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Lever winches are often used on construction sites. However, they are also in demand among motorists. There are various types of hand winches. These devices are made with open and closed housing. Some modifications use locking levers.

It is also important to note that the models differ in drum diameter. Depending on it and the size of the lever, an indicator of effort is determined. On average, it fluctuates around 40 kG.

types of hand winches

Cases for models are most often made of aluminum. To fix the cable, safety pins are used. Frames may vary in shape. It is also important to note that the models have a guide clamp. In some designs, the lever is fixed to the spring and acts as a return mechanism. For fixing the drum blocks of various shapes are used. However, some models do not have them. Their functions are performed by metal plates with a sleeve. There are also many models with flywheels. It weighs on average a lever- type device in the region of 5 kg.

Simple model

An ordinary manual winch (mechanical, lever type) with your own hands is assembled quite simply. First of all, a frame is selected for the model. If we consider modifications with an open casing, then steel plates of small thickness can be used. The length of the frame should be no more than 35 cm. The lever in this case will be needed by 40 cm. Clips for fixing the drum are installed near the chain block. An anchor pin is used to lock the lever.

manual winch mechanical lever type photo

The rope in this case must be wound around the drum and tightened around the safety pin. However, before this, the stopper handle should be welded to the frame. For some modifications, it is made as a flywheel. At the end of the work, it remains only to fix the hook on the rope. Directly handle can be equipped with a pad for ease of operation.

Enclosed devices

It is quite difficult to assemble a winch (manual, drum) with a closed case with your own hands. It is necessary to begin work with the search for the supporting frame. In this case, steel billets are used, the thickness of which does not exceed 2.2 mm. For the handle you will need a dog with a latch. It is also important to note that the lever is attached to the safety pin. For the safety of using the device, a strong stop is required. It is quite difficult to make it yourself. However, on a milling machine, this part can be made.

In order to fix the stopper on the frame, it is necessary to use a welding inverter. After that, a manual winch (mechanical, lever type) is equipped with a ratchet wheel on which the rope will be located. The next step is to fix the sleeve. To do this, you need a large screw. Also, for work, a pulley block is required. It is necessary to fix it near the guide. Lastly, weld the plates onto the frame and completely close the pulley block.

mechanical lever winch

Open Enclosure Modifications

Assembled with an open case winch (manual, drum) with your own hands in different ways. If we consider the compact modification, then you should use an aluminum frame with a metal thickness of approximately 1.3 mm. The first thing to do is welding plates. The length of one cheek should be at least 15 cm. After that, a drum is fixed on the frame. Its diameter should be at least 4.5 cm.

Depending on the size of the inner hole, the appropriate sleeve should be selected. The lever in this case must be fixed on the dog. Modifications with a spring are better not to consider. After fixing the drum, the safety pin is soldered. He must be behind the axis of the lever. It is also important to ensure that it does not come into contact with the dog. Otherwise, a manual winch (mechanical, lever type) will turn out with a limited amplitude of movement of the handle. Last of all, a hooked cable is threaded.

Narrow Frame Modifications

A manual winch (mechanical, lever type) is made with a narrow frame using two steel plates. Their length should not exceed 35 cm. Some choose aluminum billets for the construction, but after a while they can be deformed. The cheeks in the winch must be connected using a welding machine. After this, you should take up the guide clamp. In this case, its width should not exceed 3.5 cm. The lever, in turn, will need a length of 35 cm. In some versions, it is fixed on a spring.

do-it-yourself manual drum winch

The last rope to be pulled. At this stage, a manual winch (mechanical, lever type) is equipped with a drum. To do this, screw the block. Next, you should deal with the safety pin, which will limit the movement of the lever. The next step is soldered dog for free rotation of the drum. To fix the sprocket, an additional sleeve is required. On average, its diameter is 2.5 cm. However, in this case, much depends on the size of the drum.

Wide Frame Model

Manual winch (mechanical, lever) with a wide frame will allow you to lift large weights. In the construction industry, these modifications are in demand. In this case, metal plates should be used with a thickness of about 2.5 mm. Directly the guide clamp must be made with a width of about 5.5 cm. The length of the lever depends on the diameter of the drum.

do-it-yourself manual mechanical manual winch

If we consider the standard model, then it is selected at 3.5 cm. The element is fixed with the help of the chain block. The lever of the model must be fixed on the dog. It is also important to note that a safety pin is required for normal operation of the winch. Its length in this case should be equal to 2.2 cm. In order to strengthen the frame, many weld small plates along the edges. However, modifications with wide frames are often made with a closed case.

It is problematic to independently assemble such a winch. Given all of the above, it is advisable to simply attach the frame along the edges and in the region of the guide clamp, near the axis of the lever. After fixing the sprocket with a sleeve, it remains to thread the cable with a hook.

Ratchet device behind the lever axis

The specified manual winch mechanical lever type (photo of the circuit shown below) is not in great demand. However, such models have several advantages. First of all, it concerns compactness. It is also important to note that a snare drum may be used in such designs. However, it is necessary to mention the disadvantages of the device. The main disadvantage of the model lies in the fact that for normal operation of the tool a large lever is required.

mechanical winch manual winch

In this case, raising a lot of weight is very problematic. It is necessary to begin assembling the model according to the standard scheme. However, the ratchet wheel must be mounted near the chain block. At this stage, it is very important to calculate the distance to the sleeve. If the drum is near the sprocket, the safety clutch will not operate. As a result, the lever rests against the guide clamp.

Models with a wheel to a lever axis

Manual winches (lever, cable) of this type are very common. First of all, it should be noted that in this case, you can use asterisks of small diameter. The tackle block itself must be located near the dog stopper. There are also modifications in which the guide clamp is located near the axis of the lever. It should also be noted that this type of winch can be made with a narrow and wide frame. In this situation, a lot depends on the size of the ratchet wheel.

Dual drum models

Manual winch (lever, cable) on two drums will allow you to lift large weights pretty quickly. Frames are most often set wide. All this is necessary in order to reliably fix the pulley block. The levers of some modifications are made with a return mechanism.

manual lever cable winches

There are also many closed-body winches. However, they are not in special demand. In order to make a model on two drums yourself, you need a strong frame. For this purpose, steel plates are selected whose thickness is about 2.3 mm. There are two guides required for such devices. One of them should be fixed near the axis of the lever. The second clamp is mounted directly next to the safety pin. Thus, it is possible to significantly remove the load from the frame.


Given all of the above, it should be noted that winches are easiest to do with narrow frames. The most difficult part is the selection of a high-quality drum and lever with a dog. In this case, for work it is necessary to be able to handle the welding inverter. In order to fit the part, it is important to have access to the milling machine.


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