Examples of email addresses: making the right choice

Choosing an email address is not so easy today. There are several obvious barriers: all good and unique names are already taken by someone, but there is no fantasy for something special. Let's see how a simple Yandex e-mail address can affect not only communication on the network, but also your career and business.

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The basics

So, you probably know that today most mail services are free. Paid simply can not stand the competition. On any of these services you can register an email address, an example of which looks like this: masha_ivanova@yandex.ru. This is a good option for personal mail, not very suitable for business, but for an individual career, it is quite suitable. The email name is divided into two parts: the first you invent yourself, the second is taken from the service on which you register the box. There are several features that should be followed in choosing a name.

No numbers
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Of course, your cell number is unique, but you do not need to call your mail like that. No client will remember him or write to you. This is because the numbers are worse absorbed by our consciousness, since they do not find any embodiment in images and pictures. Bad examples of email addresses: 873649207 @ or Vk_45324 @. In general, numerical combinations, if they can be found in your address, should be justified: 365days or 33korovy. Then the user will remember them easily.

No personal

Do not express anything personal in the address: this includes your political views, preferences in intimate life, and the like. The most unsuccessful examples of email addresses are: ihatenegros or wannasex. Not a single person will have business with you in either the first or second case. It is much better if the name of the mail is neutral and non-binding.

Yandex email address

No difficulty

If you came up with a word in Russian and wrote it in English, then the degree of uniqueness is very high, however, the degree of memorability is zero. Here are some examples of email addresses: vjz_rjirf (my_cat). Nobody will remember you, and if you start explaining to someone that you need to write in Russian in the English layout, they will just treat you scornfully, and therefore they will not want to do anything. In terms of complexity, it is also worth abandoning underscores, transliteration names with the letters ā€œgā€, ā€œuā€, ā€œsā€, etc., dots and other things that interfere with understanding your address. Ideally, the address should be understood from the first second. If a person is forced to ask again, then this is a bad address. After all, he may not ask again, but simply ignore you.

To summarize

Examples of e-mail addresses that have in their meaning an unpleasant bias for at least some users are not allowed. Undesirable numbers and different punctuation marks in the names. Avoid the difficulties. So, for example, if your company is called "Ideal", then the address should look like ideal @ any service. But it happens ... never. You can write ideal24 @, specifying a region, or moyideal @, idealtut @ will do. The address should be easy to read in Russian, because not everyone still knows English even at a basic level. In general, look for your combination. And make it as convenient as possible for the end user.

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