How to make a lizun with PVA glue: preparation of materials, mixing order

A slime, or slime, is a toy for both adults and children. The first slime appeared in 1976, it was invented by Mattel. Initially conceived for children, the slime was to the liking of adults as well, because playing with this substance is a very fun activity. Slime does not get dirty hands and does not leave any marks on wallpaper or other objects. Lizun is sold in stores and is readily bought, but few people know that a toy can be made with your own hands from simple ingredients. Let's see how to make a slime with PVA glue.

how to make lizuna from shampoo and glue pva

Toy story

For the first time, they became interested in this toy in the early 90s, when the popular animated series Ghostbusters appeared on the screens. One of the main characters - the green ghost Lizun - became the prototype of the toy from Mattel.

The jelly-like substance contained such components as guar gum, minerals, borax. All these ingredients, mixed in certain proportions, made the toy so mucous and tight.

PVA shampoo and glue slime

Today, not everyone has guar gum, but there is PVA glue in every house, so let's talk how to make a slime from shampoo and PVA glue. The recipe is very simple. It will take a little shampoo, glue, as well as gouache or any food coloring.

The prepared ingredients are mixed in a ratio of 3 to 1. It is necessary to mix three parts of glue with one part of shampoo. To make our slime as saturated as possible, a little bright color is added to it.

Then the resulting mixture is poured into a plastic bag and mixed until then, until it turns into a uniform mass.

You can use not only PVA stationery glue. The best slime is obtained from transparent adhesives. The glue "Titan" is especially popular . It already has everything you need to make the slice soft and elastic. Another secret - the more glue, the more elastic the slime will be.

how to make slime from glue pva and tetraborate

Glue and Soda Slime

But how to make a slime with PVA glue and soda? You will need: 2 tablespoons of glue, 150 ml of water, 3 teaspoons of salt, as well as a suitable container. In order for the lizun to be colored, food coloring is added.

For cooking, you need hot water - it is poured into a container. Then salt is added there. Salt and water must be mixed very carefully. It is best to use fine salt for the slime - it will dissolve very quickly and well.

Then dye or gouache is added to the liquid. In this case, the liquid must be stirred. When the water has cooled slightly, you can add glue to the mixture. No need to interfere - the mass is left for about 20 minutes. When the allotted time has passed, the mass is stirred with a spoon. The glue will begin to separate from the water and after a while will take the desired consistency and appearance. As soon as the mass is gathered near a spoon, it can be safely taken in hand.

This recipe, which allows you to make a slime from PVA glue, makes it possible to get a tougher toy. To make the slime softer, you need to use another recipe with tetraborate.

how to make lizuna with glue pva

Borax slime

For this recipe you will need a special substance - this is sodium tetraborate, or borax. The drug can be purchased at the pharmacy, and if it was not there, then it is always available in online stores selling products for soldering and welding.

The ingredients used are: borax in the amount of half a teaspoon, 30 g of PVA glue, 300 ml of warm water, dye. It is also necessary to prepare two containers. Let's see how to make a slime from PVA glue and tetraborate.

A glass of water is poured into one container. Slowly pour sodium tetraborate into this water. The mixture must be stirred. In another prepared container, half a glass of water is poured and PVA is added. The dye must be added to the diluted adhesive. To make the color more intense, you need 5-7 drops of dye. You can also experiment with the color scheme - three drops of yellow, four drops of green or any other colors.

When the dye and glue mix well and a homogeneous mass is obtained, this substance must be added to the first container with water. Pour in a thin stream and do not forget to stir. After a while, the mass will thicken - the result will be a real slime.

recipe how to make lizuna from glue pva

Shaving foam slime

This slice will look more like marshmallows. The toy will turn out elastic and soft, snow-white color. Of the ingredients you will need 1 bottle of shaving foam, 50 ml of ordinary water, dyes - preferably a few, glue, borax, a wooden spatula. Let's see this recipe on how to make a slime from PVA glue.

So, you need to pour tetraborate into the container - 1.5 teaspoons of the drug will be enough to make this slime. Water is also poured there. Then the components are mixed to a state of homogeneous mass. There it is necessary to add foam and mix again until a homogeneous mass is obtained. Then add PVA and mix well again. A little more is poured into the water - two or three teaspoons of sodium tetraborate. And the mixture again interfere.

The result should be a homogeneous mass. If the slime sticks strongly, add tetraborate to it and mix. In the process, you can add dyes and sparkles to the slice.

Glue and Toothpaste

There is such a recipe. It is very simple - you need only two components. It is directly glue and toothpaste. A slice is being prepared as follows.

Half a tube of toothpaste is mixed with 1 tablespoon of PVA. It is necessary to mix until smooth. Glue is added if the slime could not reach the desired consistency. When the lizun has thickened sufficiently, the container is put in the refrigerator for about 15 minutes. Here's how to make a slime with PVA glue quickly and easily. The toy will have a characteristic smell of toothpaste for a while - the smell will go away, there is nothing to worry about.

In fact, this is not a simple slime. It can be used in different ways - when it is cold, it can be used as an anti-stress toy. At room temperature, this is a common lizun.

how to make a slime from glue pva m

How to store a lizun?

Now it’s clear how to make a slime from PVA glue M. But not everyone knows how to store the slime so that it does not dry. It is better to store it in a jar or other container or in a plastic bag. A toy does not like the sun, but in general, the more often you play with it, the longer it will have a useful life.

Unlike the factory one, a homemade slime does not like washing - if you wash it, the toy will lose its properties or even deteriorate.


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