How to make homemade wine from compote?

Homemade wine will appeal to many lovers of such alcohol, thanks to the expressive and tart aroma. Very often, as a result of improper storage or canning, drinks from berries begin to ferment. This phenomenon upsets many housewives. Do not be upset. If you wish, you can make delicious wine from compote or jam. The process takes a little time and effort.

compote wine

Some nuances

Since making wine from compote in a regular jar does not work, then you should prepare a container with a large volume. Most often, glass containers are used for these purposes. For mixing products, it is better to use a wood inventory. As for plastic and metal, these materials can adversely affect the taste of the finished product.

To get alcohol in the compote, you need to add sugar and sourdough. The technology for making wine from fermented products does not differ from standard technology. Nuances can only consist in the components from which compote or jam is made. Experts recommend adding rice and raisins to the wine . These products can enhance the fermentation process. Thanks to these components, alcohol acquires a completely different taste.

Compote wine can also be made with yeast. Technology does not change. Yeast should be added to the drink before active fermentation begins.

how to make wine from compote

What should be the raw materials

You can make delicious wine only from compote, which does not have a pungent sour smell. Otherwise, it will not be alcohol, but vinegar. A sour drink is not suitable for making wine.

For these purposes, you should use the raw materials that are just beginning to deteriorate. The unpleasant sour smell of the drink will disappear after the end of the fermentation process. The taste of the finished drink can also be corrected. To do this, add sugar to the spoiled compote. The amount of this component depends on what kind of wine you want to get as a result.

Is it worth washing rice and raisins

To prepare wine, grains of rice or dried grapes are added to the fermented compote. Washing these products is not recommended. Indeed, yeast fungi accumulate on their surface, which contribute to the fermentation process. If the compote is made from light varieties of berries and fruits, then it is necessary to use dried grapes of light varieties or rice grains.

If the drink was made from aronia, grapes, cherries, plums or black currants, then dark raisins should be added. This component has a more astringent taste and allows the wine to make it even tastier.

homemade wine from compote

Cooking technology

The easiest way to make wine is from fermented compote or from jam. It is recommended to add a little sugar and raisins to the product. The number of additional components may be arbitrary. In some recipes, honey can be added to the fermented compote.

The technology for making alcohol is quite simple. So, how to make homemade wine from homemade compote? First, the liquid should be poured into a glass container. Sugar must be carefully added to the compote, and then raisins should be added. Enough 5 to 7 berries. The container should be closed with a rubber glove. After this, the product should be placed in a warm place and left for about a month. During this period, the main process will take place - fermentation.

After a month, alcohol can be poured into glass jars. The wine from the compote should ripen. This takes, as a rule, from 1 to 2 months. Ready alcohol must be poured into containers and corked.

Classic recipe

If you do not know how to make wine from compote at home, then you can use the classic recipe. You can use any drink. If the compote was prepared without adding sugar, then wine requires twice as much of this component. It is required:

  • Compote of any berries and fruits - 3 liters.
  • 300 to 400 grams of granulated sugar.
  • A handful of grains of rice or dried grapes.

Wine is prepared in this case in accordance with the technology described above. Wine must be drained from the sediment. It should not fall into containers with the finished product. If you follow all the rules, you will end up with a delicious alcoholic drink that can be served even at the festive table.

wine from compote fermented

Cherry wine

What to do if fermented compote? How to make wine at home? Everything is very simple. You can make alcohol from cherry compote at any time of the year. This will require:

  • 400 grams of granulated sugar.
  • 6 liters of compote from cherries.
  • A small handful of raisins.

Cooking process

If the compote has not yet deteriorated, then it is worth putting it for a few days in a warm place. If the drink is already soured, then such manipulations are not required.

In a glass container of the desired volume, pour compote, add granulated sugar, as well as dried grapes. After that, you need to wear a rubber glove on the neck of the vessel or install a water seal. The wine should be moved to a warm place and left there for a month. During this period, fermentation should stop. Ready alcohol should be filtered, and then bottled in glass.

In this case, it is necessary to withstand wine from compote for 4 months. The finished drink has an amazing taste and unique aroma.

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Apple Compote Alcohol

The technology for preparing any wine from compote is practically independent of the original product. To make alcohol from an apple drink, you will need:

  • From 300 to 400 grams of granulated sugar.
  • 4 liters of apple compote.
  • A small handful of dried grapes.

Cooking steps

Apple compote should be poured into a suitable glass container. It is also worth adding sugar and raisins. All components must be mixed thoroughly. To do this, it is recommended to use a wooden spoon. It is better not to use modern blenders, as metal can give the drink an unpleasant taste.

After mixing, the vessel with the drink must be closed. To do this, use a rubber glove or a water lock. The wort should stand in a warm place for several weeks. After the alcohol stops fermenting, it is necessary to filter it and pour it into smaller containers. To keep homemade wine from compote should be in a cool place for 2 months. After the specified time, the aromatic drink will be ready.

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Wine made from grape compote

As a rule, compote from grapes is prepared without adding sugar. Therefore, for the preparation of wine requires significantly more of this product. This point should be taken into account. To make wine you need:

  1. Grape compote - 3 liters.
  2. Sugar - 600 grams.
  3. Raisins - 50 grams.
  4. Dry yeast - 1.5 teaspoons.

How to cook

If sugar was added during the preparation of the compote, then half as much of this component is required when preparing the wine. As for technology, it is similar to those described above.

The acidified compote should be poured into a glass container. It is necessary to introduce granulated sugar into the drink, put yeast and dried grapes. All must be thoroughly mixed. A rubber glove should be worn on the neck of the vessel or a water seal should be made.

The container should be placed in a warm place. When the drink stops fermenting, it should be filtered and then bottled. It is worthwhile to withstand alcohol for several months.

how to make homemade wine from homemade compote

Strawberry compote wine with honey

Spoiled strawberry compote can also be used to make homemade wine. This will require:

  • 3 liters of compote;
  • 275 grams of honey;
  • 1 teaspoon of rice grains.

Main stages

The acidified drink must be filtered and then poured into a glass container. It is also worth adding honey and rice grains. The vessel should be closed with a rubber glove or with a water lock. If necessary, rice can be replaced with dried grapes.

The container with the drink should be placed in a warm place until the end of the fermentation process. After this, the finished drink must be filtered and poured into containers for further ripening. Bottles should be placed in a cool place. Alcohol will be ready after 2 months. Now you know how to make homemade drinks. Wine from compote can be prepared at no extra cost.


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