Internet from Yota: Reviews on the quality of communication and equipment

Wireless data transfer technologies are very popular. They allow you to access the Internet from almost anywhere. One of the providers of such services is Yota. Reviews about her and her products make it possible to fully evaluate the effectiveness and profitability of this provider.


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The company provides services for the presentation of a wireless communication channel. It uses LTE technology. This is the most modern standard for wireless data transfer. Its peak readings are more than 100 Mbit for incoming traffic and 50 Mbit for outgoing traffic. But it should be clearly understood that this is the maximum possible speed. If compared with 3G networks, then these figures significantly exceed the peak 42 Mbit of incoming traffic. It is with this high-speed standard that Yota works.

Customer reviews of products from this brand say that in reality the speed is much lower. So, the incoming traffic ranges from 15 to 25 Mbps. This is much lower than the peak values, but it is much larger than 2-3 Mbit for the same 3G networks. This speed is more than enough to use all the features of the Internet, right up to watching movies online. As a result, the vast majority are satisfied with the quality of communication from Yota. Reviews on the company's official website and other rating resources are a vivid confirmation of this.

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Yota requires communication devices to connect to Yota networks. The provider offers its customers a variety of equipment that is designed to satisfy all kinds of needs. Let's consider them in more detail:

- Yota modem . Feedback from the owners of this device indicates that it is very simple to use. For its functioning it is necessary to connect the modem to the USB port of a computer or laptop. It does not require installation and configuration of software and drivers. There is also a model with a built-in Wi-Fi module that allows you to connect multiple devices to a wireless communication channel at the same time. To get started, you just need to connect the modem to an arbitrary power source via the USB port.

- Mobile router. The Yota product line has two models of portable devices. They can be used on the road, on hikes, or where you need to connect several gadgets to the Internet at once in โ€œfieldโ€ conditions. They have compact dimensions and low weight, which greatly simplifies their transportation.

internet yota reviews
- Internet Center Yota. Such devices are intended for use at home or in small offices. They allow you to connect about ten devices over a Wi-Fi network. At the same time, some models are also capable of distributing Yota Internet through the Ethrenet channel. The reviews of the owners of such equipment say that it can be used to access the World Wide Web for all home devices, including network printers and TVs.


As for the cost of the services of the Yota provider, customer reviews note the relatively flexible pricing policy of the mentioned company. The consumer can at any time independently change the speed of his Internet connection through the provider's website. This allows you to choose the best rate. Also, many pay special attention to such a positive moment, as the absence of quotas for volume.


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