Milk vermicelli: home-made recipes

All people who once visited a kindergarten are well acquainted with a dish called "milk vermicelli" - thin spider-web pasta cooked in milk. Many people are so fond of such a soup that they are happy to cook it at home. Milk vermicelli, the recipes of which are described below, are prepared quite simply. And the result is a tasty and healthy dish for children and adults.

Simple Milk Vermicelli Soup: A Recipe for Kids

This is the fastest and easiest recipe for making milk soup. This is a great option for a healthy breakfast or dinner. To make it, you need to boil milk (0.5 l), then add salt and a tablespoon of sugar into it. After that, reduce the heat and pour in vermicelli. Depending on the desired density, you can add two to three tablespoons of pasta.

milk vermicelli recipes
Until the vermicelli boils in milk, it must be constantly stirred. Otherwise, pasta can stick to the bottom or stick together (form into a lump). When the vermicelli boils, cook it for 10 minutes, then turn off the stove and let the soup brew for the same amount of time.

Milk vermicelli, the recipe with the photo of which is presented above, is served with butter. And it is worth remembering that the product is cooked in milk longer than in water.

Dairy vermicelli in a slow cooker

Cooking milk soup with vermicelli in a slow cooker is much easier than on the stove. The main advantage of this cooking method is that pasta in milk never boils, it turns out to be tender and very tasty.

A milk dish with vermicelli, the recipe of which is offered below in a slow cooker, is prepared in the "Steam cooking" mode. So the milk will boil slowly, which means that the risk that it will “run away” is minimal.

dairy with vermicelli recipe
First, you need to pour a measuring cup of water and three times more milk (3 cups) into the multicooker bowl. Set the mode "Steaming" and let the milk boil. Do not close the lid. When the milk boils, pour a measuring cup of vermicelli into it, add sugar to taste and a little salt. Mix. Close the lid and set the mode "Heating" for 10 minutes. After the specified time, the dish will be ready. Serve it to the table in hot or cold form.

Milk soup with vermicelli: recipe with photo

Milk soup with vermicelli is a dish that you never get tired of. Children always eat it with pleasure. You can cook such a soup with noodles, pasta of other types or with homemade noodles. The choice can only affect the cooking time (the vermicelli will boil faster).

Pour 100 ml of water into the bottom of the pan, then add 2 cups of milk. Let it boil. Pour vermicelli, mix and cook for 10 minutes, without covering the pan with a lid. Before removing from the stove, add sugar to taste and a little salt in the soup. Before serving, allow to brew under the lid.

milk vermicelli recipe with photo
Milk vermicelli, the recipes of which are presented here, are equally tasty in each case. Dishes differ only in the nuances of cooking. Therefore, it is recommended to try each recipe to find the best option for yourself.

Milk noodles soup from childhood

This is the same milk vermicelli soup that we all remember from kindergarten. To cook it, you need to mix milk and water (1 liter each) in equal proportions, put the pan on the stove and let it boil. Remember to ensure that milk does not “run away”.

After boiling in a saucepan, pour a glass of vermicelli and cook for 20 minutes. The first 2-3 minutes you need to constantly stir the vermicelli, otherwise it will stick together in a lump. Before cooking, add 4 tablespoons of sugar and a little salt to taste in the soup.

Milk vermicelli, the recipes of which are presented in the article, must be infused in a saucepan for 10 minutes before serving. Butter is added directly to the plate, and after it melts, mix thoroughly.

To make vermicelli soup, you need to use solid varieties of pasta. Milk can be taken both at home and in store. But it should be remembered that the caloric content of the finished dish directly depends on its fat content.

Milk porridge with vermicelli

Everyone who likes milk porridge rather than soup will enjoy the following cooking recipe.

Boil milk, add sugar and a small pinch of salt. Add vermicelli, let it boil and immediately remove the pan from the heat. Cover and leave the pasta in milk for 20-30 minutes. During this time, they swell and it turns out not porridge, but porridge. If desired, you can add a little more sugar, honey or jam.

vermicelli milk soup recipe for children
Milk vermicelli porridge is obtained the thicker the longer it is insisted.

Milk porridge with vermicelli and cheese

This recipe is an alternative to the usual vermicelli soup. But if someone does not like the taste of cheese, you can replace it with chocolate chips, cocoa, fruits or berries (strawberries, raspberries). Milk vermicelli, the recipes of which are offered above, can be prepared with the addition of any ingredients as a decoration. The taste of the dish from this becomes only more interesting, and the nutritional value is higher.

milk vermicelli soup recipe with photo
To prepare the soup from vermicelli, you need to prepare two pans. Boil milk in one (1 liter), boil the vermicelli in the other until half cooked. When pasta is cooked, they need to be drained and washed in hot water. Then the vermicelli should be transferred to milk, allowed to boil, add salt and sugar to taste.

Remove the finished soup from the heat and sprinkle with cheese on top or decorate with chocolate, fruits, berries, etc. Bon appetit!


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