How to go through anti-plagiarism or how to cheat a program

Each copywriter or seo-marketer who was involved in website promotion was puzzled by the question of how texts affect the promotion of a resource in a search engine and how to create truly unique clickable content. First, let's talk about why the site is to be filled, and on this basis, we’ll understand why the text is unique and how to achieve it.

how to get anti-plagiarism

Text SEO promotion - what is it and what is it for?

So, the first task of any site is to be on the top lines of search queries, i.e. become popular among users. You can do this in different ways - with the help of advertising on Yandex. Direct and Google Adwords, by increasing the reference mass on other sites, but it’s best to do this with the help of useful, interesting, informative, reliable and, most importantly, unique content for the user - text and multimedia.

What is uniqueness for? To make it more interesting for a person to read the article? Partly yes. But the main function of unique content is that the search engine does not consider the site a copy of another and does not block it in the search results.

How to achieve high uniqueness of the text without reinventing the wheel? There are several proven ways to go through anti-plagiarism and not get a meaningless set of words that are unreadable to the average user.

anti-plagiarism bypass

Anti-plagiarism - what is it and how does it work?

Deception of anti-plagiarism is possible only if you understand the principle of operation of this system. There are several services for checking, the most popular:

  • Advego.
  • and some others.

They vary slightly according to the method of work, but the principle of operation is the same - the program selects small phrases, sends them to a search query and finds matches on the Internet. Non-unique fragments will be checked by plagiarism in different colors and indicate the source where they have already been used. You can adjust the size of phrases using the word shingle. If you set its value to 3 points, then the program will recognize the repetition of three consecutive words. By the way, this is the most popular shingle by which search engines automatically check.

how to cheat anti-plagiarism program

Bypassing the anti-plagiarism, respectively, can be done by eliminating the repetition of three (four, five, depending on the shingle) words. How to do it?

Native content

The most effective way to go through anti-plagiarism is to create your own content, that is, write copyright based on your own experience, take your photos or other multimedia files. Of course, this is time-consuming and extremely difficult (especially for texts), since the Web today has everything and everything. But the result of the check will be 95-100%. By the way, there may not be absolute uniqueness, because a program may emphasize a common expression, phraseology, or quote. Actually, 80-90% of unique content will be enough for effective ranking.

plagiarism check

Synonym substitution

The second most popular way to get around the anti-plagiarism system is to dilute the underlined phrase with synonyms. For this, there are special services on the network - synonymizers, which allow you to choose the most suitable word from the many proposed. For example, the phrase “the big city did not sleep” was replaced by “the metropolis was awake”.

This also includes the change of words in places. For example, mom washed the frame - soap mom the frame. But this method does not always work and not on all services. But the replacement of one part of speech with another will be more effective. For example, the mother washed the frame - the frame washed by the mother.

anti-plagiarism deception

Syntax Replacement

Checking for plagiarism can be successful not only by replacing words. Often a breakdown of the text into two sentences or a change in the syntactic structure of the text is recognized by the program as unique text.

For instance. Father, walking with a stroller in the park, watched the birds fly south. - Father walked with a stroller in the park. And at this time, the birds flew south.

Use of quotes and terms.

Perhaps the most difficult case of copyright and rewriting, when you can not do without a complex, irreplaceable synonyms of terminology and direct quotes. How to trick the anti-plagiarism program in this case? If you cannot replace the term, edit the description to it as much as possible.

For instance. The latest technology - underfloor heating is available to everyone. This is a unique development of high-strength synthetic film and electric graphite heaters placed inside.

Redo the text. Affordable heating in every apartment is a high-strength warm synthetic floor with graphite electric heaters.

To quote in the text and not be spammed by anti-plagiarism, you can use the passive voice or translate direct speech into indirect. For example, take a sentence.

"Mom carefully washed the floor." Redo the sentence with a passive voice.

"The floors were carefully washed by my mother."

Second example. Mom said, "I will clean the floor."

Change to indirect speech. "Mom said she will clean the floor."

Sometimes bypassing anti-plagiarism can be done using some kind of free author's interpretation of the text. The main thing is that the meaning of the text is not distorted.

how to get around the anti-plagiarism system

How not to rewrite text

Some authors, not knowing how to go through anti-plagiarism, use forbidden tricks when writing text that bring significant damage to the site. What in no case can be done so as not to get blocked by a search engine?

  • In order to achieve high uniqueness, specially allow spelling errors in the text. Firstly, the site will not be ranked according to the words in which errors were made. Secondly, the resource will look illiterate and unauthorized in the eyes of the user.
  • The search engine can block the site, in the texts of which the Cyrillic alphabet is replaced by the Latin alphabet.
  • The text should not constitute a pile of complex synonyms used without any meaning. Do not forget that the article will be read by a person, which means that he should be interested in doing this.

Remember that a successful check for plagiarism is not 100% the result of a site’s high position in the top. It is also important to adapt the material for the search engine and the target user.

How to create text for search engine promotion

How to trick the anti-plagiarism program, we figured it out. But how to make the text help to rank the site in the top lines of search queries?

  • First, pay more attention to what you write, and not how to go through anti-plagiarism. Of course, the text should be unique, but if the meaning of the written one suffers because of this and the article becomes impossible to read, it is better to neglect the uniqueness within reasonable limits (80% will be enough).
  • Secondly, the test must have key phrases. Better ranked is a site in which keys are bent and used in different word forms. For a search engine, this means that the resource is adapted for the average reader, so it will be rated higher than the one where the keys are inserted without change.
  • Third, use interesting headings. The more users they are interested in, the higher your site will be ranked in search results.

This is only part of the measures that help to raise the site to the top of Yandex or Google. In fact, uniqueness, readability, the correct structure, design, and even the font of the text are extremely important. The main thing that you should remember when writing an article is that the text will be read by the user, so it should be easy to understand, easy to read and informative.


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