Minsk Solariums: addresses, overview, features and reviews

Until recently, pale china skin was considered a sign of aristocracy and attractiveness. Women by any available means tried to hide from the sun. Umbrellas, hats with wide brim, and various whitening ointments were used. But times are changing, and modern fashion has changed trends. Today, a sign of beauty and sexuality is a uniform bronze tan. And no wonder. All other things being equal, tanned skin looks more toned and well-groomed. Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to bask under the bright southern sun all year round. The solarium comes to the rescue. In this article we will look at some of the rules for tanning in a solarium, and also make an honest review of several establishments in Minsk.

Solarium and its varieties

By their design, tanning salons are of several types: vertical, horizontal and for tanning of individual parts of the body. The most popular models to date are horizontal tanning salons. They are used both in small salons and in reputable studios. A feature of horizontal tanning beds is the need to sunbathe while lying down. This is in many cases a plus, since, coming to the salon, the client wants to relax and enjoy the procedure. In most models of horizontal cabs, the procedure can last up to 20 minutes, without damage to the skin and damage to health.

horizontal tanning bed

Vertical tanning salons prefer to purchase larger beauty salons and tanning studios. These models are usually more expensive. However, they are more powerful than their horizontal counterparts. And the maximum procedure time in such models is 8 minutes. Such tanning salons have more settings, it is easier to regulate the light spectrum in them. It is also possible to use lamps with different color ranges. Such technologies are used if clients have problems with acne. The use of special lamps can improve the visual condition of the skin and prevent damage to inflamed areas.

vertical tanning bed

Models for individual parts of the bodies are purchased mainly by large studios. The main feature of such tanning salons is the ability to act on a separate area of ​​the body. For example, remove spots from a swimsuit, darken the neck or neckline, etc.

dimming in the neckline

Contraindications to visiting the solarium

Like any other cosmetic or cosmetic procedure, tanning in a solarium has a number of contraindications.

1. Pregnancy. The fact is that in the body of a pregnant woman hormones are produced that sharply increase her sensitivity to ultraviolet rays. This can cause various allergic reactions and increased skin pigmentation.

2. Some medications, when interacting with a solarium, can provoke allergic reactions. Therefore, with a constant or course intake of certain drugs, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

3. Contraindications are also various types of dermatitis, since artificial tanning even more damages the affected areas of the skin.

4. Vitiligo disease (white spots on the skin), severe pigmentation. Artificial tanning in such cases will only worsen the condition of the skin.

A few rules for safe visits to the solarium.

In order for the trip to the solarium to please the result, and not bring a lot of problems and disappointments, you must follow some rules:

1. Before visiting the coveted capsule, specify what equipment is used in the cabin, how much power it has and when the lamps in the solarium were last changed. The quality of the tan and the duration of the procedure will depend on this.

2. It is necessary to adjust the tanning time in accordance with the type of skin, the type of equipment used and the desired result. All these nuances should be discussed in advance with an employee of the salon where the procedure is carried out.

3. Before visiting the solarium, you need to take a shower and thoroughly rinse away the remains of cosmetics, perfumes, etc. from the body. In combination with strong radiation, this can cause irritation and allergies. In addition, a tan can be uneven.

4. Remember that traditional tanning products are not suitable for use in tanning salons. In order to protect your skin and moisturize it additionally, it is better to purchase specialized cosmetics. In Minsk, you can buy tanning cream in tanning salons in specialized stores, beauty salons, and tanning studios.

5. In order to maintain a beautiful, even skin tone, it is enough to visit the solarium two to three times a month. More frequent use of artificial tanning can lead to unpleasant signs of aging of the skin of the face and body.

6. When visiting the tanning bed, you must use special stickers-stikini.

Tanning glasses in the solarium

What is a stikini and how to use them correctly

Stykini are special stickers to protect UV-sensitive body parts. Such areas include nipples, eyelids, convex moles and birthmarks. Aggressive effects on these areas can lead to burns, and provoke the appearance of cancers. Therefore, do not neglect the stickers. They are sold in any solarium. Stykini vary in shape and size. The largest diameters are designed to protect the nipple, and the smallest - for moles.

Breast stykini

Tanning studios of Minsk

In Minsk, due to climatic features, artificial tanning is especially popular. A variety of beauty salons offering this service are in every district of the city. But before you go to the procedure, you need to get to know the salon or studio that provides this service. Reviews of tanning salons in Minsk, which are presented in this article, will help you make the right choice. Unfortunately, not all institutions can boast of the quality of this service.

Artificial Tan Prices

The prices of tanning salons in Minsk will depend on two main factors: the status of the salon where the service is provided and equipment. Unfortunately, the status of the institution is the most important aspect that affects the price. But this does not guarantee the quality of the service provided. Even in expensive metropolitan institutions, staff often neglect sanitary standards, the rules for replacing lamps and installing light filters. The second factor is equipment. The newer, better and more expensive equipment, the higher the price. On average, prices in Minsk will vary from 20 kopecks to 2 rubles per minute.

