How to make a vibrating table with your own hands?

If you are the owner of a private workshop or paving slab manufacturing enterprise , of course, you need to have a tool such as a vibrating table. With your own hands you will make it, or purchase a ready-made version in the store, it is not so important - the result and the quality of the work performed will be almost at the same level.

do-it-yourself vibrating table
However, if the budget of your company is significantly limited, you have no choice but to make this device with your own hands. That is why today we will consider how to make a vibrating table with minimal cost of money and time.


First you need to make an image of the future design, from which you will continue to produce tiles. As we know, a vibrating table fulfills one function - by its actions it expels excess air from the concrete solution, due to which the composition of the tile or other concrete product becomes more durable.

DIY vibrating table
But in order for the quality of work to really satisfy all expectations, it is necessary to draw up a drawing correctly. In the question β€œhow to make a vibrating table with your own hands”, the drawing should have the most accurate values ​​and dimensions with all observance of scale. However, it is not necessary to draw lines to the nearest millimeter.

How to make a vibrating table with your own hands? Making the foundation

Now let's get to work. After reading the readings of the drawing, it is necessary to weld together several corners 60x60x5 millimeters in size using a welding machine. At the same time, 4 bars must be cut off on the resulting frame and also welded to the structure. They should be arranged symmetrically. At this angle, the frame base can be cut at 45 0 for structural reliability.

do-it-yourself vibrating table

The top cover is perhaps the only mechanism that almost completely follows the contours of the base of the device. Due to this, making a vibrating table with your own hands is not very difficult. After the steel sheet is welded to the frame, proceed with the installation of the engine (main vibrator). Yes, and between the frame with the sheet, install the OSB sheet. This is done in order to remove excess irregularities, welding marks or heads of fixing bolts.

how to make a vibrating table

How to choose a vibrator for this tool?

Doing a vibrating table with your own hands, remember that the main part of this device is a vibrator - a small electric motor that rotates the surface of the device (sheet at the base) from side to side. Some craftsmen use the engine from old washing machines as a power plant, others purchase a ready-made unit in the store. It is worth noting that the first option is not so reliable and durable. The maximum, how much the motor was enough from the washing machine, is for 20-25 switching cycles. Further, the motor required replacement (in its design, the axis began to dangle, or bearings wedged). Therefore, for the production of paving slabs, it is best to buy ready-made vibrators in stores. Let them cost many times more, but they will serve you for a very, very long time.


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