How to become a speaker: step-by-step instruction

How to learn to speak beautifully? This question was asked by the ancient Greek orator Demosthenes. He did not have any data for competent speech, he did not pronounce half the letters, his lungs were weak, and his shoulder trembled nervously. Nevertheless, Demosthenes decided to become a speaker and began to collect sea stones in his mouth and pronounce sentences. And to cope with a nervous twitch, he fixed a sharp sword over his shoulder, which, with every attack, stuck into the flesh, causing unbearable pain. After some time, twitches went.

how to become a speaker
In this article, we will examine the question of how to become a brilliant speaker without resorting to the help of a specialist.

9 main skills

In order to understand how to become a speaker and learn to speak correctly, a person needs to master the following skills:

  • The correct selection of material.
  • The study of literature for writing speech.
  • Scheduling your performances.
  • Speech creation skills. When you create text, you need to adapt it for spoken language. Exclude words that may prevent you from pronouncing phrases correctly, and long or abstruse sentences should be rephrased into short and clear ones.
  • Self-control. Before you realize how to become a speaker yourself and learn to speak literally, think about your mental state. For example, one famous speaker learned to make a speech, standing in front of the statues. Thus, he prepared himself for the deliberate indifference of the public, and when he went out to people, the excitement was removed completely.
  • Have an orientation skill. If, for example, you are defending a dissertation or some kind of scientific work, you are given a certain time. First, of course, you need to write a text for your speech, and it should last a minute less than expected. This is necessary for the timely completion of the speech and in the future understanding how to become a good speaker.
  • Proper use of technical equipment. To speak beautifully in front of the audience, do not be afraid to supplement your words with visual moments, these can be presentations, graphics, and so on.
  • A good skill is to be able to answer questions from students. You should also prepare for this in advance and consider options for possible questions so that you are not taken by surprise and your answer is concise and interesting.

How to become a good speaker: tips and their application

In order to properly and beautifully speak in public, you need to remember simple recommendations:

how to become a good speaker

  • The volume of the voice must be built for optimal sound. Do not talk too loudly, it can annoy the audience. So that at medium volume you can be heard clearly, understand one point: do not be afraid to open your mouth wide.
  • Use intonation. To speak correctly, remember: the topic of discussion should be interesting and should not give your listener distractions. The content here is not the most important, it is necessary to correctly apply intonation, to highlight significant points and issues with voice and tone.
  • Follow the pace and rhythm of speech. To speak correctly, you need to perform exercises to develop the pace of speech. There is no special equipment here, you can record speech on the recorder and listen to where you speak very quickly and where slower.
  • Remember the gestures. Correct articulation of hand movements is one of the most important steps in deciding how to become a speaker. For this, only one tool will help you - training in front of the mirror.
  • The importance of facial expressions. It should be appropriate and appropriate to the moment of the conversation or the topic of the speech.
  • Remember the image. Appearance is an important step that must not be forgotten. No matter how long you learn to speak beautifully, if you come to a serious business event in jeans, you will be treated accordingly.

How to become a speaker? Exercise & Training

Are you worried about the question of how to learn to speak beautifully, competently and naturally? If you pass the theory, nothing will work out without training. Exercise is a very important aspect of the whole process, and, of course, it is better that they are regular. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the exercises that are necessary for correct speech.

how to become a brilliant speaker


How to become a speaker and understand beautiful speech? One of the most basic exercises has not changed since the time of Demosthenes. It suits both theatergoers and future managers. First you need to put nuts in your mouth and pronounce tongue twisters, trying to do it correctly and clearly. But you should not resort to this method right away. This is undoubtedly an important exercise, but for a start it is better to deal with the correction of difficulties with speech. Even the announcers on television channels do not speak absolutely competently right now. We advise you to find the recordings of the announcers of the Soviet era (which just the same spoke correctly) and take their speech as an example.

Error checking

For competent public speaking, you should first understand and determine where you regularly make mistakes. Each region of the country has its own speech disorders. For example, Muscovites hoot, but in Perm they “eat” words. It will be better if a person who is not from your city speaks about the problems. After all, you may not hear your violations; they may be everywhere in your district.

how to become a speaker yourself
So still, how to become a speaker and learn how to make a speech in public? It is better to remember mistakes and correct and correct the campaign, relying on accepted literary norms.

"33 Egorki"

When giving a speech, you need to hold your breath, especially if you have to speak for a long time. To train your breath, you can turn to an interesting exercise called "33 Egorki". It is necessary to pronounce the following text: "In the courtyard, on the hill stand 33 Egorki." Next, we recount: once Egor, two .. Egor can be as much as there is enough air. Of course, it is better if you get to the 33s. This exercise will help you not to run out of breath quickly, and after a speech lasting half an hour, you will be in shape.

To speak beautifully, you need to know the rules of the Russian language. In this case, your best friend will be a dictionary with accents. Perform regular exercises with the pronunciation of words in which you make mistakes, and bring this process to automatism. It is also worth looking for common speech errors. Next, you need to deal with stress in phrases, for example, the word "quarter" with stress on the first syllable.

how to become an exercise speaker

8 practical exercises for self-study

  • Inhale at the expense of 1, 2, 3, 4. At 5, 6 - hold your breath, at the expense of 7 to 15 - exhale.
  • Say the tongue-twister “33 Egorki”, taking a breath in the indicated place, and continue on the exhale until the air runs out.
  • Aperture training. We pronounce the following text with open mouth (or you can resort to a tip with nuts):

Three hours not to eat? Awful

I did not have dinner in vain.

I want to eat more than ever! ..

Three hours to wait? No problem!

There is character, there is a will,

I can’t - I won’t eat!

  • It is required to pronounce the words at first slowly, then gradually speed up the pace, with a further slowdown.
  • Speak syllables lingeringly and smoothly: mi, me, ma, mo, we.
  • Pronounce complex combinations of sounds at first slowly, then accelerate: tlz, jr, kpt, mkrtch, kft, ksht, kzhdo.
  • Speak difficult phrases, leisurely - quickly: stay awake, postscript, agitate, philosophize, over-alarmed.
  • The combination of sounds can be performed in a playful way, for example: the sound of hammering nails - gdbu, gdbo, gbdi, imitation of horse stomp - PTK, PTK, PTK and so on for every consonant and with acceleration.

how to become a good speaker tips


This small part of the existing exercises is aimed at developing speech and voice. If you devote 20 minutes a day to these trainings, you will learn how to control your voice and will be able to easily attract the audience who has come to listen to you.


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