Nail design with gel polish for short nails: modern fashion trends

Gel polish has long been very popular among women. Its resistance to the external environment and mechanical damage makes it possible to keep the pattern on the nails for a long time.

nail design gel polish for short nails

Therefore, the problem with spoiled manicure after the first contact with water on vacation or in everyday situations has been resolved. Now it remains only to choose a design that will delight for several weeks. In addition, an additional advantage of such a coating is harmlessness to the structure of the nail plate, and some types of funds even have a therapeutic effect.

We make beautiful manicure on short nails

Gel nail polish design for short nails can look no less presentable than for long ones. Manicure masters note that the natural length with the right shape, color and pattern looks very neat and harmonious on female hands. Oval and square nails are still in fashion. A design can be chosen according to circumstances and preferences. Another important advantage of manicure using gel polish is its availability and ease of application. Therefore, even without special skills, you can do a manicure with an author’s design on your own and at home.

gel nail polish design winter

The main condition will be the quality of the varnish and the accuracy of the work. Because unfairly applied varnish with poorly stained fingertips can ruin the whole picture and mood. Manicure masters offer various ideas for nail design with gel polish, themes, shapes, colors. Therefore, everything can be selected in order to create a mood corresponding to the time of year or holiday. Particularly interesting is the pattern in which a drop of creativity and individuality of the lady will be embedded, which will be applied to the nails with gel polish.

Design "Autumn"

On dull autumn days, when the mood spoils the spleen, you can raise it by making a colorful and beautiful manicure that conveys the brightness and beauty of this time of year. To do this, shades of dark burgundy, turning into pale pink, or a mixture from light yellow to deep orange, are suitable. Based on such a bright palette, a picture depicting maple or birch foliage will look very harmonious. A little melancholy autumn can be represented by a rainy picture on one of the nails, if you use several shades from dark blue to gray for the background, and use mother of pearl for drops. No less interesting is a French manicure made in chocolate and beige colors with a maple leaf pattern decorating it.

Another option for manicure

Autumn nail design with gel polish for short nails wins especially if a transparent base is used to create it, and from the middle of the nail plate to its tip there are decorations in the form of yellowing foliage. The manicure looks quite simple and elegant, made of soft pink varnish with decoration in the form of a thin twig with flying foliage on one of the nails.

New Year

Now we will consider New Year’s nail designs with gel polish . Sequins are perfect for creating an ombre manicure with a New Year's mood. Moreover, their shape and size can be different. Patterns resembling frost drawings made using varnish with small sparkles will look very gentle and elegant on a light pink or blue basis.

nail art gel polish for beginners

Single large spangles of various geometric shapes look very bright and profitable. They can either independently decorate a nail with a monochromatic varnish applied, or enter a fancy pattern using curls. Strict French manicure, complemented by a pattern of stripes and single sparkles - these are the wonderful New Year's designs of nails with gel polish.

New Year's designs of gel nail polish

Bright and festive looks manicure using compositions with sparkles in various shades. Varnishes are applied, creating the illusion of an overflow from light to dark. How to make such a manicure? First, the edge of the nail plate is covered with a darker shade with large sparkles, and the lightest with small ones is applied to the hole. Not only the use of sparkles creates a festive nail design with gel polish. Winter on our nails can be exquisitely presented in the form of a thin, as a cobweb, pattern made in white on a French manicure or in a monophonic basis of always popular pastel colors. Bright and in the spirit of the New Year's carnival, nail art looks with the use of drawings in the form of a snowman, snowflakes, stars and a festive salute on a dark blue background.

Nail art gel polish for beginners

It’s not possible to create complex patterns and pictures without the artist’s experience and skills, and for the perfect picture you should use the services of a wizard. But simple patterns can be done independently. The simplest abstract style drawing can be created using several colors of varnish and dots. First apply the foundation. Then cover all the nails with a dark gel polish, after it dries under the lamp, you can begin to create a pattern. Using a brush, draw three strips of light color along or across the nail. Then, using the dots, immediately, without waiting for drying, make several zigzag movements, as if mixing the stripes together. Then we get a very interesting pattern.

nails gel polish design autumn

Curls and spirals made in a similar manner look no less interesting. You will need a bright varnish for the background. After it dries, put a point in the center of the nail and draw curls with dots. Thus, you can move on to more complex drawings. For beginners, experts recommend making a pattern on one nail.

Step-by-step creation of New Year's drawings

Designing nails with gel polish for short nails can be done on your own using a similar technique. To do this, you need a background varnish of light pink or beige shades and white or with sparkles. First, a background color is applied to all nails. After drying under the lamp, we proceed to the pattern. On the cardboard you need to drip varnish, then moisten a thin brush in it and put a small dot closer to the edge of the nail. Then it is necessary to draw a thin pattern from it with a dots - for starters, something simple like a snowflake. If the varnish at the point on the nail is not enough, you can get the tool from a cardboard palette.

Thus, on New Year's holidays you can depict a snowman on one of the nails. To do this, you need to make three dots with a thin brush white lacquer on a dried blue or blue background. And dots or a toothpick need to give the drops the desired shape. When the varnish dries, with the help of a thin needle with a dark varnish you can draw eyes, and with red - a nose.

gel nail polish design ideas

If desired, in the same manner you can add a hat and scarf to a snowman. A similar pattern will look nice on one nail. Others can be made in different colors and decorated with snowflakes. Experts advise in this way to create simple drawings first. The main thing is to remember that it is necessary to start new parts of a different color, performing the drawing in this manner, when the varnish dries well.


Now you know what a nail design is with gel polish for short nails. As you can see, there are many options for manicure. Choose the one you like.


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