Shopping center "Lawn": assortment, entertainment and address

"Lawn" is a unique shopping center, which was built in the south of Moscow at the intersection of the Warsaw and Simferopol Highways as a colossal entertainment complex for wholesale and retail trade.

About the mall

Shopping center "Lawn" was built in Moscow in 2013. The key concept is the wholesale and retail trade and the opportunity for visitors to choose from more than two and a half thousand stores of foreign and domestic brands.

Shopping center Lawn

The total area of ​​the shopping center amounted to more than 250 thousand square meters, of which 114 thousand are occupied by retail space.

Previously, this shopping center had such a name as "Silk Road", "New Luzhniki", and the people was nicknamed "Puddle-reload".

Shops and cafes

A wide selection of stores in the shopping center "Lawn". This is more than one and a half thousand pavilions of wholesalers of quality clothing and footwear from countries such as China, Turkey and many others. In addition, more than 500 retail pavilions of manufacturers in Europe: Germany, France, Greece and many others, where a selection of goods to any level of income is presented - from the middle price category to the premium class.

Shops in the shopping center Luzhayka

Also on the territory of the shopping center "Lawn" there is a farmer's market, which covers an area of ​​almost 7 thousand square meters. However, not only the size may surprise the visitor, but also the assortment of goods - here you can find the freshest dairy products, vegetables, pastries, greens, fruits that sellers will kindly allow you to try, as well as a huge number of types of meat, the quality of which differs for the better from the store .

On the territory there is a network Carousel hypermarket specializing in products and household goods.

Fast food is not sufficiently developed in the shopping center, but there are cafes that deserve special attention - these are the Vietnam cafe and the Greek courtyard. These establishments show the visitor the identity of Vietnamese and Greek cuisine. In them you can taste dishes such as grilled lamb or aromatic and rich soup fo.


Undoubtedly, the shopping center "Lawn" is the place where old and young can find entertainment for themselves.

The shopping and entertainment center has places like PlayPort and Zero Gravity.

PlayPort is a children's amusement park that does not include various slot machines, but consists of full-fledged mazes, slides, cable cars, small trampolines, pool with balls, as well as such machines as air hockey.

Entertainment center in the shopping center Luzhayka

“Zero Gravity” is a network of trampoline centers throughout Russia, where more than 10 types of trampolines are represented, as well as professional instructors who instruct and at any time can teach the guest new tricks on the trampoline at affordable prices. In addition, the center hosts various activities related to the trampoline as a type of physical activity and sport.

How to get to the shopping center "Lawn"?

Shopping center "Lawn" is located in a place that is accessible from the point of view of transport accessibility both for the owner of a personal vehicle and for consumers traveling by public transport.

By public transport you can get in several ways - by bus or by train.

From station "Dmitry Donskoy Boulevard" follows route number 965, from the Teply Stan metro station, as well as from Krasnogvardeiskaya, there is a bus and minibus at number 37.

Or there is the opportunity to take the train, which follows from the Kursk station in the direction of Chekhov, as well as Podolsk. The landing station is Bitsa, which is 5 minutes walk from the Luzhayka shopping center.

For car owners, travel is also simple - this is the 32nd kilometer of the Moscow Ring Road at the intersection with Simferopolskoye Shosse, where the reference point is Rusotel and the Volkswagen dealership.

A shopping center is open daily, from 10 to 21 hours.


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