Gradient manicure is a universal solution for all occasions. How to make a gradient at home

A modern girl should be beautiful, as they say, from hair to the tips of nails. Therefore, it is so important to pay attention not only to your image, but also to manicure.

The most stylish manicure of this year

Thanks to modern tools and techniques, today you can make any manicure. This applies not only to the shape of the nails, but also to the design. The color of the varnish and the pattern are selected for clothing, accessories and makeup.

gradient it

But is there a universal manicure that would suit everything? Of course, it exists. The most fashionable trend today is the gradient. Photos of him can be found in stylish women's magazines for several seasons!

What is this type of nail decoration? The gradient option is a beautiful manicure with a smooth transition of shades on the nails. Its design looks stylish, bright and, at the same time, gently. The people call it "rainbow" or in the style of "ombre."

Gradient Benefits

Such a manicure can be performed in any color scheme that suits your clothes. For a passionate look, choose bright, unusual tones. If you like tenderness and elegance, opt for classic pastel colors. Thus, the look of your nails can emphasize your mood and inner world.

It is worth adding that this manicure is simple to perform and does not require special skills. Typically, in salons perform a gradient of gel polish. But do not worry if you don’t have this remedy at hand: just replace it with a regular nail polish.

gradient gel polish

Ombre manicure options

We have already mentioned that the advantage of the gradient is a huge selection of color schemes. In addition, this version of manicure can be performed in different ways. Therefore, each of its options will be unique.

First of all, this applies to shades of varnish. Colors can be the same on each nail, making the shade change from dark to lighter from the base to the tips of the nails, from right to left or from left to right. A sophisticated option is a smooth transition of colors from the first to the fifth nail plate. As a rule, such a gradient is performed by gel polish by professionals in salons.

In addition, the result of the work will depend on the structure of the coating itself. Matte and glossy varnish will give a different effect. But if you have only one of these types at hand, you can change it to the opposite. So, in order to make the matte varnish more effective, apply glitter over it. And to make the glossy varnish matte, use a coating with a "velvet" effect.

how to make a gradient

How can I make a gradient using the applicator at home?

The easiest way to perform the gradient is to apply the varnish using an applicator. It can be purchased at any specialized store or cosmetics department. At home, the applicator can be replaced with a regular sponge or a piece of soft washcloth.

So, select the shades of varnish you need. It is desirable that they all be of the same structure. This contributes to a more even and simple application of the pattern. Colors may vary. For example, you can choose pink, purple and blue. Remember that the more shades, the more interesting the manicure will look. As a rule, their number varies from 5 to 10.

So, apply varnish in lines on the applicator. After that, immediately gently print this picture on the nail. In order to get the colors saturated, repeat the procedure 2-3 times. After the varnish has dried, wipe off any excess that has been imprinted on the skin with a cotton swab previously moistened in a special product. Some girls take care of this in advance. So, before applying the pattern, they stick small strips of adhesive tape on the surface of the skin, thus keeping it clean.

And at the very end, apply a fixative to the resulting manicure.

What if you do not have enough flowers?

gradient photo

Before making the gradient, did you find that you lack color schemes? Dont be upset. This is not a reason to spend money again on varnishes, which, perhaps, in the future you will not use at all. To create new shades, you need to mix the varnishes already at your fingertips. For this you need:

  • Put a little colored varnish on the cardboard from which you want to get shades, and add a little white enamel to it. Mix the varnishes with a toothpick so that a homogeneous mass is obtained. One or several colored varnishes;
  • white enamel for nails;
  • cardboard;
  • brush;
  • toothpick.

Paint the nail plate of the little finger with the main varnish, and the nameless one with the resulting shade. Let the varnish dry. After that, add more white enamel to the base color, mix again. Apply the resulting shade to the nail of the middle finger. Repeat this procedure, gradually increasing the amount of white varnish in the base color. As a result, you get a new version of the gradient. This will be a smooth transition of shades from dark to light from the little finger to the thumb.


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