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On June 29, 1988, in the not-so-large city of Dzerzhinsk, Nizhny Novgorod Region, the future bronze medalist of the Rio de Janeiro Olga Kochneva was born. Fencing was not the only way to spend time. Since childhood, Olga has been actively interested in art. Everything related to cultural recreation attracts her attention. Professional sports require appropriate education in this area. As a result, Olga graduated from ISUOR No. 3 and Moscow State University of Railway Engineering. The specialty acquired at this educational institution is organization management in sports.

Olga Kochneva Fencing

Sports career

One of the students of the fencing coach Futina Elena Nikolaevna in Dzerzhinsk was Olga Kochneva. Fencing attracted her attention at the age of eleven with its beauty and spectacle. As such, Olga did not have a choice of fencing equipment, since in Dzerzhinsk only one weapon is practiced in this sport - this is a sword. Therefore, of the possible options - rapier, saber, sword - Olga began to engage in it with her. Over the years of training, it was the sword that became the most interesting and most beautiful tool for the athlete.

For sixteen years of training, Olga earned the title of Honored Master of Sports of Russia. Currently, mentors of the fencer are Kislyunin Alexander Sergeevich (Honored Trainer of Russia) and Vitaliy Alexandrovich. It was under their leadership that Olga Kochneva achieved her main victories today.

In her sporting performances, Olga represents the Dynamo Moscow Club and the Youth of Moscow Sports Club. In 2009, 2010, 2011, and later, in 2014 and 2016, she became the champion of Russia in team competitions. She was also a silver medalist in the team in 2012 2015. In the individual competition of 2007 and 2016, she became the owner of a bronze award at the championships of Russia.

Olga Kochneva biography

On the way to the Olympics

In the last four years before Rio Olga, it was very difficult to prepare for the Olympics. She had to interrupt training in connection with the birth of her son, to return back. Because of this, there was little faith that she would cope with the task assigned to her, and would have time to quickly and accurately prepare for the Olympics. In 2016, the skewer became part of the Russian team.

Hard training was not in vain. Olga Kochneva, whose fencing is done with her right hand, took to the track when the team score was 22/19. After her performance, the gap widened - 25/21. The victorious end of the meeting was issued by the team captain Kolobova. The final score is 37/31. And here is the long-awaited victory in Rio.

It was she - Olga Kochneva who got to the Russian team for a trip to the Olympics at the last moment. Fencing, photos of which are published in the media, is the result of heavy selection tests.

In the difficult conditions of this Olympics, and with the current state of fencing in Russia, third place and a bronze medal in the national team piggy bank is already a victory. Olga’s sports plans extend to the next Olympics in Tokyo. She intends to continue hard training, and next time she will try to achieve a gold award.

After winning third place at the XXXI Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in the summer of 2016 in the team sword, Olga Kochneva (fencing in the Russian team) was awarded a medal. Awarding took place on August 25, 2016. The Order “For Merit to the Fatherland” of the second degree was awarded due to high sporting achievements and the shown will to win and determination at the Games of the 1 Olympic Games.

Olga Kochneva fencing photo

In addition to sports

Now Olga lives in the northern capital - St. Petersburg. She has a wonderful family - a loving husband and a wonderful son - Vsevolod. Olga prefers to spend all her free time with her family. She and her family are happy to attend all the cultural events that are held in St. Petersburg.

Olga Kochneva, whose biography at this stage is developing not only in the sports direction, but also has an educational character, has achieved a lot. Now, at 28, she has the opportunity to get an education in another field. In 2016, Olga entered the Institute of Culture to study the direction “History of Art”. It is in this area that the soul of an athlete is currently striving for.

Olga Kochneva Fencing Biography

Interesting Facts

  • The growth of the athlete is 169 centimeters, weight - 68 kilograms.
  • The athlete’s favorite film is Gone With the Wind.
  • Olga likes Italian dishes.
  • The book that I like the most is The Financier by T. Dreiser.
  • Acquaintance with the future husband is the most memorable event in the life of Olga Kochneva.

Here she is, Olga Kochneva. Fencing, a biography of her personal life, are filled with hard work and the desire for high achievements in all areas to which her soul reaches.

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