Abdominal exercises: torso lifts

It turns out that absolutely every person has a press! If you do not see the cubes on your stomach, then this means that they simply hide behind a layer of fat. In order to gain attractive and sculpted abdominal muscles, you need to eat right and exercise regularly.

Press Exercises

The muscles of the press do not require too much attention to themselves. It will be quite enough if you take 15-20 minutes to complete the exercises. In addition, you can make a set of exercises suitable for you on the abs and perform them both before and after the entire workout. If you just started doing your abs, it is best to pick up some simple exercises and do a small number of repetitions every other day. Over time, you need to complicate the exercises and increase the number of repetitions. The main thing in this matter is to feel your body and do each repetition carefully and in accordance with the correct technique. The most basic exercise is lifting the torso. It is considered the main and one of the most effective.

torso lifts


This exercise can affect your body in different ways, depending on the performance, the number of repetitions, and the presence of weighting agents. With full rises, all abdominal muscles are involved . Full elevations of the body have a large amplitude, which increases the work of muscles.

Technique of execution:

  1. Sit on the mat, it is desirable that the surface is soft for ease of execution, bend your legs at an angle of about 90 degrees. This position helps to transfer the load on the muscles of the press and removes it from the spine.
  2. Fix the feet by placing them under any surface, for example, under the lower crossbar of the Swedish wall. You can also use two dumbbells for this purpose, or simply ask the other person to hold you. If you perform the exercise at home, then the sofa is ideal.
  3. The starting position is accepted, it is time to begin the exercise. The head and shoulders should rise first, and then the rest of the body. Raising the torso is incorrect. This exercise should resemble twisting. After the body has reached an upright position, return to the starting position without laying your head on the floor. Hands are best held by the neck. Exhalation is performed during the ascent.
  4. It is important to ensure that the work is done precisely by the muscles of the press. Do not try to help yourself with other parts of the body. This way you will only lower your efficiency. If the performance is too hard for you, you can hold your hands in front of your chest. And if you want to complicate the exercise, you can take weighting, for example, pancake.


Partial body raises from a prone position are also quite popular. They can be performed by people with any level of physical fitness. Such torso raises differ from the full ones in that they are worked out by the rectus abdominis muscles. The technique for performing this exercise is very similar to full torso raises. The starting position is exactly the same, hands hold the same. Only you need to lift only the upper part, barely tearing off the shoulder blades, and then return to its original position.

Incline benches

Performing torso lifts using an inclined bench, you train the upper abdominal press. After you take the starting position, begin to do the torso raises, but when you return back, do not go to bed, keep tension in the muscles. This will not only significantly increase efficiency, but also save you from the risk of injuries in the lumbar region. Raise your torso until a right angle is formed between him and his legs. Hold this position for a second and come back. Try to use your legs as little as possible.

partial torso


If the classic torso lifts seem too boring to you, then you can complement them with twists. Just keep in mind that with such exercises, the emphasis is on oblique muscles. Girls should not get too carried away like this, since the oblique muscles visually expand the waist.

partial torso

The starting position is the same as with normal climbs. Next, begin to raise the body, and at the moment when the shoulder blades come off the floor, make a turn with the body to the side and reach the maximum point, then take the starting position. Perform torso lifts with turns alternately to the right and left.

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