SU - whose domain? Domain in the SU zone: features, registration and reviews

A domain for a site is like an address for a home. It contains the exact coordinates of the place where the Internet resource is located. The first level domain is the zone itself, for example, .ru, .com, .net, .org and others.

These addresses are considered the most popular and there are practically no free places left, in any case with beautiful names. Recently, webmasters are paying more and more attention to the .su zone, which is almost completely free.

Interestingly, the price is almost identical to the famous .ru. Questions arise regarding .su - whose domain, what are the conditions for registration and where it came from.

Domain History

su whose domain

It was officially registered in 1990 by the USSR state, on behalf of the UNIX user association. SU is short for Sovet Union, which means Soviet Union. It is interesting that a year later the huge country fell apart and the educated states registered 15 private first-level Internet addresses.

If the USSR is no more, then .su - whose domain? It turns out that it belongs to a non-existent state, although Russia has all the rights to it. Today, for him, they came up with a different meaning, which could be an impetus for webmasters and increase the number of registrations.

The domain in the .su zone is designed to combine the information space of all the CIS and Baltic countries. Moreover, since 2002, free registration has been officially opened for owners of large companies and trademarks.

About six months later, in 2003, all restrictions were lifted and the opportunity to register for everyone came. In the first 2 days there was a crazy demand for domains. The number of applicants was 10 times more than 6 months before.

Some features

domain in su zone

According to many experts, the main reason for the lack of popularity is a very high price. The promotion of the idea pursued by the .su domain zone , the description of the domain zone and other attempts to attract attention could not get the ball rolling, until the cost of one address fell to $ 20. Only at that moment began an intensive growth in registration.

Further policy of reducing the price and promoting the domain zone has led to a significant increase in interest from both individuals and large companies. Today with such an address you can find a lot of high-quality Internet resources.

Since 2008, it became possible to use Cyrillic characters for registration. This option seemed attractive to many organizations, so they quickly bought beautiful names.

Further, in honor of the 20th anniversary of the domain, the price for registrars will decrease significantly, which means for the end user. The number of registrations doubles every year, more than half falls to the RU-CENTER registrar, popular in Russia.

The difference between the SU zone from RU

what is the difference between su and ru domains

Given that both addresses belong to the Russian Federation, a logical question arises as to what is the difference between .su and .ru domains. At the moment, there is no significant difference.

Both addresses belong to Russia and have approximately the same prices. They are even a little consonant and look interesting. The only significant difference is that there are practically no free, attractive names in the .ru domain.

If during registration you try to find out in the .su zone whose domain is the one that you invented, then most likely it will be free. Only large companies bought their domains; most others are free.


This process is no different from similar in other areas. After opening the general registration, anyone can do this. To get the .su domain name , you need to contact the appropriate registrar and check if the address of interest is available.

Next, you must submit an application and pay the cost for 1 year or more. After all these procedures, you need to go through the identification. In most cases, it is enough to provide a scan of your passport.

SU domain name reviews

domain zone su domain zone description

Most of the comments and reviews boil down to the fact that this domain has no future and, most likely, may disappear over time. You can observe some kind of aggressive company against this address.

There are, of course, those who say that the domain is practically no different, and they describe the positive experience of the purchase. But how to understand who is telling the truth and who is not?

It is enough to enter the name of a well-known Russian company or brand in the address field indicating the SU zone whose domain is registered there. These are real companies with legal addresses and other things. It is unlikely that they would begin to spend time and money on a dummy.

Is it worth registering a domain in the SU zone

Opponents of this address claim that the user will make a mistake when typing a domain in the browser and enter .ru instead of .su. Because of this, there may be problems with customers.

But who in the 21st century hands in an address? According to statistics, there are about 5 for every thousand visitors to such people. And if the brand is well-promoted and recognizable, then this number decreases to 1 random.

The main traffic comes from search networks, bookmarks and mail, so this argument has no reason. Others argue that in runet the SU zone will not normally spin up and move forward.

Without unnecessary comments, you can just look at the sites in this zone and make sure that many people have tens of thousands of potential customers and earn very well.

Already, the registration trend has significantly increased and in the coming years it will only grow. Experienced webmasters are advised to take “delicious” domains, while there is something to take.

Does the domain in the SU zone have a chance to spin up

domain name su

From the point of view of the mechanics of the process and the relationship of search engines to this domain, there are no obstacles. Yandex is equally good at all sites made for people and filled with useful content.

If you do not use the so-called gray methods of promotion, then you can not worry about the future of an Internet project in the SU zone. In addition to the site itself, you can register domains for cybersquatting.

The bottom line is buying up attractive names and reselling them at a higher price. Such an address can go for $ 10,000, and this is far from the limit.

Having a decent amount, you can massively buy the most attractive and promising options, and then expect potential buyers. To increase the likelihood, you can create a special locomotive page with the necessary information.


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