Numerology of car numbers: value and how to calculate

Many people who were in the car exclusively as a passenger do not know the important subtleties of this amazing mechanism. But, according to experienced drivers, a car is not just a piece of iron, but a creature with a special character and temperament. That is why it is so important to respect him. Then you can be sure that the road will be calm and safe. There is also an opinion that one machine, when in contact with different people, can behave unusually. For example, someone will be comfortable in it, and no problems with management will arise. And to the other, on the contrary, the car will seem from the extreme negative side, there is even a risk of an accident.

To prevent this, it is worth paying special attention to the markings indicated by the manufacturer, as well as to the state number of the new vehicle. Well, after that it will remain to make simple calculations and determine whether the car is suitable. The numerology of car numbers will help in this , which we will discuss in detail in this article.

How does a number affect fate?

Many women often complain that their husband pays more attention to the vehicle than to them. However, numerologists, as well as esotericists say that such behavior is useful not only for the driver, but also for passengers. Indeed, it has long been believed that there is a strong mystical connection between the owner and his "iron horse". And on how favorable and durable it is, human life depends.

numerology when choosing a car

For the first time, Pythagoras took up the study of the influence of numbers on fate. In his opinion, a person’s life directly depends on numbers. And after all, if you think about it, there really are a lot of numbers in our lives. Starting from the time and date of birth and ending with car numbers. Numerology in each area will help determine the "number of fate" and tell you what to expect from a particular subject, event or situation. That is why just choosing the car you like is not enough, it is necessary that he also choose his owner. Otherwise, no matter how much the car is not cherished, it will not bring happiness.

How to calculate the number of car?

People familiar with numerology know the principle of classical calculation. For the rest, we offer detailed instructions:

  1. In order to determine the number that affects the car, it is necessary to add all the digits of the number, not counting the region code. For example, take a car with the following state number: U832BC. The result is: 8 + 3 + 2 = 13.
  2. However, the bottom line is not what we need. Indeed, according to the rules of numerology, one figure should remain in the course of calculations. Therefore, you should break down the number and add the numbers: 1 + 3 = 4.
  3. So, the number of the car with the number U832BC is “four”.
  4. By analogy, you can determine the "number of fate" for any car.

Exception to the rule

beautiful car numbers

In some cases, the counting rules will be slightly different. According to numerology, car numbers, in which, after counting, doubled the number, presented in the form of numbers such as 11 and 22, are under the influence of a reinforced number - “one” or “two”. State number E769NK refers to just such, because: 7 + 6 + 9 = 22. It does not need to be simplified to one digit, this will be wrong. It should be considered as the number “one” or “two”. But its influence will be much greater than in the case of the classical calculation. It is also important to consider when choosing a machine.

When are numbers and letters counted?

In the number of each car there are two types of signs. And many numerologists are convinced that both of them are important to consider when determining the influential figure. However, calculating the numerology of car numbers using only one number is so simple that even a child can. But together with the letters it’s already more difficult, and not every adult can cope with this without any special knowledge. After all, it is not clear how to distribute the numbers.

Some are convinced that the letters in the number are calculated by adding their sequence numbers. The country designation is not taken into account. For example, the letter "B" corresponds to the number "3", "L" - "13", and "I" - "33". As a result, the state number K531RI will have this number: 12 + 5 + 3 + 1 + 18 + 10 = 49 and 4.

However, numerologists say that such a calculation is incorrect. After all, there is a special classification of numbers and letters of the Cyrillic or Latin alphabet (depending on the country in which the car is registered). And then we invite the reader to get acquainted with it.

car number numerology

As you can see, the correct number for the K531RI number is: 3 + 5 + 3 + 1 + 9 + 1 = 22. And although the result of the two methods of calculating the number is the same, you can skip the amplified value, which is shown in the example.

If you can’t distinguish between Cyrillic and Latin

According to the technology described earlier, each owner can calculate the numerology of car numbers. However, if there are no questions with state numbers, because even if the appearance of the letters matches, the ownership of the machine can be determined by the region code, then the marking received by each vehicle in production will be doubtful for many.

But experts say that it is necessary to calculate the “number of fate” by the number stamped on the car itself, guided by the country that issued the particular brand. Accordingly, for the domestic car, when calculating, you should use the Cyrillic alphabet, and for a foreign car - the Latin alphabet.