Tanning in a horizontal tanning bed

How to save on tanning beds?

There are several ways to save on artificial tanning. Firstly, you can buy a subscription in your favorite salon. The “wholesale cheaper" rule also works in this area.

In addition, do not forget about the "Cream Buy". Minsk tanning salons closely cooperate with this portal. By purchasing a coupon on Slivki.by, you can get a discount on the service more than 50%. But do not forget that when purchasing a coupon, you must familiarize yourself with the terms of the promotion. As a rule, there are various time limits for holding shares, and a preliminary appointment for the procedure may also be required.

And now we’ll do a short review of several tanning beds in Minsk. This will help you make your choice. Next will be considered the most popular tanning salons in Minsk, addresses, reviews and additional services that salons provide.

Solarium "Orbit"

Address of Orbita Solarium: 39, Pushkin Ave., Minsk. It is located directly in the building of the Orbita Hotel. The subscription price for 30 minutes is 27 Belarusian rubles.

The solarium is equipped with good cabins. There are both horizontal and vertical devices. Also, the solarium offers a number of additional options: aromatherapy during tanning, musical accompaniment, etc. The price of the service includes: milk for makeup removal, cotton pads and safety glasses. But for a tanning and stikini you have to pay extra.

Also note that this institution cooperates with the portal "Cream". Solarium in Minsk "Orbit" offers its customers interesting promotions, discounts on a subscription can reach 70%. The rules of the shares must be read in advance.

Reviews about this tanning bed are mostly positive. Good equipment and timely replacement of lamps provide customers with a high-quality tan and a lot of positive emotions. In addition, many visitors note the quality work of the staff and pleasant service.

Solarium "Solar Galaxy"

This is a tanning bed in the Minsk factory district. It is popular with locals. Located at: Minsk, st. Tashkent 7.

The studio has both vertical and horizontal tanning booths. According to customers, the lamps in the tanning salons are of good quality, the equipment is kept clean, in compliance with all sanitary standards. The administrator will help you choose a subscription, device type and duration of the procedure. Reviews about this place are positive. Prices must be specified in advance by phone.

Tanning salons of the Frunze district of Minsk

The Frunze district of Minsk pleases its residents with a fairly wide selection of diverse beauty salons and studios that provide artificial tanning services. Most establishments provide a wide range of services, in addition to tanning beds. You can visit such studios as the "Temple of the Sun", Sun Plaza. Prices for tanning salons of Minsk in the Frunze district are kept within 20-25 rubles for 30 minutes of tanning. Of course, there are cheaper options; there are more expensive ones. But we will not consider them, since, according to customer reviews, cheaper establishments do not differ in comfort, and in expensive salons the quality does not always correspond to the price.

Gym World of Power place

The club enjoys well-deserved popularity among Minskers. In addition to a variety of fitness services, the institution also offers additional body treatments: massage, SPA, solarium. This is very convenient from the point of view of saving time: you don’t need to go somewhere specially to sunbathe, this can be done immediately after a workout. Visitors note the good quality of the lamps and the reasonable price for a subscription. 30 minutes of tanning will cost 20 rubles.

Solarium MegaSun

This place is located at: Minsk, st. Sukhorevskaya 26. In the solarium there are both horizontal and vertical tanning booths. Visitors note good equipment, compliance with sanitary standards in the institution. But the big minus of Mega Sun is the staff. Female administrators have been repeatedly seen in boorish behavior towards visitors. But despite numerous complaints, the situation does not change. In addition, the schedule of the solarium is periodically changed, and the information on the site may not correspond to reality. Therefore, it is better to check the working time by phone. We pay special attention to this.

Tanning Studio Equipment

Solarium "Temple of the Sun"

"Temple of the Sun" is a small beauty studio that provides a variety of body care services, including a solarium. It is located at: Minsk, st. Ponomarenko 35 a. In the "Temple of the Sun" installed new German equipment, which allows you to get an even bronze tan even the pale skin. In addition, the studio offers an instant tanning service, which is also popular with customers. Visitors note the pleasant atmosphere of the cabin and the high quality of service.

Solarium Sun Plaza, central district of Minsk

Sun Plaza is located in the very center of the city, at the address: 31, Pobediteley Ave., Minsk. The studio is equipped with the German SunFlower turbosolarium with an additional aqua system, voice accompaniment and other convenient options. In addition, the solarium has an additional system of discounts, when re-purchasing a subscription from 5 to 10 percent. And for those who want to use the services of the solarium once, there is a "happy hours" promotion. A 15 percent discount on single visits is valid from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. and from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. (check the conditions of discounts in advance with the administrator).


Today, in order to get a beautiful bronze skin tone, it is not necessary to wait for sunny weather and spend hours lying on the beach. It is enough to find a suitable tanning studio and visit it at a convenient time several times a month. We hope that our review was useful and helped you to navigate this issue, as well as to choose a suitable solarium in Minsk for yourself.

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