Shopping center "Marmalade" in Taganrog: assortment, entertainment and address

In the very center of Taganrog, a city in the Rostov Region, among a large residential area, there is the Marmelad shopping center, which has received the level of a regional shopping center and has earned the attention of city residents.

About the mall

Shopping center "Marmalade" in Taganrog was built in 2013, in terms of scale it took the place of a regional shopping complex. The total area of ​​the shopping center is 52 thousand square meters, where more than 30 thousand are retail space.

Shopping center Marmalade in Taganrog

In total, the shopping center "Marmalade" in Taganrog has 4 floors. Two entrances are open for visitors. The first, central, is open from Chekhov Street, it has direct access to the first floor of the building. The second entrance goes to the 16th lane and leads to the ground floor, from where you can then go up to the main floors of the shopping center on a travelator.

The design of the shopping center is in a mosaic style. Everywhere the guest, both outside and inside, is accompanied by yellow-red and white rectangles in all elements of the interior and facade. There are illuminated decorative elements of red and yellow colors on the ceiling, the floor is tiled with reflective tiles, which makes it possible to visually increase the amount of space in the room, and it’s even easier for the client to navigate among the many shops in the Marmalade shopping center in Taganrog.

The highlight of the shopping center is the light and music fountain, which is located opposite the main entrance.

The shops

The new shopping center has become a godsend for residents who want to buy branded items. If earlier it was necessary to go to the neighboring city of Rostov, then since 2013, after the opening of the Marmalade shopping center in Taganrog, this problem has exhausted itself.

A sophisticated consumer can find in the Marmalade shopping center many stores of the most famous brands: Reserved, H&M, O'STIN, Gloria Jeans, Cropp, MANGO, 5 pockets, Henderson, TVOE and many other famous clothing brands.

Shops in the shopping center Marmalade in Taganrog

Shoes can be purchased at renowned boutiques such as Mascotte, Kari, Sharmel and Forward and Adidas. The Puss in Boots store is open for younger guests, where you can find high-quality, reliable and affordable shoes for children at an attractive price.

The choice of cosmetics and perfumes opens before the guest in the stores Yves Rocher, Lulu Paris, Organic City and L'Etoile.

On the ground floor, a large hypermarket of the Magnit chain, known throughout Russia, has been opened.

Household appliances and electronics in the shopping center "Marmalade" in Taganrog are presented in the stores "M. Video", "Svyaznoy", DNS and "Euroset".

Food and entertainment

In addition to the popular fast food restaurants on the third floor in the Marmalade shopping center in Taganrog, there are also special establishments. The Croissant Cafe is located on the first level, where a large number of the most delicious sweets are presented, on the second - a Japanese restaurant and lounge bar "Sakura", on the third - a Mediterranean cuisine cafe with Oliva's gourmet delicacies.

Food court in the marmalade shopping center in Taganrog

You can watch the latest film distribution at the Marmalade shopping center in Taganrog at the Charlie seven-movie theater with high-quality sound and FullHD images, as well as 3D.

For connoisseurs of new experiences, the shopping center offers the innovative 7D Avatar Cinema, where anyone can plunge into the atmosphere of space, survive the blizzard, boldly go through the jungle or escape from dinosaurs.

A two-story Tartuga amusement park is open for children and parents, where a large number of trampolines, labyrinths, swings and carousels, an interactive wall, air hockey are presented, and daily thematic shows are held where no one will be bored.

How to get there

The shopping center "Marmalade" is located in Taganrog at the address: Peace Square, house 7. There is an opportunity to reach the destination both by public and by private transport.

Opposite the shopping center there are public transport stops. To the Marmalade shopping center in Taganrog follow: bus number 31, trolleybus number 5, shuttle buses connecting the western and eastern parts of the city, which allows you to get from one to another, while stopping by a shopping center.

For car owners, there is an open free parking for 800 cars located along the facade of the building, as well as from the 16th and 10th lanes.


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