How to make moon shellac yourself?

In recent years, the nail industry has been developing like no other. All girls strive to be beautiful and attractive, so they resort not only to the latest in cosmetics, but also to manicure products. After all, hands for the fair sex are the same expressive part of the body as the face. Flexible brushes and delicate fingers make the girl truly feminine. Now it’s clear why they spend so much time, money and effort on manicure.

moon shellac photo

Fashion "a la naturel"

Lunar shellac has gained immense popularity in recent years. It looks like a french jacket, but only turned upside down when it is not the tip of the nail that is secured, but its base.

It is worth considering why French manicure does not lose its relevance for decades. Yes, the classic jacket suits everything, it is not intrusive, gives tenderness to the hands, and girls with such manicure carry themselves differently, more feminine.

The main reason is its similarity to a natural healthy nail. Even our great-grandmothers bleached their nails in folk ways. And the presence and color of the "crescent" can determine the state of health of its owner.

moon manicure with shellac

Phased execution

Fortunately, today we can draw a moon manicure with shellac, without even contacting the salon. If you have one gel polish and a UV lamp - you are ready!

To do this, you need:

  • push back the cuticle, carefully trim it so that there are no torn edges and burrs;
  • remove the remnants of the varnish and align the nail with a file with fine abrasiveness or buff;
  • degrease nails with alcohol or nail polish remover;
  • apply base for nails and fix in a UV lamp;
  • simulate the lunar design using one of the methods described below, fix in a UV lamp for 2 minutes. Apply another layer and hold again for 2 minutes;
  • cover with top and fix for 2 minutes;
  • rub nails with alcohol using a cotton pad to remove the sticky layer.

how to make moon manicure shellac

About design techniques

If you are confident in your hard hand, you can make moon shellac as follows: paint the nail with varnish, not reaching the base, then draw a border with a thin brush and smooth out the bumps. The hole itself then remains unpainted. This technique helps the manicure look fresh for a long time, overgrown nails are not so noticeable. Do not paint over the base if you plan to wear your gel polish for a month or longer.

The most neat look is a manicure that is drawn end-to-end. First, for example, white color and a thin brush are taken, the hole is drawn and painted over. Since it has a “side”, it is very easy to cover the remaining plate. If necessary, you can again use a thin brush.

make moon shellac

If you are not a pro

If you are an amateur in matters of manicure, but the fashion trend is very interested, then it is best to use special stickers for the hole. French stencils are also suitable. After applying the base, stick on your "crescent" protection and boldly cover the rest of the nail. Then remove the stencil and cover with the top. Done! Important: you need to remove the stencil before the varnish dries!

There is another way for opponents of scrupulous manicure. It is enough to carelessly cover the base of the nail with a regular brush, allow to dry. Then, as in the first method, we begin to paint the nail with contrasting varnish, leaving a hole. We fix everything with a thin brush. The main disadvantage of this method is that one or even two layers of the main varnish may not be enough. It will take longer to dry in the lamp and wasting precious material.

If none of the above suits you, you can simply completely coat the nail with the main varnish, and then draw a hole with a thin brush on top. One layer is unlikely to be enough, so shade until the result begins to satisfy. The main drawback: if the nails grow quickly, then this technique will not work, because the thick layer of shellac at the base does not look very neat against the background of an overgrown nail.

shellac moon nails

Fantasy flight

Lunar manicure, like French, has long gone beyond the classical form and is replete with all kinds of variety. This is a combination of colors, depth of the hole, combination with other manicure techniques of the main part of the nail, as well as a thematic drawing of the base itself. You probably saw a lot of photos of moon shellac on the Internet. Some ideas are simply stunning with their beauty.

The great advantage of such a design is that the “crescent” itself can be not only evenly painted over, but also given a more interesting shape. For example, in winter, depict half a snowflake, in summer - half a fruit, in autumn - a leaf. Everything rests only on imagination and the ability to decorate your nails. Lunar shellac can be adapted to any theme party, event or outfit.

For a retro-style party, a lace-shaped hole is suitable. This technique looks beautiful if you perform it on one finger.

Lunar manicure goes well:

  • with a french jacket, especially when the colors of the base and edges of the nail coincide;
  • with gradient manicure;
  • patterned coated plate.

Variety of holes

You already know how to make moon manicure shellac. This design may not only have a semicircular shape. It looks spectacular when the nail plate is separated from the cavity by a flat line decorated with decor.

moon shellac

Sometimes lunar manicure is called inverted French, when the snow-white line flaunts not on the tip of the nail, but along the cuticle and side rollers. In this case, it is better to paint the entire nail with white varnish in one layer, and then apply the main color. A similar trick will make the top coat more saturated. The main thing is that everyone can master the technique of an inverted jacket. It is enough to apply a second varnish, stepping back from the lower edge of the nail by a millimeter or two.

If you like rhinestones, broths, brooches and stones on nails, then you can make a hole from these materials. In this case, a triangular shape is suitable. It is necessary to cover the nail with the desired gel polish and top without an adhesive layer, simulate the desired pattern and dry in a UV lamp. For better fixing, you need to walk along the perimeter of the pattern with the top again.

Shellac Advantages

The composition of gel polish includes many components that nourish and strengthen the nail. In addition, it is hypoallergenic, so it is suitable for everyone. The main reason for the popularity of this type of coating is the "salable" look, which lasts from 2 weeks to a month.

But if your nails grow quickly, then the coating has to be changed more often. Therefore, the owners of such claws resort to a moon manicure with an unpainted hole. It hides overgrown areas and looks fresh for a long time.

You can make moon shellac not only with white and nude colors, but by choosing a palette to your taste. The stained base visually lengthens and corrects the nail. The most advantageous nail art looks exactly at the base of the plate.

New moon shellac is perfect for office workers, doctors, teachers and representatives of other professions in which women are not allowed to sparkle with bright manicure, and plain nails or a complete lack of coverage are tired of it.


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