Horeca: what does this mean?

Hospitality is a valuable quality that is inherent in exclusively educated people. Good manners, specialized education and the friendliness of the staff, as well as a high level of service are the constant companions of the Horeca business.

What is it and how to understand it?
Horeca what is it?

In fact, the rather harmonious word โ€œhospitalityโ€ is the essence of the HoReCa abbreviation. Basically, this concept is inherent in the hotel and restaurant business. Cafes, bars and various eateries can be considered involved in the hospitality industry. An elementary definition of the modern line of business, with the question: โ€œHoreca, what is it all about?โ€ - is duly expressed in this article. Therefore, let us together understand the intricacies of modern industry and more accurately determine the meaning of the new word "ferret".

Direction Horeca
A new direction in service

First of all, almost all catering points fall under the definition of Horeca, since the essence of the word expresses the process of direct consumption at the place of purchased products. In other words, where they bought it, they ate it. Of course, the main direction of Horeca-business is a constant process of improving service tools, as well as improving the quality of service. This abbreviation has a fairly broad aspect of application, most often it is used by hoteliers, restaurateurs, chefs and suppliers of a certain type of product. Horeca - what is it? The manifestation of fashion trends of the time or a way to conquer a certain part of the market for services Of course, both! It is no secret that this industry is characterized by the use of products that are the result of the most modern production technologies. For example, goods sold through the on-channel channel are, first of all, high-quality and environmentally friendly products of production. Therefore, all participants in the hospitality industry adhere to certain strictly observed rules, value their reputation.

The desire of the client is the main thing!
Horeca Sphere

The scope of Horeca-activity is quite extensive. The variety of services provided is amazing. The basis for the exclusivity of the "Khorek" sphere is considered to be especially established traditions inherent only in this market segment, the quality of the services provided and, of course, the original sale of goods. Refined and, at the same time, maximally home-like living conditions can be offered only by a hotel that practices Horeca-service. Restaurants of the Khoreka industry will offer only delicious and exclusively home-cooked dishes. You will always be treated respectfully and with due attention to your preferences and wishes.


We hope the answer to the question: โ€œHoreca, what is it?โ€, You received, and a full one. You just have to personally experience the fullness of the convincing superiority of Horeca-business. Once plunged into the atmosphere of coziness and comfort, and also having received a positive attitude and a lot of positive, you will certainly become a frequent guest of your favorite cafes or restaurants, which is part of the "Ferret" - the hospitality industry.

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