Do it yourself classic hang glider

Non-powered vehicles heavier than air give an incomparable sensation of flying. Such devices include a parachute-wing, glider and hang glider. The first two flight devices are difficult to manufacture. Do it yourself with your own hands to build a hang glider if you have an equipped workshop, special tools and materials. The main thing for such a thing is a great desire, and experience will come during work.

do-it-yourself glider

In order to get an accurate answer to the question of how to make a glider yourself, you will have to study some sections of aerodynamics and materials science. Begin by defining the aircraft and its purpose. The classic hang glider is a device consisting of a specially shaped wing and a special suspension system for the pilot.

Hang glider device

The basis of the design of the aircraft is a supporting tubular frame made of duralumin pipes of different diameters. To ensure the necessary stiffness of the wing, a system of cable extensions is used. Strong and lightweight fabric is pulled onto the frame. Before the advent of polymer yarns, parachute silk was used. The gimbal provides optimal pilot position in flight and hang glider control.

The supporting structure is built around the keel pipe, two sidewalls are connected to it in front of it. In the central part, a cross member is installed perpendicular to the keel beam, which provides strength to the wing. Those who make a hang glider with their own hands, it is known that the junction of the main tube and the cross member is in the center of mass of the device. At the same point, a vertical spacer and a control trapezoid are installed.

how to make a hang glider do it yourself

It is a duralumin tube of the desired diameter with a cable tie mounting system. The cords are stretched not only in the upper plane of the apparatus from the joints of the supporting elements, but also in the lower part. Here the braces are attached to the steering trapezoid. Such a scheme allows, while maintaining a minimum weight, to achieve the necessary rigidity of the entire airframe structure.

Features of the manufacture and use of hang gliders

The materials used for the manufacture of aircraft are subject to increased requirements. In order to make a quality hang glider with your own hands, in addition to the pipes and fabrics already listed, you will need specially designed and manufactured connecting devices. The central node is the most critical part that provides the connection of the supporting elements.

It is designed in such a way as to provide minimal aerodynamic drag to the device. When making a hang glider with your own hands, this node should be given special attention. To assemble the device in all one-piece joints , a pair of bolts with a self-locking nut is used, in other cases, the fasteners should be fixed with a stud. This is done to avoid structural failure.

hang glider

Flying on a hang glider of your own manufacture means getting maximum pleasure. And it will be a pleasure not only from the flight, but also from a job well done.


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