How to drain the site with your own hands. Drainage system construction

The most effective results of how to dry the site with your own hands are achieved only if you have a good street cuvette with a depth of at least 1 m, which will guarantee a spillway. Even on a flat terrain, it can significantly suppress the pressure of groundwater and lower its level.

how to drain the site with your own hands
Before draining the site with your own hands, you should assess the situation. For example, if the terrain has a pronounced bias towards the street or towards the site, you should dig ditches for water flow, which will hold the stream and at the same time direct it in the right direction. In the event that the slope is directed to the street, it is necessary to ensure the presence of a transverse ditch in front of the blind area of ​​the house, which will hold the drain. In addition to it, a longitudinal ditch digs, conducting water to the street ditch.

If the plot has a slope in the other direction (from the street), then the transverse ditch should be organized along the front side of the fence, the longitudinal one - to the garden. At the same time, it must be taken into account that the beds should be broken across the slope, otherwise nutrients will be washed out of the soil.

Before draining the site by organizing gutters, it must be remembered that such measures only help with heavy rainfall and melting snow.

how to drain a plot in the country

When draining the site with your own hands (if it is even), you should provide a ditch along the fence 2-3 m long, 0.5 m wide and at least 1 m deep. The lowlands are filled with the resulting soil. During the season, construction debris, cans, glass breaks and other poorly disposed waste are piled into the ditch as densely as possible. When the pit is filled to the lower level of fertile soil, another similar ditch is dug. The soil raised from the new ditch goes to fill the remaining part of the first ditch and to fill the lowlands. So around the perimeter of the site appears drainage system.

It is easy to answer the question of how to drain the site with your own hands, if it is flat and does not have a sufficient drain in the street ditch, it is difficult to do. To ensure this, it is necessary to organize a drainage system with a slope of 2-3%. It should consist of separate drains, which are asbestos-cement or pottery pipes (diameter 10-15 cm) and a maximum length of 20 meters.

do-it-yourself drainage
For pipe laying, a trench is excavated with a maximum depth of 1 meter with a slope to the catchment. At the bottom, it is better to lay the crumpled clay and, having rammed it, form a tray. If pottery pipes are used, a gap of 15 mm is left between them, if asbestos cement - cuts are made 1 cm wide and a third of the diameter in depth, a distance between them of 10-15 cm. The pipes are filled with large gravel (20-30 cm in height) and soil that is taken out of the trench.

Consider how to drain the site with your own hands, if there is no way to ensure the availability of the necessary pipes. You can use other materials, for example, bricks, from which a tray with a cross section of 12 x 12 cm is laid out, or even a bundle of brushwood without leaves. The main thing here is to know the basic information on how to drain the plot in the country. After that, it will be easy to make a drainage system.

It should also be noted that if the site is very waterlogged, then to drain it, use a system supplemented by a well for collecting water, where a vibration pump with automatic equipment is lowered, which ensures operability in standby mode and eliminates its frequent shutdown.


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