What is made of oil and steel

The bowels of our land are rich in natural resources. For many years, people have been mining, processing and using them at their discretion. One of the most common and widely used resources is oil. The oil industry is well developed in many countries. It is no coincidence that this fossil is called black gold. Oil itself and its refined products are used in many areas and for the production of a large number of goods. Using this or that thing, we do not even suspect that it includes petrochemical products.

Initially, oil and its derivative kerosene were used exclusively for lighting. Then it began to be used for the heating of steam boilers and in the form of a material for lubrication. With the development of technological progress and the emergence of internal combustion engines, oil and its refined products have been used as fuel. Today, this is its most important value. Kerosene, diesel, gasoline is just a small fraction of what is made from oil.

Oil refining is also of great importance in medicine. The question arises: what is made of oil used in this industry? There are special grades of oil that are unique in composition. They have compounds that are identical to those in vitamin D, cholesterol and sex hormones. Since ancient times, the healing properties of oil have been known. It was used to treat ulcers and as a painkiller. Potions made from oil were used to treat gout, arthritis, rheumatism, and various skin diseases. Such healing oil is produced in Azerbaijan, where it is now used as a therapeutic agent.

Almost every one of us used drugs, which include petroleum products. But not everyone knows what is made from oil, for example, aspirin. Many antiseptics are prepared using refined petroleum products. The properties of oil in the fight against microbes are well known, so it is part of many popular antimicrobials. Antibiotics are also made on the basis of alcohols and esters, which were isolated from oil. Do not forget that oil refined products are also used for the production of surgical instruments, catheters, oxygen masks and many other improvised materials.

How many people know what oil and some cosmetics are made of? Almost every cream contains petroleum products. All this testifies to the enormous importance of oil in our lives.

No less important for human life is the production of steel. What is steel made of? Of course, from ore that is mined from the bowels of the earth. In special furnaces, ore is smelted and useful materials and slags are extracted from it. Steel is widely used in every industry. It is impossible to list everything that is made of steel. Steel is used in all industries. It is used in the automotive industry, in medicine. We use steel products everywhere in everyday life. We use all kinds of dishes, garden supplies, and many other things in everyday life and do not think about their origin. Fine knives are made of steel. They are used in everyday life and as souvenirs. Everyone knows the famous damask steel, which is used to make edged weapons. Many medical instruments are made of steel. Virtually every household appliance has steel parts.

The importance of oil production and steel production is great in our lives. If you think about what they make from oil and steel, it turns out that these products are the most important and extremely necessary. The main thing is their rational and careful use, so that many more generations can use them for their needs.

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