white noise” and other “husks”, which affects the reception quality negatively.

Before connecting the converter, the signal level on the first scale will be zero (most often). Many models of tuners have only one scale. If a mixed signal is displayed, then it is gray. When the equipment tunes into a satellite, the color changes to green or yellow. This is the basic setting of the Tricolor TV receiver.

We begin the search for a satellite

tricolor receiver setup
First, we are looking for a satellite by the “garbage” signal. The higher the desired object, the more significant the indicators. To find the desired one, one should scan the sector in which it is hypothetically located. Note that a tall tree, shed, or other obstruction can increase the signal level on the first scale. Of course, you should focus only on the moment when the “Quality” scale starts to react or the color of the graph in the first column changes (as we mentioned above).

Thin Search

A more accurate search, as you might guess, is conducted by the level on the second scale. Important! If you have some other firmware of the Tricolor receiver, or it belongs to some other model range, all the menu items we mentioned can be located in different places, and the levels on the scales can be horizontal or vertical. Be sure to check if the “LNB power” option is active, as otherwise the equipment will show a complete absence of a signal. Scanning should begin from the same position in which the antenna was installed.

To achieve a better result, in the search process it must be rotated 10-15 degrees in different directions.

Other Signal Search Tips

Note that the antenna should be rotated as slowly as possible, since the digital signal is processed by the receiver with a decent delay. Look at the level of the second scale: when you catch the desired frequency, it will turn colored. In this case, with utmost care and caution, roll the plate until the reception level reaches its maximum. Once again, we warn that the receiver for Tricolor (HD-quality) is demanding on this parameter, so pay close attention to this.

If you couldn’t catch the satellite right away, try moving the antenna a little up or down the mast on which you have it mounted. It is possible that you will have to make several calls at once. Of course, the most obvious proof of the success of the setup will be a picture on the TV screen.

tricolor tv

Once you have reached the maximum reception level, you must carefully tighten the fastening nuts. They must be twisted very carefully, since the slightest shift of the antenna up or down, as well as scrolling along the axis, can provoke a sharp deterioration in the signal level from the satellite.

Here's how to connect the Tricolor receiver.


Many fans who tried to put the antenna “by eye” did not come out of this venture. So you should be very careful about the setting. In addition to all of the above, we offer you a couple of other useful tips. Firstly, in no case take your time: you should turn the antenna literally in millimeters, constantly monitoring all the indicators.

For setting, it is preferable to choose only a clear and sunny day. Since the Tricolor TV plate can be found even in the most remote village in the forest, look at where the converters on the neighboring equipment are directed to.

tricolor without receiver

You can do something more cunning: on a sunny day, look at where the shadow of the converter focuses. As practice shows, such a simple technique allows you to reduce the setup time to 10-15 minutes. But people sometimes bother for days, unsuccessfully trying to aim at a satellite! Unfortunately, you can pay attention to the shadow from the converter only in autumn and winter, when the sun is low. The Tricolor representatives themselves say that when setting up, you need to focus on the south direction.

Well, the setup of the Tricolor receiver is now complete! Enjoy your views!


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