Lucky Number

After it was possible to determine the numerology of license plates, we can proceed to the study. Favorable numbers:

  • The car, under the auspices of the "unit", is ideal for people who are purposeful, confident. He loves speed, durable and rarely fails on the road.
  • “Two” characterizes a car with a calm character, which is ideal for a city where attention and concentration are required from the driver.
  • The “Five” is suitable for the so-called family cars, because it provides a calm, quiet and safe ride, even over long distances.
  • Six is ​​distinguished by extremely durable cars that, from their endurance, pass from generation to generation. It is noteworthy that the car has a beneficial effect on its owner, prolonging his years of life.
  • "Nine" is the most favorite number among motorists who can determine the state numerology. car numbers. And all because it is distinguished by the most calm, obedient, durable, successful vehicles that traffic police rarely stop.
how to calculate owner and car compatibility

Dangerous numbers

At the same time, numerologists are convinced that:

  • "Three" is ideal for racing cars, because it helps to gain money and fame. But for everyday driving, such a car will become a real problem, because it will behave very unexpectedly, often break down and do not start at the right time.
  • The Quartet is considered the worst number for a state number. The reason for this feature is that the machine, which is under the auspices of this number, regularly endangers its owner, provokes minor accidents.
  • "Seven", according to the road numerology and the meaning of the numbers of the car number, makes the car very moody, in need of constant care and care. Maintaining perfect cleanliness in the cabin is especially important.
  • The G8 characterizes a machine that constantly changes owners and needs to be decorated with various talismans and charms. Otherwise, unpleasant situations are possible.

Chinese numerology

The ancient sages of the East also studied numbers and their impact on human life. However, they consider objects from the point of view of the energy prevailing in them - "Yin" or "Yang", believing that the first personifies the feminine, and the second - the masculine. Sometimes they complement each other, but more often one prevails and has a greater impact. For this reason, wondering what the number of a car means in numerology, you should carefully consider it:

  1. If there is a greater number of even digits, then the number is influenced by the Yin energy.
  2. And the odd advantage means patronizing the Yang energy.
  3. The number, consisting only of odd or, on the contrary, even numbers, favors the corresponding energy. However, it is believed that such a vehicle is distinguished by a complex and not always successful fate. Tame the "iron horse" will be able to man with even more powerful energy. For example, one who holds a leadership position or is simply used to dominating everything, to be a leader.
license plate numbering

When analyzing, it is important to consider all the numbers and the serial number of each letter. For example, consider the following state number: K568VG. Using the table above, we determine that the letter K corresponds to the number 12, B - 3, G - 4. Therefore, we have a number of such numbers: 12, 5, 6, 8, 3, 4, where even numbers are more represented . It follows: the number is under the auspices of the energy of "Yin" - the feminine. What does this mean?

What does the predominance of Yin or Yang mean?

If during the calculations, according to the rules established by Chinese numerology, an equal number of even and odd numbers appeared in the car number, then the male and female energies are in equilibrium. This number will not bring good luck to its owner, but will not cause negative situations on the road. Another thing, if it turned out, as in the example considered above, some kind of energy prevails. Then the interpretation will be as follows:

  1. Energy "Yan" is distinguished by a leader car, ideal for businessmen. His strength and ambition will enrich the motorist who is engaged in the transport of passengers or cargo. Also, a similar number is often used by law enforcement agencies and officials.
  2. According to Chinese numerology, the number of the car number, in which the Yin energy predominates, favors “family” cars, as well as people who like to travel in companies over long distances. In order for the vehicle to become a faithful companion over the years, it must be carefully monitored. This applies not only to the timely replacement of oil or maintaining a full tank of gasoline, but also to attentive attitude, ensuring cleanliness, and gentle care. Also, the owner and his family will only benefit if they give their car an affectionate nickname.
dangerous car numbers

The compatibility of numbers, according to Chinese numerology

We figured out how to count the numerology of license plates. But when choosing a car, it is important to consider the proximity of the numbers in the number:

  • 1 - neutral, neutralizes the negative impact of 4, 5 and increases the strength of favorable numbers.
  • 2 - a positive figure that brings success and stability.
  • 3 - neutral if used for light freight transport.
  • 4, 5 - negative figures, exposing the owner to various tests, interfering with stability.
  • 6, 7 are lucky numbers. But the beneficial influence of the Seven collapses in combination with the Quartet and the Five.
  • 8 - a positive figure, improves interpersonal relationships, makes the owner successful and independent.
  • 9 - ideal for cars that often make long trips.

How to determine the compatibility of the owner and his car

To calculate whether a vehicle is suitable, some motorists take into account not only the numerology of the number of the car, but also their date of birth. For example, a man was born on August 8, 1986. So, the number of his birth is 4. The ideal “iron horse” for him is under the auspices of the same figure. In extreme cases, it should be the first in the state number. For example, A496RZ.

A selection of beautiful rooms

lucky car numbers

Many people prefer not to be guided by numerology and value of car numbers when choosing a car, but to be guided by their own taste. And most often they choose numbers consisting of three repeating digits. However, such a solution for many is fatal. The main reason is that the tripled energy of the number creates an energy advantage and significantly spoils the owner's life. In order to prevent imbalance, a similar number should be bought for a person whose birth number includes any three digits. For example, January 1, 1996: three “units”.


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