Gel coating

Not everyone likes long extended nails. And recently, there are more and more opponents of this procedure. Now, masters have increasingly begun to offer a gel coating of nails, which not only does not spoil the appearance, but also strengthens them. This coating looks very natural, and the nails become stronger and stronger. A classic hygienic manicure includes nail shaping, cuticle removal, and nail polish. In the salons this has been done for a very long time. Gel manicure implies the same set of procedures, it only ends with coating the nail plates with a special biogel instead of varnish.

This gel is different from those that are used for building, as it does not include any aggressive components in its composition. Biogel is very similar in structure to silicone, so it is often called silicone or eco-gel. The process of its polymerization takes place under special ultraviolet lamps, so making such a manicure in conditions outside the cabin is simply impossible.

Gel Nail Coating: Key Benefits

This method of coating is harmless and completely safe, as the material contains special natural ingredients, especially useful for regular use. It does not include aggressive allergens, so it is not able to cause an allergic reaction. Gel coating of nails helps to restore them after building. Soft and thin nails acquire elasticity and strength. This effect has already been proven by the experience of many women who have experienced this method. This procedure does not damage your own nails, does not interfere with their growth and does not violate the structure. Biogel is an effective means of protection against environmental influences. The nails covered with it do not break and do not crack, since the material is quite elastic and soft. With these qualities, it guarantees strong protection. The gel coating of the nails makes the nail plates more resilient, strong and smooth. When the biogel is removed, there is no need for sawing. Nails will remain beautiful and well-groomed even after its removal.

This procedure takes very little time, since coating with this material and its removal is very fast, which is very important for modern ladies. The coating lasts two weeks, after which it is worthwhile to carry out the correction of the overgrown part. In general, with such nails you can walk up to two months.

How to build gel nails

First you need to prepare for the procedure. You need to trim the nails, and then polish their surface well with a nail file. This is done in order to avoid delamination of the gel. Now the nails need to be covered with a degreasing agent, but not for long, no more than five minutes. For each finger, you should choose the right tips. Apply glue to each in turn, and then gently and as firmly as possible glue. There should not be bubbles or other formations at the place of bonding. After all are glued, with the help of a tip cutter, they need to be shortened to the desired length. Shaped nails will be determined later. Tip tips should be filed. A little gel should be collected on the brush, which then should be distributed as evenly as possible on the surface of the nail. It is important to level the entire surface, for which you need to fill the space between the base of the nail and the nail tips. The hand is placed for a couple of minutes under ultraviolet light, which will allow the gel to harden.

After that, the nails are treated with a degreasing agent, which allows you to remove the sticky layer formed during the polymerization of the gel.

You can also grow nails without tips, using forms. For this, special stencils are used, the window of which is placed under the edge of the nail. Gel is applied to the nail and form, and then it is dried in the same way.

At the end of the procedure, the cuticle is treated with special oil and a light finger massage is done.


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