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Today on the Internet you can find many sites that sell various types of electronics and household appliances. This is due to the fact that more and more buyers choose cashless payment and the selection of necessary goods without visiting a real point of sale. This technology has many advantages. The main one is that the user can choose the necessary equipment, electronics and place a purchase remotely at any place convenient for him. At the same time, online stores offer various conditions for placing an order, as well as promotions, discounts and bonuses.

Another advantage of such sites is that, as a rule, prices at such online points of sale are much lower than in ordinary stores. Owners of online stores do not need to pay rent to place all household appliances for sale. It is enough for them to have a warehouse or a small room where all products will be stored, as well as a service where applications will be received. Many users say that with the advent of online stores, prices for many items of household appliances and electronics have become significantly lower due to great competition.

elecity ru reviews

Reviews about Elecity.ru as an online store are mostly positive. They can be read on different information portals and compare the work of the company with other sites. Users distinguish this store from many more because it offers favorable conditions for the purchase of products, and also has pickup points in various cities of the country.

Online Store Overview

Parsing reviews of Elecity.ru from buyers, it is worth talking about the company itself. It was founded 7 years ago. Immediately after the organization began to conduct its activities, it entered into a partnership agreement with many large Internet sites, including Yandex. This made it possible for the company to develop rapidly and get a lucrative contract for the supply of products in the form of household appliances and electronics. In addition, the company began to actively develop its trading network in the regions of the country. This allowed to increase sales of products, as well as to optimize the delivery of goods and at the same time reduce their sorting significantly.

Also, users say that the products in the online store are fully certified. This means that the equipment and electronics sold on the Internet site have quality certificates issued by domestic registration authorities. In the event that a breakdown or damage is detected, buyers can safely contact the service center or the support of the online store to return the product or its warranty repair.

elecity ru store reviews

Another feature that distinguishes the store, according to buyers and users, is the convenient site interface. There is no need to go through multi-level registration and confirm your identity. All that is needed is to specify the details in the form of the address of your post office, where to send the goods, as well as a mobile phone number and email for operational communication with support.

Online Store Benefits

Reviews about Elecity.ru talk about the many advantages of the store. First of all, these are reasonable prices. The company always has various promotions and bonuses, which allows you to purchase even the most popular types of electronics and equipment at a great discount. In addition, there is a cashback program, which is also a very advantageous offer in the online sales market. Another advantage that buyers highlight is the prompt processing of orders and the delivery of goods. Immediately after the user draws up an application for the purchase of products, the contact center will begin to form an order and send it to the logistics center for further shipment.

elecity ru online store reviews

On the network you can also find reviews about the online store, indicating that it has competent polite employees who always seek to help and answer all user questions. This significantly improves the quality of service of the company, and its rating. Additionally, it is noted that courier delivery services in cities where points of sale are presented also carefully transport all purchased products.

The company today continues to successfully develop in the market of information services and technologies. The site is adapted and easily works not only on laptops and personal computers, but also on mobile phones and tablets. There is a hotline where customers and visitors can simply contact support via a toll-free phone number.

Customer reviews

If we consider reviews of Elecity.ru from customers in the aggregate, then in most cases they are positive. There is a special section on the site itself, where any user and client of the company can leave an opinion about the work, about the quality of the goods and about the functionality of the site as a whole. On the page of the official Internet portal several hundred reviews are presented, in which you can find only good comments from buyers.

Positive reviews are also found on larger portals. The Yandex website has been cooperating with the online store for the past 7 years since its inception. The company itself has more than once been nominated for major awards and participated in the ratings of the best online stores that sell household appliances and electronics in the country.

However, there are also negative reviews on the Internet. They are much smaller, and they are not directly dedicated to the work of the store itself, but to the quality of the products. Although the company has all the necessary certificates for the work and delivery of goods in the country, factory defects also occur. Legislation in the field of consumer protection does not always make it possible to return products if they are of inadequate quality. In this case, the client loses not only time, but also money.

Product Categories

Reviews about the store Elecity.ru indicates that a convenient system has been introduced on the site that divides the catalog into subsections. The main emphasis on the sale of goods in stores is made specifically on household appliances and electronics. Buyers can find various items in the catalog at the most attractive prices. In comparison with other stores leading in discounts, they are the positions of personal computers, laptops, as well as consumables and components.

online store www elecity ru reviews

In second place in terms of demand for goods is consumer electronics in the form of televisions, multimedia systems, as well as audio and video equipment. In addition, sections with smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices are in demand on the site. In the portal you can find sections in which goods for sports and recreation are presented. These are mainly various simulators, accessories and additional tourist equipment.

The catalog closes with various equipment for home and garden. This section contains electric tools, devices for cleaning, repair and maintenance of premises. Nearby is a catalog of body care products. Recently, sections have been introduced related to electric household tools, goods for cars and motorcycles, plumbing and water supply, as well as products for children.

