Garage wiring: DIY installation

The garage for any driver is an extremely important room, providing protection and storage of the car from rain, theft and damage. Some people make a repair hole in it to change spare parts on their own and take care of the car. But for these works lighting is necessary. Therefore, every man should know how to make wiring in the garage.

garage wiring

Cable Installation Methods

The electrification of the parking lot is a responsible job, which must necessarily involve a professional, because some manipulations can only be performed with permission and permission from local authorities. That is why wiring in the garage with your own hands is done if the car enthusiast has certain skills and knowledge. The electrification of this building is carried out in the following ways:

  1. Outdoor. In this case, cables are drawn from the centralized transmission line to the walls of the garage. To carry out such work, you will need to draw up a project and approve the plan. Only a qualified electrician with a license may perform external installation.
  2. Internal wiring in the garage is hidden or open. Its implementation involves the installation of constituent elements of power supply inside the building. These works can be done with your own hands, in addition to installing meters, automatic machines and connecting the cable to the shield, where a specialist is required.

To create artificial light inside the garage, you will have to draw up a diagram in the form of a finished drawing.

DIY wiring in the garage

Installation of wiring in the garage

For many motorists, this building becomes not only a place to store the vehicle, but also a workshop in which they spend all their free time. That is why the functionality and ease of use of wiring should be in the first place. To give the garage a more attractive look and ensure maximum safety, it is necessary to use various methods of masking and installing cables.

For example, you can lay them on the walls or hide them in special plastic structures. Still for similar purposes use overhead boxes. True, the first method is not allowed to be laid on flammable walls: wood or plywood. Moreover, this option is unsafe. It is better to use metal boxes for these surfaces.

how to make wiring in the garage

How to make wiring in the garage with your own hands according to the scheme?

Avoid installation errors if you plan ahead for future wiring. It should be noted on all the installation sites of switches, cables, sockets, as well as the location of the bulbs. The wiring elements must be fastened together only in straight lines. In this case, the connection should be started from the distribution panel. The plan necessarily indicates the methods of each connection.

When wiring is done in the garage, the switches with the indicator must always be connected in series, and the sockets mounted in front of them. Moreover, it must be taken into account that the distance from the cables to the ceiling should be about 100 mm, and from the connector for connecting electrical appliances to the floor surface - 500 mm. In a room, a common switch is usually located on the right side of the garage door at a height of approximately 1.5 meters. It should be remembered that in the garage you cannot mount switches and sockets with a voltage of 220 V. Only installation of lamps from 12 V, suspended from the outside of the structure or equipped with sealed shades is allowed.

how to wiring in the garage

Mounting tools

Before wiring in the garage, you should prepare in advance:

  • Hammer or drill.
  • A sharp knife and nippers.
  • Phillips screwdriver.
  • Boxing.
  • Lighting.
  • Counter.
  • Circuit breakers.
  • Sockets.

How to choose a cable for electrifying a garage?

Your main task is wiring in the garage. But before you do it, pick the right cable. It is advisable to use copper stranded wire for such purposes. When buying, you should pay attention to the cable marking, which indicates the cross section of each core, as well as their number. Suppose 2x0.75 is written on a wire. So, there are two veins with a cross section of 0.75 square meters. mm Such a cable is quite enough for lighting.

how to make DIY wiring in the garage

Do-it-yourself preparation before wiring

Before laying the cable, canisters with kerosene, gasoline or paint should be removed from the garage. Also, according to fire safety, you cannot refuel a vehicle in this building, nor use kerosene to flush the engine. In violation of all these rules, the garage will be classified as B-la, in other words, be an explosive room. Therefore, it is necessary to arrange the switches and fuses from the lighting circuits separately, for example, on the street.

installation of wiring in the garage

Stages of electrical work

The first thing in the garage is installing an electric machine that protects against overvoltage. The most suitable option is a two-phase switch. A shield is mounted inside the building, in which the meter and the machine will be placed. When choosing it, you should focus on the dimensions of these electrical elements. Then a cable is connected to the box, stretched to the garage from the street. It is connected first to the meter, and then to the switch. For overhead lighting and sockets it will be enough to make two machines.

After attaching the wire to the shield, you can proceed to the wiring indoors. It is recommended to lead the cable along the wall in a closed or open method, using special clamps for fastening. The first option involves gating the surface if the garage is built of brick, or installing special boxes for masking wires. But the second method allows you to save time and effort, but, unfortunately, is not so aesthetic.

Then the installation of bulbs and sockets. This can be done not only from the electric box, but, on the contrary, to it. In the first case, the wires lead directly to the lamp or socket, and in the second to the shield. When bringing the phase wire to the switch, do not forget to disconnect the garage. After electrical work, it is worth performing a test inclusion of the machine.

garage wiring

Safety regulations

To carry out any work on replacing, conducting electricity to the garage, repairing and even installing bulbs or sockets is possible only when the voltage is turned off. To do this, lower the switches down in the control box. Wiring should be performed only in comfortable shoes and clothes that do not impede movement. It is not recommended to install sockets in the inspection pit, as this is a place of high humidity. It is better to give preference to a three-phase network than a single-phase network, which is considered unsafe. Cable laying must be done strictly vertically or horizontally, making turns at an angle of 90 degrees.

The wiring should be laid a short distance from the radiators and the ceiling. Sockets and switches should also be installed at a convenient height from the floor. The wiring tool must be intact with insulated handles, without bare ends and poor connections. When carrying out high-altitude work, special goats or platforms are required. At the same time, it is forbidden to use foam blocks, barrels and other home-made structures. Wiring in the garage with proper installation will please the owners for at least 30 years.


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