Site Convenience

According to reviews of the store Elecity.ru, you can also evaluate the quality of the Internet portal. As many customers say, the site is quite convenient to use. It is adapted for various mobile and stationary platforms. You can view the portal even through the TV. In addition, there is a convenient system by which users can create their catalog. For this, various filters are used that are located in the side panel when switching to the "Catalog" section.

On the site you can find various notifications of ongoing promotions and bonuses. The information is current and provided to all customers and users of resources. On holidays, the company also draws up company promotional codes, which can be found both on the website of the online store and on partner portals that provide services for the promotion of goods and services.

A convenient checkout system is noted in the form of sending goods to the basket. Even if the client simply placed the goods in this section, but did not buy it, it remains there for some time. You can always see your own purchase history and those items of goods that previously interested you.

Work with a basket

Reviews about Elecity.ru in St. Petersburg are also positive in terms of checkout through a special basket. It is displayed on the main screen and is located in the upper panel. The icon shows the geolocation of the buyer himself, nearby pickup points, their addresses and working hours. Under the basket icon is also the name of the position of the goods that have been selected and added, and their total value.

By clicking on the trash can icon, the client enters a new section on the portal. In an abridged version, in the form of a list will be presented all the items of goods that have been added there. The user can independently edit, add and remove products. In addition, a function has been added to compare various types of products, which makes it possible to choose one of all the added options, which is the best for customers.

After editing the position of goods in the basket, the user can proceed to payment. All you need to do is click on the button to place an order. Next, a new window will open where you must enter all the necessary information to register a position for its processing by the operator.

Payment for goods

Reviews of SPB.Elecity.ru from buyers note a convenient system for making payment for the selected product. A client can pay for equipment and electronics by paying in cash in Russian rubles. He can do this at the moment when the courier delivers the order. It is worth noting that the cost of all items of goods today already contains a discount of 7%, which applies to all customers who visited the resource.

Proper packaging of goods

Reviews of NN.Elecity.ru say that the second way in which customers can pay for products is by bank transfer. You must indicate your bank details or transfer funds to the specified accounts from your bank card using payment documents. Legal entities can also use non-cash payment methods. However, for this they will have to send a special request to the indicated e-mail, where the name of the product will be indicated. In addition, information about the company and details for communication are provided.

Delivery Methods

Reviews of https.Elecity.ru indicate that the site has several methods for delivering goods. All products are supplied only by special courier services that work on the Internet portal. In order to select a delivery mode, the user must mark the city in which he lives. Next, information appears on the logistics center and the services available for transporting purchased products.

Favorable terms of delivery

Delivery time daily from 10 to 18 hours. On Saturday, a shortened day of work from 10 to 15 hours. On Sunday, the delivery service is not working. The average delivery speed after registration of products is from 4 hours to 1 day.

There is also a pick-up service. After choosing the necessary city, a map will be available to the client on the site, where the points of the location of points that issue the purchased products are marked. You must carefully read the terms of delivery in the form of tariffs, which are valid not only in the city, but also in the surrounding area.

The average transportation price is 300 rubles. In the case of the acquisition of large-sized household appliances and electronics, when it is necessary to transfer it to a certain floor, manual lifting costs 100 rubles. The price of cargo delivery in the region will be 25 rubles per 1 km from the city, but it is carried out within 20 km from the main border.

Online Store Warranties

Reviews of www.Elecity.ru contain a lot of positive information that customers receive all valid warranty cards when purchasing goods. The company cooperates only with certified suppliers and manufacturers of household electronics, which have their own representative office in the country. Therefore, in the event of breakdowns or damage, as well as the detection of factory defects, you can contact service support on the site to arrange for a refund or repair of the goods.

Order processing

Also, in reviews of the Elecity.ru store in Moscow, you can find information that the company fully protects customer data. All cashless transfers are protected by modern technology. The quality of products is checked by employees immediately before shipment, so customers often note that all purchased equipment works for a very long time and without complaints.

Reviews of the Elecity.ru site, which can be found on third-party resources, also speak of round-the-clock support. If necessary, customers can always call the numbers indicated on the website to clarify the information of interest or get advice. The mailing address indicated on the portal makes it possible to quickly contact the official representatives of the company.


Elecity.ru ratings and reviews show that over the 7 years of operation, the site has changed only for the better. There are practically no negative comments about the quality of work of employees or about the condition of goods sold by the company. Users like the site and its design. There is a convenient system of sale, registration of goods, as well as a catalog with a large selection of various types of electronics, products for the home and for the car.

Reviews about the online store www.elecity.ru, which are located on the site itself, are also true. The guarantee of this is that they are all broadcast through the Yandex system. A company cannot independently win positive comments or remove negative ones. This also indicates the high quality of customer service and reliable operation of the goods.

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